What’s the best Christmas Gift you can ever wish for?

Merry Christmas, friends from all over the world!

Any minute from now, Santa will ‘supposedly’ break into my house through my windows (oops, no chimney!) to secretly fill my Christmas stockings with gifts. I just hope he’s subscribed to my blog because I’m definitely not eyeing an iPad Mini.

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Review | The Simply Delicious Ellovi Body Butter

One of the perks of using natural beauty products is that a lot of them can help you in real-life emergencies in more ways than one. Take Ellovi Butter for example. For a couple of incredibly hectic weeks, it became my makeup remover, face moisturizer, body butter, lip balm, cuticle treatment and hair styling cream. There was even a time when I almost ate it with my breakfast toast and it’s for good reasons.

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Cyber Monday 2013 Eco Beauty Deals Round-up!

I missed Black Friday simply because I’m a bad blogger. No excuses. But I’m making up for it with a Cyber Monday shopping guide!

Without further ado, here’s my carefully curated list of gorgeous budget murderers this year, covering the hottest eco beauty brands and shops. I’ll update the list whenever I can so keep checking over the next two days:

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My 5 Biggest Skincare Regrets (Some lists just grow longer with age…)

Last month, I turned 28. Like most women, that’s not 28 years of nothing but wise choices in life and, well, in skincare.

I messed up a lot, too. I spent buckets on countless beauty products that ended up rotting away on my shelf because they never worked, picked on my pimples one too many times and used tons of toxic products that left my skin damaged and sensitive. But life carries on, just like that time when Channing Tatum got married.

Before more adds to the list as I approach my 30s, here are my Top 5 Skincare Regrets:

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Review | Osmia Organics Spot Treatment Hits the Right Spot

I swallowed the $26 shipping fee to Singapore especially for the Osmia Organics Spot Treatment. I was having a recurring pimple right under my nose for over a month. Every time I popped it (I know, I know…) it flattened for a day then revived in full force like a zombie.

So right after receiving my Osmia Organics package, I wasted no time. I practically ripped the box to shreds the moment I got it from my mailbox.

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Eco Beauty Wears | Flying with Etrican’s Feather-Printed Dress Top

When I saw this eco-friendly mini dress from Etrican, with big muted green feather prints on dirty white fabric, it was like wearing something I painted myself. Life can be tough when you love to wear colors but hate the feeling of being too colorful. Confused? I know.

I love how colors can instantly brighten my look but too much feels like eating an entire box of white chocolate cupcake with caramel and nougat toppings. Like sinfully sweet cupcakes, I can only take my colors in spatterings.

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Review: Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum because I’m definitely mad about Vitamin C

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Vitamin C fan. Having a neutral skin tone means my skin can get pretty dull and grey when left alone. Vitamin C is one of those few ingredients that is able to give my lazy skin a good kick back to looking like it’s made of living cells.

After trying Mad Hippie’s Eye Cream, I stalked the Mad Hippie website to look for other interesting products. It turned out that their Vitamin C Serum is one of their best sellers. And where there’s ‘Best Seller’ and ‘Vit C’, there’s usually me and my money.

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Long, long hair… is it time to let you go?

Girls, it happens. For some of us, this even becomes a monthly dilemma during that, well, time of the month: Should I cut my hair or should I leave it alone?

From a layered bob — which was cute while it lasted but soon turned into a bushy helmet when the novelty started wearing off — I managed to grow my hair to below waist-length. It took me about 3-4 years of resisting any drastic hair cuts. I stayed focused, my stylist stayed focused.

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