Long, long hair… is it time to let you go?

Girls, it happens. For some of us, this even becomes a monthly dilemma during that, well, time of the month: Should I cut my hair or should I leave it alone?

From a layered bob — which was cute while it lasted but soon turned into a bushy helmet when the novelty started wearing off — I managed to grow my hair to below waist-length. It took me about 3-4 years of resisting any drastic hair cuts. I stayed focused, my stylist stayed focused.

When I finally achieved my desired length, which was the longest hair I’ve ever had, it felt like a huge milestone in my life (like college graduation, you know?). I started collecting mermaid and Rapunzel wallpapers online. I flipped my hair in front of the electric fan and snapped countless shameless selfies. Yes.

Sadly, another novelty seems to be coming to an end. I now hate my long, long hair. Yet, I can’t bear to chop it off.

Worse, my fine, brittle and frizzy hair isn’t really the type I could donate to charity so once I cut it off, that’s it. A disgruntled salon intern will sweep it straight to the trash can and that’s like 3-4 years of my efforts and sacrifices thrown away.

I am in a huge dilemma. I want something new yet I can’t bear to get rid of what’s been ‘me’ for a long time. I’ve always dreamed of having super long hair and I know in my heart that once I cut it off, I will also soon regret it. It’s a cycle. Or is it?

Are there any current or ex-rapunzel girls out there? Or anyone in the same boat now?

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  • Kira Ramirez

    I am on a hair rut right now. And although I am not thinking of any drastic hair cuts just yet, I am sure that I will passing on perming (been permed for 2 years already) and will probably just have my hair lightening. Something to distract me, hehe.

    Why not opt for a trim to remove the dry ends? 😀 I imagine you must be spending a fortune on hair products (conditioner!) because of your super long hair.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      I wish I could dye my hair again. The Hubby is very much against it :( I think I look better with slightly lighter hair as it makes me look less thin.

      I don’t use conditioner but long hair was just becoming too boring and inconvenient especially that my hair has never been the silky, leave-it-alone-and-it’ll-still-look-good type.

      I had six inches chopped off recently. 😀 When we met — you didn’t see it because my hair was tied up — my hair was very long, it was over the small of my back. Now, it’s just around bra-length. :)

      • Kira Ramirez

        I figured your hair was long! I couldn’t put my hair up in a bun without the help of 4-5 boby pins, haha. My hair is still apparently too short.

  • Trei

    I just chopped my waist length hair to a chin length bob! looking to fo shorter and shorter just for variety’s sake! I’ve had my hair long for ages – down to the small of my back – and I sustained that hairstyle only because I was too poor to get a regular trim if I had it short. But yea, finally got annoyed with waiting hours for the hair to dry before I head to bed. At the end of the day, it’s just hair! It’ll grow back! ( Teeth, however, are a different bizness…)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      My hair was slightly longer than yours because it was touching my backside already. But it was ‘thin and fine’ and it also didn’t help that I layered it quite heavily so it ended up looking like octopus tentacles. And yes, the drying is just too tedious! Sometimes, I even had to leave the house with wet hair :/

      Haha, I’ll try to stay away from eating rocks. :p

  • http://www.kimberlyloc.com/ kimberlyloc

    Cut it, cut it, cut it. For inspiration: http://pinterest.com/kimberlyloc/hairstyles/ Start at the bottom for longish looks … top is all pixie! :)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      thanks! I just scoured that board. I didn’t see any pixie-haired girl with a longish face, though, so I’ll probably go with something slightly longer. :)

  • SLG8

    I cut mine off earlier this summer. I haven’t looked back since. It’s so much easier to manage in so many way and as another person mentioned, it definitely doesn’t take as long to dry.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      Spot on about the drying part! Also, because my hair was too long and ‘heavy’, I also became more prone to migraines.

  • Emy Shin

    I just cut a foot off my hair to give for donation, and it’s the shortest I have had it since 3rd grade. It actually requires more upkeep than my long hair, because I keep having to straighten it each morning. If I don’t, my short hair gets so frizzy and curly in all the wrong directions.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      If you were able to donate your hair, that’s not too bad. Your hair cut was able to make a real difference other than a change of looks :) I wish my hair was as healthy and thick as yours then I could have given it to charity, too. Alas, it’s probably at some random landfill now. :p

      But I agree short hair requires a lot of maintenance, too. With long hair, I could just braid or tie it up in a bun but when my hair was short, I had to ‘style’ it so I’d look like a girl.

  • Anusha Puri

    I can totally relate to you.I have problems and paranoia associated with cutting my hair andget very nervous/upset on the subject of hair cutting ..and a stylist gets the whole twenty questions before thay can come anywhere near my hair.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      How long is your hair now? From your picture, you seem to have very thick hair. I’m so envious! I wish my hair was thicker so I could experiment more with layered looks.

  • skyiseternal

    aaah….that’s so difficult Vivi…my first answer would be noooooooooooooooo. but, then i know what are the issues associated with hair maintenance as well. may be you can cut it to just a few inches short instead of drastic makeover 😀

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      I actually cut 6 inches off my hair. Now, it’s just around ‘bra-length’. Previously, it was so long it was touching my backside, haha. I got really irritated because it’s too hard to maintain and wash and sometimes, it strangled me while I sleep. :/

  • surille

    I rarely got my long hair trimmed because I’m cheap, I don’t like going to salons and it wasn’t a priority for me. Therefore my hair was getting more coarse and unstylish. I too hated it. I felt that I needed a change and wanted to look different from the other ladies around me. Plus the heat was another reason I couldn’t deal with long hair.

    So I cut my hair to a non-layered below-the-chin bob a couple of months ago with long side bangs. Sort of looked like Nocchi’s (Perfume) signature cut, but was longer in the front. I was told that I looked younger and sophisticated. My hair is silkier and more voluminous. I waste less shampoo and conditioner. It has grown a little now and resembles Kiko Mizuhara hairstyle.

    I probably will grow it to a couple inches past my shoulders, but no more than that. And if I get tired of that, then just cut it short again. As Trei said, it’s just hair and it will grow back.

    I don’t regret cutting it because I felt SOO good after all that length disappeared. And all the nasty damaged layered parts are gone so I can start with a nicer blank canvas to regrow. Unlike me, you have very feminine features so you’d look good in whichever length you choose.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      Hi Surille, my features aren’t feminine at all! I can look feminine when I have a bit more weight but right now, my face is quite angular. :/

      Btw, I love Kiko Mizuhara! I wouldn’t mind having her hair. You just made me more inspired to chop my hair off. Nocchi’s hair is very cute and chic, too, but I don’t think my longish face shape can take it. I get this feeling that you’ve got naturally thick hair–lucky you! My hair is pretty fine and thin, though.

  • thecharrette

    I chopped all of my hair off into a pixie cut… yes, it took a long time to grow it out, and I was reluctant, like you, to waste all that patience. But now my haircut is unique, and I get compliments on it all the time!

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      Wow! My dream is to see myself with a pixie hair cut — the last time I had it, I was 12 and I looked like a newspaper boy, haha. Maybe I’ll look less manly now that I already know how to apply a bit of lipstick.

      I’m taking it slow. My hair is now bra-length (from over bum-length). On my next appointment, I’ll probably go for a shoulder-length cut.

  • Margot.

    I always have this kind of dilemma .. my hair grows super super slow but I do need a cut sometimes for it to be healthy but then I lose all the length I got in a half year or so. So I’ll never be rapunzel but I think you should just go with your heart. That one’s always right! :) Btw. I love your blog sooo much. It’s really amazing to look around all your great articles (and it looks fabulous too!) So I have nominated you for a Liebster-award! Check out this link http://www.margotgoeshealthy.com/ for the other nominees and my questions for you! Hope I hear back from you!


    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      Hi Margot, thank you! I’m sorry it took so long for me to check out your article. I’ve been buried with work since I was planning to go on a holiday (which sadly, had to be postponed T_T).

  • Mavs

    Oh yes! I am a serial short hair to long hair to short hair girl! I cut my hair a lot and it grows fast fast fast and super thick! For me its so invigorating to chop all my hair off, and i’m comfortable with it being any length. It is hair, it does grow again, even if yours grows slow, it will still grow. Go for the chop, once you start hating your long hair that’s it. its heavy, you dread washing it, brushing is a mammoth task…rapunzels silken locks are a disney fiction! Long frizzy tangled locks..thats reality hahaha!
    I donated my hair to charity for kids with hair loss and it was such a great feeling!
    I think embrace the change, go for the chop and enjoy a new short style. I switched mine up by having a fringe, something i havent had since i was 6! And i am loving it, i feel like a new person! My hair has gone from touching my bottom to sitting on my shoulders. I gave two 30cm plaits to charity and there was still a massive bag of trimmings to compost after! Man it took a long time, but it felt good.

    Now I’m keeping my fringe but letting my hair grow again, just because I can! Who knows I might even let it grow past my bum again!

    Love long hair, but love short hair too! Just think how healthy it will be once its chopped. how much you will save on shampoo and time from washing….aaaaaah bliss!

    :) xxx

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com/ Vivi

      Hi Mavs, thank you! My hair grows really, really slow and it’s naturally fine so it takes lots of care, love and prayers to grow it. But I finally let go. From over bum-length, I braved a bra-length cut which, like what you said, felt so refreshing!

      My hair has always been long that I forgot how ‘light’ my actual head is without all the hair! It’s also much faster to dry and I use a lot less shampoo. I also got myself new bangs. My new haircut makes me look 14 when I’m 28, haha. Not bad.

  • Shirley Choo

    I had long hair till waist length. One month ago, i just chopped it to Bob haircut, and now having a frizzy-bushy-helmet style (I think the same you had before). Did I regret? I did miss my long hair occasionally, but I’m loving my short hair even more. Free and easy, no more 4-5 pumps of shampoo and spent 15 mins with hair dryer. Anyway, I can grow back my long hair anytime I want! 😀

    Next aim, pixie cut! 😀