Eco Beauty Wears | Flying with Etrican’s Feather-Printed Dress Top

When I saw this eco-friendly mini dress from Etrican, with big muted green feather prints on dirty white fabric, it was like wearing something I painted myself. Life can be tough when you love to wear colors but hate the feeling of being too colorful. Confused? I know.

I love how colors can instantly brighten my look but too much feels like eating an entire box of white chocolate cupcake with caramel and nougat toppings. Like sinfully sweet cupcakes, I can only take my colors in spatterings.

Etrican is a local Singapore brand. It uses 100% Cerified Organic Cotton in its designs and also has a line of upcycled accessories. Etrican has a way of making colors still look ‘neutral’ which makes their clothes very wearable both for loud and safe dressers. The designs look very young, comfortable yet hip — something I can wear at the beach or during a casual stroll at the mall.

The fabric initially felt warm on my skin but after the first wash, it became softer and more breezy. It actually came with a horse belt (a braided belt made from the same fabric) but I prefer wearing it without. This dress used to be slightly longer but it has shrunken a bit after two washes so now I can only wear this with shorts. I think it’s because I didn’t follow the washing instructions on the tag. Who does? 

I’m pretty impressed that Etrican kept their prizes reasonable although their designs are more unique. I got this dress on sale for less than S$30. I’m turned-off by a lot of eco-friendly clothing due to the ridiculous luxury pricing.

Although I’m currently on a shopping ban, I’m looking forward to buying my next printed Etrican dress.

Maybe, I should get myself a maxi dress next time?

Outfit Details • Dress-Top: Etrican • Bag: Handmade from recycled materials, Bangkok • Dangling earrings: forgotten • Lucky beads bracelets: Mom • Sandals: Celine, Philippines • Shorts: no tag, Bangkok.

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  • surille

    I like that a lot…being able to wear patterns and colors that brighten up your look without being loud, busy or garish. I’m a quiet reserved older person, but I want to be able to wear fun carefree clothing too.
    Ahhh I adore those sandals by the way…great overall color palette on you. You look so comfortable and full of joy in that outfit. Heheh.

    • Vivi

      Hi Surille, thank you! :) I used to be a ‘loud’ dresser but I realized I drastically subdued as I grew older. Still, I don’t want to leave that part of my younger years behind so I’m trying hard to keep the colors without looking like a 28-year old light bulb, haha.

  • Kira Ramirez

    Wow, your hair is so long now, Vivi! :) You look cute in your outfit!

    • Vivi

      Thanks! This was taken just before I had my hair cut. Now, my hair is a bit shorter. :)

  • Sara Khong

    Nice! The print, colour and design has a very ‘eco feel’ to it!

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Sara! :)

  • MiaMaria – organic make up

    That’s really pretty! As you’re mentioning, I’m really struggling with finding afforable organic clothing, but that was quite a bargain I would say! By the was, I just found your blog and I have to say that it’s really lovely!
    I’m blogging at and I’ve recently started. Your blog really gave me some inspiration!

    • Vivi

      Hi Mia, glad I inspired you somehow. I just checked your blog and your second hand finds look amazing! I love vintage/thrifted dresses. You have one that has feather prints which is definitely something I’ll wear, too!