27 Years and 27 Random Things About Me


Last Thursday, I turned 27 and I found it to be such an ‘odd’ age. You know, being in the middle of 25 and 30, two major age milestones especially for women? At 25, women are said to be in their ‘prime’ and at 30, thought to have crossed the ‘borderline’. But I believe we can be as young or old as we feel. In fact, considering my priorities right now, I still feel like a kid but with the responsibilities of a 30-year old. And when you’ve got this mentality, it can be pretty hard to keep track of your REAL age. So let me celebrate and remember turning 27 by sharing 27 random things about me:

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InstaUpdates #1: Arm Candies, Smoothies and Random Outfits!


I cannot believe how impossibly busy I’ve been the past few days. Believe it or not, it’s a chore for me to even shop online and my vanity arsenal is running dangerously low! And oh, how I badly miss blogging! Thanks to Instagram, though, I’ve been able to keep my sanity intact by doing quickie posts through insta-photos. So here you go… some smoothies, arm candies and random OOTDs!

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Behold, The Vivi Fly Trap: The Tale of My Big, Messy Hair Bun


About 15 minutes ago, mother nature taught me that one should never take the word “messy” in a messy bun too seriously. Because even though some people can’t tell you didn’t bathe just because your messy hair bun looks oh-so-fashionable, the flies surely can.

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3 Beauty Lessons Dad Never Knew He Taught Me


Like Saturn and a pickle, my Mom and Dad had lightyears of vanity distance between them. While my Mom has a whole room of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, my Dad can probably survive with a suitcase of his own wearables and 7 clean pairs of briefs. While my Mom has shelves of skincare, haircare and whatever-there-is-to-care-for products in the bedroom and the toilet, my Dad can happily live with soap and a bucket of water a day. But as vain as my Dad was as a pickle, he did unknowingly teach me some of the most crucial beauty lessons I know.

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My Beautiful Mother, I Remember You When I’m Feeling Ugly


Have I ever told you that my mother is the most beautiful woman for me? If I know you in person, most probably, yes. I remember how during “Bring Me” games in kiddie parties, I used to drag my Mom to the center stage whenever the host called out, “Bring me the most beautiful, Mommy!” And guess what? I always won the first prize candies.

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Quickie Update – Giveaways, Reviews, Help!


Hey, Eco Beauties! I know there’s been a lull in my posts recently and I’ll be sharing you the reasons behind that later on. Well, I’ve been caught up preparing NEW things for the blog in the backstage. Exciting things seem to be brewing up and honestly, I feel so blessed that I could share more and more things with you. There are (possibly) new giveaways lined up, and new blog series I’m seriously considering to roll out soon. And I also need your HELP so please read on!

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When Plastic Surgery Takes Your Confidence Away…


Some people go for plastic surgery hoping to fill that missing “something” that prevents them from moving forward in life with confidence. Although I personally believe that it’s not usually our physical qualities that leave lasting marks in the world once we’re gone, I have nothing against people who go for plastic surgery–and I want to be clear about. In fact, I was inspired to write this post by a very dear friend who recently went for a nose job, a dream that she’s had ever since she was 15.

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What’s your say on Photoshopped Beauties? Do you Photoshop Yourself?


It’s definitely not easy to resist the call of Photoshop or any photo enhancing tool when the media bombards us with women and men of immaculate perfection down to every lash and curve. But where do we draw the line between looking presentable on photos and erasing our faces altogether? When do smart blur, healing tool and liquify become way too much for anyone’s taste? [Read more...]