The Green Beauty Skincare Tag

You know I don’t do tags often but when I learned that this was a ‘skincare’ tag — a green beauty skincare tag at that… well, well. No self-respecting skincare fanatic like me will pass this up, lazy or not. So here you go. From my favorite skincare product to my top 5 skincare tips, I tried to get everything covered.

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words.

Age complicates my skincare routine.

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Review | Kahina Giving Beauty’s Eye Serum was not a “Come and Go”

With my abominable eyelid eczema and dark circles, finding the right eye cream had been like a disastrous speed-dating ride so far. Each product left as fast as they landed on my shelf. Fortunately, I don’t think Kahina’s Eye Serum will be one of them.

Kahina Giving Beauty has been one of those brands hot in my radar. Luckily, Charis Naturals, the local retailer of Kahina products knocked on my inbox a few weeks ago. Michelle, the store owner, kindly offered to send me Kahina Eye Serum, one of their best sellers, to try out. She also set aside a lovely surprise for one lucky Eco Beauty.

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Review | Affordable Mineral Makeup by Human Nature: Perfect Glow Mineral Blush and 100% Natural Hydrating Lipstick

If you’ve been thinking of jumping into the whole natural beauty bandwagon but afraid to spend too much moolah too early in the game, you might want to check out Human Nature. Aside from the clever name (how can you forget “Human Nature”?), the affordable price point was what drew me to check out this brand. Although I’m guilty of indulging in luxury organic beauty brands, I’m still a bargain hunter at heart.

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Try a flush of Coco Lemonade to beat fatigue and toxins

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling so ‘toxic’. I was tired, restless and moody and I kept sneezing all over the place. I was dragging myself aimlessly around the house. I knew I needed more than my usual green smoothie so I decided to whip up a simple pick-me-up drink: a Detoxifying Coco Lemonade. Read on to learn how you can create this simple and refreshing tonic!

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Review and Giveaway | The Simplicity in ecostore’s Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash & Light Moisturizing Lotion

ecostore’s neat packaging and product range captured my love for simplicity. It offers a range of ‘essentials’ from personal to home care products. It is not an organic brand but it doesn’t use common nasties like sulfates, petrochemicals and synthetic dyes and fragrances. It’s also free from Genetically Engineered ingredients (a concept that is new to me outside food) and is a cruelty free brand.

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The Natural Sunscreens in my Life

Reckless sun exposure during my younger years is one of my deepest regrets now that I’m in my late 20s. I knew about the dangers of sun exposure long ago but I just never cared. I thought my skin was going to be 16 forever. But what’s done is done. I might not be able to rewind time but I’m now a lot wiser — by that I mean I’m now a sunscreen hoarder. That counts as wisdom, right?

Luckily, I found a few that sort of worked for me and my skin. Here are my thoughts on five of them:

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Beauty DIY | Whipping up a quick Turmeric & Nutmeg Face Mask because it’s Saturday night!

While a lot of people were probably rocking a Saturday night out, I was locked up in my toilet trying to pull some stubborn blackheads on my nose. After a grueling 15-min battle with pesky oil beads, I knew the night was far from over. I still needed to pamper my skin with a face mask to help it heal. Now, who said spending Saturday night at home was boring?

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The Wishlist Wednesday that rarely happens

I don’t usually wake up on a Wednesday morning and say to myself “Time to make a wish list!” I rarely really lust after products and that’s why I can’t do regular wishlist posts. So although I’m publishing this on a Wednesday, these products are actually a compilation of my wishlists for the past few months. Well, you gotta admit, Wishlist Wednesday sounds a lot better than Biannual Wishlist.

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