Silk Naturals Kiss Slicker Lip Gloss sticks in Atomic, Bloom, Bitten and Sweet Nothings

Silk Naturals is not a place for the weak-hearted cosmetics addict. Its affordable and extensive collection of mineral makeup makes it hard to resist buying more than what you can actually use. Up to this day, I’m still shamefully keeping a dusty box of never-been-opened pots of eye shadows under my bed. Thankfully, these Kisser Slicker Lip Gloss sticks are so practical for everyday wear that they managed to see the light of day.

These lip gloss sticks are so moisturizing so they feel more like tinted lip balms. They have varying levels of pigments as you can see below. Some of them have the usual sheer finish that can enhance your lipstick’s color while some are so pigmented they can be a lipstick on their own. However, since they are cream-based, I prefer using them as is or over liquid lip tints.

Atomic is a cool, purplish red although it appears almost sheer on my lips. I like using it over the Vamp lip tint to tone down the, well, vampiness.

Bloom is a light, peachy pink that might appear nude on some skin tones. Maybe it’s just due to its light shade that emphasizes my lip lines but it seems to be the least moisturizing among the four.

Bitten is my favorite color. It’s super pigmented and buildable. The blood-ish color gives my lips that naughty, just out-from-a-make-out-session or yeah-I-am-ready-to-make-out look. Haha!

Sweet Nothings is brownish/mauve in color but I think it would look very natural on some skin tones. It’s a shade I rarely wear although I also find it sexy yet wearable to work (although I haven’t actually worn this shade to work).

The only downside, I think, is that they don’t last as long. You’ll need to reapply after 2 hours or so, a meal, a drink or, well, a real make-out session. What? They’re called Kiss Slickers!

Toss or Keep?
You’ll definitely be seeing more of these babies on the blog although I’ll try to use up this first batch before trying out new shades.

Where to buy? These are really value for money, selling at $4.50/ea over at Silk Naturals. If you’re from Singapore, you may watch out for upcoming Silk Naturals sprees here.

Any Kiss Slicker Fans here? What’s your favorite shade?

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  • Scatterbraintures

    <3 Bitten too. My favorite of all the swatches. It compliments your skin tone.

    • Vivi

      in real life, ‘bloom’ looks awful on my skin tone. i agree that bitten suits me best, too. thank you!

  • Alexis Danielle

    Bitten is gorgeous on you! They are all very pretty but that one has some serious pop! =)

    • Vivi

      thank you! i think i’m gonna experiment with diff looks using this lip gloss.

  • Lilly

    They all look really pretty on you Vivi! I agree with the other girls, Bitten is especially nice on your lips :)

    • Vivi

      Thank you! I love dabbing it on my lips, really makes them look ‘bitten’. 😉

  • Kiki Tong

    I will definitely try “bitten”. It looks good on your skin tone. By the way, how you apply skin natural lip stain? I just got “Doll”, I found that it’s difficult to apply it evenly on my lips and hard to remove it well.

    • Vivi

      Hi Kiki, I have Doll, too. I actually bought the stains way before the kiss slickers but haven’t had the chance to review them as they are very hard to to apply and yes, very hard to remove… so I can’t really try them and snap photos all in one day like what I did above.

      Depending on the shade you’ve chosen, some Silk Naturals lip stains look more like ‘lip paints’ considering how pigmented they are (e.g. vamp, doll). So what I usually do is to really paint my lips. When I try to do a swipe or dab like how I would with most other lip stains (benetint, body shop), the Silk Naturals lip stains dry so fast that they end up as harsh lines/dots. So far, only the shade “chloe” seems to have a real lip stain consistency.

      Here are 2 photos of me wearing diff shades. You’ll notice that Chloe’s color is a lot more subtle.
      I forgot what this shade was:

      You have to make sure your lips are really well-exfoliated before you apply any of the stains or you’ll get an ugly patch around the dry skin :(

      • Kiki Tong

        Thanks for the tips! You are my favorite Eco-beauty blogger ever! I’m glad that I live in the US now and get to buy all the Eco goodies easily. I’m originally from Hong Kong and seeing all the pictures of you traveling in Thailand and shopping in Singapore…it makes me miss Asia SO MUCH! If I go to Singapore one day, I would love you meet you in person!

        • Vivi

          You’re making me blush too much. :’)

  • Vivi

    Ok, I’m definitely repurchasing bitten, haha. I’ll wear it again tomorrow — although I love the kiss slickers, I’m too lazy to wear ’em outside.

    Is strawberry fields from Silk Naturals, too?

    I love reds but am not usually bold enough to wear them in public. Also, my Hubby is very ‘conservative’ when it comes to makeup. He likes the barely there look and reds aren’t usually ‘barely’.

    Thank you for the compliment, too! I gave it a few swipes to make it look more like lipstick although it can be dabbed on the lips, too, like a normal gloss.

  • Vivi

    I’ll try to test it further. I don’t use it that often (’cause I’m lazy!!! haha) but I’ll try to use it every day this coming week. :)

  • asti

    The formula seems nice! I love Bloom and Bitten on you!! I notice that these are flavored? What is it like?

    • Vivi

      The flavor is too subtle so they taste like any normal natural lip balms to me. 😀

  • Isabel

    Oh my, I love all of these colours!