Silk Naturals Kiss Slicker Lip Gloss sticks in Atomic, Bloom, Bitten and Sweet Nothings

Silk Naturals is not a place for the weak-hearted cosmetics addict. Its affordable and extensive collection of mineral makeup makes it hard to resist buying more than what you can actually use. Up to this day, I’m still shamefully keeping a dusty box of never-been-opened pots of eye shadows under my bed. Thankfully, these Kisser Slicker Lip Gloss sticks are so practical for everyday wear that they managed to see the light of day.

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What’s the vainest thing you’ve done while on an airplane?

I was on a flight last Saturday and since it was a relatively unpopular schedule (midnight), I was quite sure lights would be dimmed throughout most of the trip to give passengers the chance to sleep. With few witnesses, most of them in snooze land while the rest, hopefully, had poor eye sight in the dark, I decided to finally do what I never had the guts to do for the last couple of times I was on a plane ride: Do a face mask treatment.

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Review: I may not be mad about Mad Hippie Eye Cream but I was certainly surprised!

Having panda eyes, my radar for products that promise to reduce dark circles is always on high alert. So when I saw a couple of fellow natural beauty bloggers tweeting about how Mad Hippie Eye Cream helped reduce their dark circles, I turned into a bull faced with a red flag. I had a sudden sense of direction: buy Mad Hippie Eye Cream.

Now, more than two months after I started using this eye cream consistently every morning and night, am I as mad about Mad Hippie?

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Badger SPF 16 Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Sunscreen almost did a home run!

You know what’s more frustrating than a “Never”? An “Almost”. That pretty much sums up my three-month fling with Badger SPF 16 Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Sunscreen. Really, it could have worked. It could have been us. It could have been forever. Alas, finding the perfect sunscreen is not always a fairytale adventure.

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Review: Is Jurlique’s Purely White Skin Brightening Mist better for older skin?

One very busy day at the airport mall, I found myself in front of a huge shelf filled with Jurlique products. My plane was leaving for Bangkok in an hour when I remembered, darn, I forgot my facial toner. Jurlique happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

I chose Jurlique’s Purely White Skin Brightening Mist because I have a thing for brightening products. My olive skin tone tends to look “greenish” when left to fend for itself. And of course, I was in no time to be choosy. Does it pay off to buy on impulse? Let’s see.

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Unboxing my first ever beauty box, the Glamourbox Green Beauty Edition!

Unfortunately for an eco beauty hippie like me, Singapore never had any beauty box that specialized in natural and organic products. That’s probably the second reason why I never subscribed to any. The first reason, in case you’re wondering, was the fear of losing what’s left of my bed space to even more unopened products and piles of empty boxes.

But the Glamourbox that Kira, a fellow blogger and friend, thoughtfully gifted me during our first meet-up was right up my alley. It was a special Green Beauty edition released last April in celebration of Earth Month!

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True Blood is Back: 10 Red Lipsticks You Can Lick

Last Sunday was the True Blood Season 6 premiere! Yes, I watch True Blood. You can start judging my television consumption habits now.

What has it got to do with red lips? True Blood’s opening title features a vampilicious pair of bloody red lips. Seeing this over and over again made me wonder how I’d look like wearing bold red lips — minus the fangs and dripping blood, of course! So I went on a crazy roll searching for red lipsticks to include in my wishlist. But being a natural beauty blogger, I had to look for more than just a bright pop of red. I wanted red lips that I could safely lick.

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Review and Giveaway: Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 feels like cool breeze kissing my face

I’ve always been more of skincare than a makeup junkie. Now that I’m venturing more into makeup, I still look for products that don’t just give my face a pop of color but those that do the job of a skincare product, too. So when I was introduced to the newly launched Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15, I felt my skincare junkie senses ringing at the sight of “SPF” and “Swiss Glacial”.

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