My Bedside ‘Beauty and Stuff’ Essentials

Some say that what we do before we sleep may sometimes be as important as sleep itself. Okay, point taken. So here are a few things on my bedside drawer that make my pre-sleep ritual more productive than counting sheep or picking my nose.

1. Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil — I am yet to get myself the Badger Sleep Balm so I’m making do with a simple lavender EO for now. Every once in a while, I apply a few drops of this on my blankets and pillows for a more relaxing sleep.

2. La Bella Figura La Curacio Lip Balm— I just can’t sleep without any heavy lip balm on. I. Just. Can’t.

2. Talika Light Duo — I owe a lot of you my review of this beauty gadget but I can’t get myself to use this consistently throughout the 28-day testing period. Would it be enough to say that it’s not as easy as it seems?

4. Ancient Healing for Modern Women— I need a boring yet functional book for sudden insomnia attacks. Anybody else fascinated by Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM?

5. Ebene Socks — Welcome to the granny side of me. This pair of socks rocks! And speaking of TCM, one of its teachings is to keep the feet warm especially during sleep.

What are some of your bedside essentials?


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  • Rae

    Was reading from my phone and I thought that lavender oil bottle was an andalou naturals product. I got excited, I dont see a lot of reviews from them. I wanna try their serums

    • Vivi

      Yeah, it does look like Andalou Naturals packaging from afar. :p

      Interestingly. I actually ordered the Andalou Naturals BB Cream from iherb. But I’m afraid to promise a review… You know how lazy I am, haha.

      • Rae

        I have the bb cream! I like it so far, with a few tweaks. Im thinking of buying all the brightening line products.

  • Nicole

    Get on the Badger sleep balm train! Downside is that you can’t spray put the balm on your sheets. I like the idea of spraying my sheets and pillows a bit better actually. Totally with you on the heavy lip balm at bed time, I have Badger sleep balm and cocoa butter lip balm on my night stand for that! Xo

    • Vivi

      I always forget about the Badger Sleep Balm when I see lots of serums and cosmetics… Urgh, Instant gratification syndrome? Haha.

      I’m extremely prone to chapped lips and was addicted to petroleum jelly before I converted to more naturally formulated products.

      • Nicole

        Haha priorities, that’s what it’s all about. Clearly cosmetics & serums are more important :p

        We are the same person, seriously. Me too! I used to slather on vaseline because my lips would get so dry. Won’t lie, it worked well lol.

  • Aging Belle

    I have the Talika light duo. Was satisfied with it for the first 1.5 months. But then the greedy side of me gets discontented. And I decide that I want another beauty gadget that can further improve the pores and lines around my mouth and of my cheeks.

    One more thin, I use Talika on my entire face. And let me tell you, it’s super super time-consuming. One minute for one area really eats away my precious sleeping time! But I think you don’t need to use it the way I’m coz you are much younger 😛

    • Vivi

      Which other product did you get? I think I really need to discipline myself with Talika. They make it sound so simple on the brochure but actually, it can really take a lot of time. :/

      I try to treat my entire face but my ‘must-dos’ include my panda eyes, the sides of my nose and my outer cheeks where my pigmentations are worst.

      • Aging Belle

        I am eyeing Tripollar Stop. Seems a good product to try with low frequency than Talika. Talika is only good at first. If I do my entire face, it takes at least 20 minutes per day (use both lights). I don’t want to spend my time every day like this. Besides, I’m sorry, Talika does nothing to my laugh lines, which seem to be deepening lately :(

        • Vivi

          Just checked it out. I think I also contemplated on Tripollar before but because the wife of a colleague had good results treating pigmentations with talika, and pigmentations were my main concern then, I settled for Talika.

          But now I notice that when I smile, there are tiny folds that form on the sides of my mouth. I think they will become wrinkles in a few more years. All these aging signs just suddenly started appearing when I turned 26! :O

          • Aging Belle

            Oh, I have the same issues!!! Just received my newly bought Tripollar Stop yesterday. Hope it will work for me.

  • Aleviuss

    Oh my! My rituals and the objects I’m dependent on. now when I see your guys lists.. well lets say that I have far to many “things”, all very essential for me to sleep at all!!

    Where to start!!? >___<)
    I have an eye mask made of some bambu material from iherb but its mixed with something synthetic so it gets hot! Now I use a simpel cotton bandana. I have darkening curtains but it dosent keep out the light well enough now in summer. It most be as dark as a cave :p

    Well these 3 things is very essential lets move to the less essential but oh so important things!

    4. My lotions .Almost all from iherb. I have 4 different lotions for now and one body butter.
    My favorite lotion is "silkening body lotion" Orchard pear and fig from organic indulgence. Smells delicious and soo fresh N sweet! A hand cream boosted with glycerine (not from iherb) I use it in the winter on my lips and hands. A day moisturizer from amazon organics containing thyme rosemary lavender etc.. herb boosted. A hand cream from desert essential , its suppose to smell like pumpkin but smells very weird but pleasant of licorice N other weird stuff :p
    I have a body balm stick from organic indulgence. Frensh lavender and plumeria. It melts on contact with the skin (well its a balm! ) I have it on my wrists and hands and on my lips.

    Oh and I also have a bottle of hand sanitizer on the commode (and in my purse and in the bathroom!) cause I never touch my face before rubbing sanitizer on my hands! I'm kind of super careful when it comes to my face. I dont rubb it on my face of course! but my hands most be very clean! :/

    5. I believe in aroma therapy so I have a essential oil lamp diffuser. 1 hour before I'm I have to sleep I drop some lavender n other stuff in it before I go to bed with a good book. Or I drop some on a cotton ball and but it near my pillow to get some therapy in my sleep.lool :p I have a salt lamp to which i use as a reading lamp do to the soft and dim light it casts and it feels very cozy.

    6. Socks! I to have sleeping socks! I peel them off in my sleep or when it gets to hot.

    7.Books and magazines. I'm a book addict n have to read so my brain gets all heavy and drugged. Some times I require the druggin effect in order to NOT think about stuff.. . i always have 2-3 book N some magazine by my bed. But I actually love to read comics right before sleep… Donald duck pocket books! haha! I'm too old for comics like Donald but it feels safe cause I have read them since my childhood, N besides I love Donald and his super greedy uncle Scrooge 😀

    I get ready 1 hour before I have to be in sleep. I try to create a cozy atmosphere. :)

    • Vivi

      OMG! We’re alike in a lot of ways.

      I need total darkness so I either have to wear an eye mask or switch off ALL lights. Even a tiny bulb (like the one coming from airconditioner or heater) is enough to wake me up or make me unable to fall asleep especially when I’m not so tired.

      I also like to read books before sleeping but the problem is — I sometimes become SO excited that I can’t sleep. Sometimes, I end up not sleeping and trying to finish one book overnight, haha. That’s how bad it is.

      So cool that you have a salt lamp! I want to buy one but it’s hard to maintain a salt lamp in a very humid country like Singapore. Perhaps I will wait until I have my own place (currently, I’m only renting) then I’ll buy a salt lamp and an aroma diffuser, haha.

  • Aleviuss

    Oh 1 and 2 in my list didn’t show in the post? hmm
    well number 1 was

    1. My 10 year old pillow. A plain simple pillow stuffed with something plain synthetic. I’m stuck with it because it has the perfect thickness for me. Not to high nor not to thin perfect since when I’m gonna sleep I can just lay on my right or left sides not on my back. I have bought other pillows but everyone ended in the trash bin :/
    I take my pillow with me on travels too!

    2. My earplugs! I can never ever relax and go to sleep without them! (unless I’m super tired) I hate to be dependent on them >_< The smallest noise even the ticking from a little wrist watch across the room is to much for me! It most be super silent! I do take off the plugs in my sleep N tuck them under my pillow thought but its not a problem.

    • Vivi

      I love my old pillow, too. It’s not because of the thickness or softness. I love it because it has a very relaxing old smell which probably means it has LOTS of organisms inside it already, haha. But I still love it. :)

      And I’m also like you. I have super sensitive ears that even the sound of the air-conditioner or ticking of a small watch will irritate me and make me lose sleep. But I never thought of buying ear plugs. Perhaps I should get a pair tomorrow since I’m going to central to buy some other stuff.

      I guess we have sensitive ears because we both like bunnies? Do you think we were rabbits in our of our previous lives? haha.

  • Aleviuss

    Haha! nice to see that I’m not the only one addicted to an old pillow! and oh myy! I really hate to think about all the organisms yiiikes! I do change the pillow case everyday! And I use detergent free from perfume to avoid reactions…
    hmm maybe we should spray the pillow with tea tree oil and thyme oil? that would kill the most off the organisms I think :)

    so you are sound sensitive too!? I think its partly genetic for me.. my dad is very light and sound sensitive and all my brothers and I am too!
    Although I went to a boarding school when I was 13-17 so it would explain why I became so very sensitive :p

    I cant believe you haven’t tried plugs yet! How do you manage with out plugs? isn’t it very hard to relax?
    I think you should try and see how it feels :) But buy some very soft ones! and dont give up after one night if they feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning..

    although there is a risk that you become more sensitive to sounds when you get used to plugs? I don’t know..? it depends on how sensitive you already are? cause I cant relax and drift away with out em… maybe you are more “tolerant” then me? <3

  • Aleviuss

    Haha! yes bunnies ears are like antennas! moves automatically even when they sleep :p
    But Melih sleeps through loud sounds as long as he feels he is safe ^,^
    so dunno.. I dont believe in previous lives but if I did so yeah I totally could have been a bunny! or a cat cause I can be a bit dismissive sometimes! lool :p or a goat! yeah I can totally picture that! a very strong willed fierce goat!! 😀