EthicBioskin Organics: Really, Really Premium Handmade Skincare Products from Etsy! (Review + Giveaway) – CLOSED

I’ve found another hidden gem in Etsy and it’s the luxuriously handmade beauty products from EthicBioskin Organics. The moment I opened the package which contained a generous mix of samples from EthicBioskin, I was greeted with the fresh and wonderful scent of flowers and essential oils. The whole range is handmade, vegan, cruelty free, 100% natural and the products are usually prepared in small batches to ensure the freshness of ingredients.

A French Beauty in Montreal
I can’t review EthicBioskin products without talking about its passionate founder. Marion is a “wife, mother of three and entrepreneur” with a kin interest in integrative medicine. She’s originally from France and she specialized in holistic medicine and ethno-pharmacology during her studies. She started developing natural skincare products after suffering from a phase of rebellious skin right after her first pregnancy. Some ingredients in EthicBioskin products are wild-picked from their very own organic farm and other small local farms in Montreal.

Extremely Potent & Active Ingredients!
The ingredients used in EthicBioskin are so fresh and potent that your skin will most likely react to the products almost immediately. Some EthicBioskin products like the toner and the serum can make you ‘blush’ especially during the first few times of using them. The smell of fresh essential oils and pure hydrosols is also undeniable. The only downside is that because the products really stimulate the skin, those with sensitive skin might need to take extra care.

My favorite products from the range

I’ve tried almost all products from the range but for now, I’ll focus on the two products I loved the most which I happily repurchased after my samples ran out: the Phyto Eclat (Toner) and the Infusion Facial (Cleansing Oil).

Phyto Eclat (Toner), US$58 for 4.7 oz
I feel that this toner really helps maintain the hydration, tightness and the glow of my skin. When I first used this, I noticed the warming effect almost immediately. Whenever my skin is looking particularly dull and parched, I’ll spray the toner on a few square cotton pads and place the pads on my skin like a mask. But I take extra care not to leave it on for too long or my skin will start to burn and turn red and patchy.

I also like to apply this after extractions since it helps to tighten pores. Since it’s quite expensive, now I’m only using this as a “mist” rather than a toner. I have one big spray bottle at home and one small spray bottle which I carry in my bag EVERYWHERE I go.

Infusion Facial, US$24 for 2.7 oz
Marion once told me that she’s deeply inspired by Asian skincare routines, like how the Japanese love to use oil cleansers. Infusion Facial smells really nice, is not heavy yet cleanses really well and best of all, it dissolves when rinsed with water and leaves just a comfortable film of oil on the skin. When I want to wake up to a skin that looks like it was pampered with a luxurious facial the night before, I usually do a facial massage using this oil after exfoliating with the Rose Exfoliant.

Only downside is that because this oil is also very potent, it can draw out impurities from deep within the skin which can sometimes cause underlying pimples to come out. It can also sting the eyes so I never use this as an eye-makeup remover.

Other Products from EthicBioskin
Aside from the toner and oil cleanser, I’ve also tried the Soin Regen+ Moisturizer, Pure Skin Cleanser, Sublime Nectar Serum and the Rose Exfoliant. The Rose Exfoliant is probably my third most favorite as it goes really well with the oil cleanser. The other products, in general, are quite good but in my case, probably just gets way too active sometimes when I use all of them at the same time. I will probably review some of them on a separate post. Any requests?

A Few Slips in the ‘Feedback Corner’
If there’s one thing about Ethic Bioskin that definitely needs improvement, it’s the inconsistent quality of customer service. Sometimes, it’s okay. Sometimes, it isn’t. The responses to inquiries can sometimes be very slow. I think that 24-48 hours gap between responses should be the absolute max. In fact, anything beyond 24 hours already causes me panic attacks as a buyer. And because most etsy packages can take over 3 weeks to cross the sea (if you’re buying from outside US), I think the packaging needs to be really kick-proof, toss-proof… possibly even shark-proof? You get the idea.

The Etsy Store
Because the ingredients are extremely potent which may trigger some skin sensitivities, I suggest you try the samples first before buying the full sizes. You can check out the full range of EthicBioskin products on their Etsy store.

Giveaway Time! 

Good news! Marion has offered to give away a full-sized Infusion Facial (I chose this!) to one lucky Eco Beauty Secrets reader. Just comment below and tell me which EthicBioskin product has tickled your interest and you’re automatically entered in the giveaway. This is open to readers worldwide and will close on Oct. 28, 2012, 5 PM (SST). To receive updates on promotions and random natural beauty tips, don’t forget to drop by EthicBioskin’s Facebook page, as well!

Chosen by random, winner is Kira! Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated. I should really host a giveaway with multiple winners next time — the more winners, the merrier, don’t you think? Cheesy! Kira, you’ll receive an e-mail from me shortly. Hope you’ll like the infusion facial as much as I did!

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  • Toby

    I’d be curious to see what you think of the Sublime Nectar! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • xin

    w00t! potent ingredients? I am all in for it !! I have already browsed through their store 😉

    I am most interested in their cleansing oils!
    xin recently blogged..Handy Makeup Tips from Dior Private Coaching Session

  • Mai

    I was really excited when i saw ur FB p0st 0n this s0metime ag0..finally its here ;P and at the right time. I’m l00king f0r a make-up rem0ver and i think the Infusi0n Facial sh0uld fit the bill – happy that it’s part 0f the giveaway!

    The 0ther pr0duct that i want t0 try & h0pe y0u will d0 a review will be the Sublime Nectar.

    I definitely will 0rder s0me trial sizes s00n. hehe.

  • espenine

    The Bioenzymes Fruits Mask sounds like something that my acne prone skin would like! I feel like purchasing this one.

  • nami

    Good that the review is finally out. surprisingly with a bonus..i was waiting for this after reading your post on facebook…LUCKY YOU that you found another product (after your DIY L ASCORBIC serum)that can give you a glow..

    Japanese women don’t get fat. But what’s even more fascinating is that their skin simply doesn’t seem to age. No lines, zero blemishes, just luminous skin. i have always wondered How do they stay so stunning and what’s on their beauty menu? thats why korean and japnanese herbal skin care products and make up always fascinated me:)

    would love to get my hands on Phyto Eclat hopefully it can make me glow too and do review the Rose Exfoliant…like to know in detail

  • Lydia

    SkinFood Berries Micro-Resurfacing Peel Mask seems great. I’m always on the look out for masks :)

  • Silvia

    The Sublime Nectar sounds very intriguing.. *_*

  • AJ

    Rose Exfoliant for me :)

  • Kerry Leenhouts

    Spirit Repair Essentials Kit.

  • Polly

    I’m really intrigued with the toner – so much so that I had to look up the ingredient list on Etsy since your photo of the ingredient list is so small! :-) And I saw they have a sample size available for USD5, so I’m really tempted to try that! But if it’s soooo potent, yeah, I think better to use as a mist rather than as a toner per se.
    I’m interested in your review of the Rose Exfoliant — is this a leave-on type like a mask, or a wash-off type like a scrub? but I don’t see any scrub particles in it from your (small) picture :-)

  • Jan

    I’m always on a lookout for something to reduce my blackheads and pore size, so the Sublime nectar or the Rose exfoliant sound interesting.

  • Martina

    I like to try organic hair & scalp treatment

  • Connie

    The Infusion Facial sounds intriguing!

  • Alexandra

    As soon as I saw your I go to check out their products! The products looked so good and I have a strange feeling I am going to jump into your bandwagon very soon. The Sublime Nectar piqued my interest.
    Alexandra recently blogged..Review: Eucerin pH5 Washlotion Sensitive Skin

  • Belle

    The PhytoNutrients Serum sounds terrific! As a self-confessed sun care addict, I am ashamed to same that I have no antioxidant serum in my regime :( A definite plus of this product is its anti-aging properties! And the Punnaga oil sounds interesting…first time I’ve heard of it!

  • Yenny

    Thanks for the giveaways, I’m excited to see this review and I’m attracted to Phyto Eclat (Toner).
    Just wondering if the result will be good to my skin. Because it’s kinda oily, but I really want to try the glowy feeling from it~ =D

  • Joey M

    I’d like to try the rose exfoliant, it looks awesome. The whole thing sounds awesome. Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  • Yeny

    I’d love to try the Sublime Nectar. It sounds soooo… sublime! lol, I have really bad black heads on my nose an dI think this would work wonders!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!
    Yeny recently blogged..Parnevu Hair Products Review

  • leda

    I super interested in that Rose Exfoliant… but I’m not sure if it would be a good fit for me.

  • Chui Shia

    Sublime nectar serum definitely tickled my interest. This is the first product that caught my eye whilst browsing the Etsy store. Can’t wait to read about your review on this one.
    Chui Shia recently blogged..Barkery Oven at SPCA World Animal Day

  • Szabina L

    I’m really curious about Organic Hydrating Clarifying Balancing Toner -it contains all the nesseccary things what my skin needs at winter time :) and also the Detox SkinFood Berries Micro-Resurfacing Peel Mask -hope you will make a review about that, too!


  • Diay

    I super interested in the Organic, Holistic Acne Spot Treatment Serum, haven’t been able to find the perfect organic treatment for my cystic acne, perhaps this my be my HG serum:)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Diay

      Sorry! The first sentence is an accident!

  • susan

    Whoaah, the way you describe about the toner, i’m kinda hook, after i scroll around their etsy’s store..i’m totally hook..Hopefully i’ll get the chance to try it on my face!

  • ktee

    I want to incorporating more natural/organic products into my skincare regime. When i read from the Etsy wedsite that the products are even suitable for people with sensitive skin, i’m very interested in the products especially the infusion facial.

  • heather

    Infusion facial has certainly caught my attention and interest. I like to try out different brands of cleansing oil and see how well do they fare in terms of their cleansing power.

  • Ktee

    I have very problematic skin. It’s oily/dehydrated, sensitive and very acne prone. This range of skincare products claims that they are stable for sensitive skin.. Hmm.. I’m most interested.

    • ktee

      oops! i meant suitable for sensitive skin. ha!

  • Jessica dejesus

    This was a great review! I would love to try the fusion oil! I always feel that previous cleanser just don’t get enough out from my pores and I have heard so much about the cleansing oil method! Thank you :)

  • annie

    Wow, this line truly sounds awesome! I have never heard of them before. I would love to try the Detox SkinFood Berries Micro-Resurfacing Peel Mask!

  • DJ

    I am definitely going to try out these products! Especially the Detox SkinFood Berries Micro-Resurfacing Peel Mask sounds like something my acne-prone skin would enjoy :)

  • Kira

    Hi Vivi!

    OMG I want all of them! Hahaha! But right now I am drawn to the ff (I know you said just one, but I couldn’t resist!):

    – Organic Holistic Acne Spot Treatment
    – New Organic Deep Moisturizer Lip Butter with Fabulous Argan oil , AntiAging, Powerful Antioxidant, Protects, Encourages Cell Renewal.
    – Organic Regenerating, Revitalizing, Clarifying, Super PhytoNutrients Serum Face and Eye Contour.

    I hope I win!! <3
    Kira recently blogged..My Fave Hand Cream: Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

  • Chelita

    I would love the Infusion facial please. Thank you. :)

  • ecogurl

    Hoping I’m not too late. Thanks for this review, I was waiting for it. I think I’ll buy some samples from their shop. The Rose exfoliator really caught my attention because of the color and the texture.

  • betchy

    Your review made the products sound so enticing. I wonder if they deliver to my area. Anyway, for my age, I think the serum caught my eye. Too active? I don’t mind!

  • Denver

    Great review! I bought from their shop when I saw you post the picture on facebook. And I’m loving the toner just like you!

    If I will be picking one product I want to know about, it will be the Infusion Facial. I haven’t tried that one yet!

  • Tan Janette

    Definitely the Infusion Facial :)

  • Huimin

    Interested in the Infusion Facial.

  • Lynn

    Hohoho,I forgot to join this back then.Glad I’m not late^^
    Umm..I deffy want to try sublime nectar serum. Sounds good :)
    Lynn recently blogged..100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipglaze in Rose Petal

  • Ling

    Infusion Facial for me please :)

  • cassandra

    The stuff is not “super potent” it’s simply very irritating. Read studies on essential oils in skincare. Google specifically “Lavender oil causes cell death” and learn the difference between helpful and very harmful. Natural is not always better. In fact, it rarely is.

    • Vivi

      Hi Cassandra, thanks for the perspective. :)

      I have used both natural and non-natural products and treatments both for health and vanity so I hope you won’t think I’m being biased when I say that I don’t really agree that natural is rarely better. I would agree that it’s not ALWAYS better but that can be said for the non-natural ones, too.

      I think both natural and non-natural ingredients and products have their own dangers and benefits. An ingredient, natural or not, possibly causing irritation doesn’t mean it’s useless; just that people who have sensitive skin will have to take extra precaution and that it should be used wisely and after a proper patch-test.

      Acids, for example, like Glycolic, Mandelic and even Ascorbic Acid and Retinoids are not considered natural. They are irritants due to their acidic nature and can cause major allergic reactions (e.g. trigger of underlying eczema or chemical burning) but with proper care and matched with the right skin, they can do wonders.

      Although I may not recommend products with ‘potent ingredients that can possibly cause irritations’ like Ethic Bioskin to younger people, I think older skin, skin toughened by use of strong products in the past or plain lazy skin might benefit from using them. :)

  • Marion Bouteman

    @Cassandra, I think you’re confusing lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol. They don’t have the same properties. Furthermore, there are above 300 different types of lavender essential oil. The cosmetic Database doesn’t make that distinction and You need to be careful about some the informations. They don’t consider many factors such as the exact type of lavender, the concentration and the source. Lavender oil has been used for centuries for treat acne, eczema and all irritation. The entire ethicBioskin Beauty line scores between 0 and 2 on the Cosmetic Database. We are one of the rare companies to have a score that is so good across our line. Our line is spa grade with clinical concentration of high performance botanicals extract and suits young and mature skin alike.

    PhytoEclat contains totum hydrosol of lavender not essential oil of lavender even lavender are marvellous for the skin if used properly!

    Dear @vivi sometime the product can give a blush, especially on cheeks. This is the result of microcirculation being increased. If you have really sensitive skin use the spray at 30 cm from the face. If you have normal to mature skin it’s best to put in your palm and spread on the face with your hands as Japanese women do.
    with a lot of love

  • Dom Reidman

    my wife found it incredibly irritating. She switched over to Guuky Cosmetics and hasn’t looked back.