My Full-Detox Experience at Slimming 101 Singapore

Slimming 101 Review – With all my recent rants about being underweight, what in the crack was I doing at a slimming center? I was wondering myself, too. BUT I had a strong ‘theory’ in mind and armed with that, I decided to take up the challenge—not to lose inches but to review this new slimming facility that follows Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles .*

My theory was that it’ll help me with detoxification. I’m currently on a mission to give my lifestyle a healthy boost. And what better way to start than with a good flush after all my Chinese New Year binging? [Read more…]

Review: Revisiting Beijing 101 Hair Care Consultants After 2 Years

Beijing 101 Review — As some of you may already know by now, I went for a Beijing 101 treatment about two years ago and did a two-part review about my less than satisfactory experience. Since my review might already be outdated, I decided to visit Beijing 101 again recently to check whether the quality of their services and treatments has improved.*

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Review: Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore (Part 2)

In Part 2 of my Beijing 101 review, I hope to tackle the most frequently asked questions I received from readers & friends regarding my personal experience after going for a full-course anti-hairloss treatment at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore. This post will be quite long so if you need quick links, just click on your question below and you’ll be brought straight to my answers:

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Review: Beijing 101 Hair Consultants (Part 1)

About two years ago, I noticed that I was losing more hair than usual and my dandruff was getting worse. It had only been a few months after I first settled in Singapore so I was clueless–I didn’t know where to go or what to do to prevent myself from losing more hair. Worse, I was panicking. So when I saw Beijing 101 Hair Consultant’s promotion on the newspaper, I thought I finally found a way out of my hair loss nightmare. But I was wrong.

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Review: Hydroquinone-Free PCA Peel

I had been traveling a lot quite recently and I think it had taken its toll on my skin. Aside from my skin looking dull, the products I use on my face weren’t as effective anymore. My pigmentations became more obvious due to the lack of glow in my skin and I had some black heads here and there that kept coming back. I’ve had this problem in the past and I knew there was only one way to get rid of it fast–Go for a peel.

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Have You Met Doctor Fish?

“&(&%^@#!” was the first thing I said the moment I dipped my feet into the little pool and a group of eager suckers swam like hungry piranhas towards my callused feet. What was I thinking going for a fish foot spa? I can’t even dip my finger into an aquarium full of lazy gold fish!

Meet Garra Rufa a.k.a Doctor Fish
Garra Rufa is one of the two species of Doctor Fish that breed and grow in rivers of northern and middle east, particularly in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. [Read more…]