Are you applying melted rubber on your face?

No? Are you sure? If like me, you’re currently using  a serum or facial oil rich in essential oils it might be time to give its packaging a closer look.

I was pretty sure my current facial oil was all clean and green… until recently when I smelled ‘burnt rubber’ while massaging it on my face. Eeek! For  a while I thought that some of the ingredients had already gone rancid until I noticed something else. There were tiny black specks dripping from the base of the glass dropper. Apart from that, the opening rim of the bottle had a sticky dark-colored goo around it.

Then it dawned on me. The rubber bulb of the dropper had started melting!

Essential Oil and Rubber just don’t like each other.
There’s a good reason why essential oils don’t come in plastic packaging or why most should be diluted before use. Pure essential oils are so concentrated that they can dissolve rubber and soft plastic materials.

Because I brought my facial oil during my overseas travels recently, the oil had a lot of contact with the rubber part of the dropper for several hours during each flight. This actually happened to two of my oil-based serums before which both had lots of essential oils.

Noted. I should buy non-dropper mini glass vials for traveling.
If you’re using a facial oil or serum with a lot of essential oils in it and it comes in a packaging with plastic like having a glass dropper with rubber bulb, make sure to inspect it once in a while. Stare at it, sniff it. Check whether the packaging has contaminated the product. For frequent travelers, it really pays off to have travel-friendly vials with hard plastic cover/seal for your facial oils, serums and essential oils.

Do you have any beauty products that might be ‘eating’ its packaging?

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  • Caitie

    I had the same thing happen with a supplement that contained essential oils. Definitely freaked me out since it was something I was ingesting!!
    Caitie recently blogged..The All Natural Face Cream Blushes

    • Vivi

      Oh, what supplement was that? I don’t think I have taken any supplement that uses EO. Was it a tonic?

  • Rae

    h my. Didn’t know that could happen, I used to use emu oil in similar packaging but I guess emu oils is more of a carrier oil than essential oil.

    Anyway, a similar thing happened to my juicer. The grating plate of my juicer misaligned and it grated one of the plastic parts of the juicer. I believe I drank plastic without knowing.
    Rae recently blogged..Macho Monday: Where I got E to try Garnier Oil Clear Self-heating Sauna Mask

    • Vivi

      Yup, you’re safe with plain carrier oils. It’s really the EOs that can be quite tricky especially in a hot country like Singapore and Philippines.

      Haha, I think I’ve accidentally eaten lots of things I wasn’t supposed to eat. A couple of my dental brackets, for example :p I didn’t really ‘check’ whether I expelled them successfully or not.

  • Lynn

    That will happens when you use dropper bottle type packaging for essential oils.But for carrier oils,I think that’s fine since it’s not volatile oils ^^
    Lynn recently blogged..Logona Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige(03)

    • Vivi

      It happened to my facial oil although it’s mostly carrier oils. I think the EO content was a bit high. :(

      But the packaging fiasco aside, I love the facial oil. Been using it for 2 years, I think.

      • Lynn

        The problem is on the rubber.EOs don’t dissolve any plastic,just particular ones.But the rubber that dropper bottle has,deffy.

        Anyway,does this melted eo have name?I mean,i’m wondering the brand 😀 Oh,I have love and hate relationship with oils though 😛
        Lynn recently blogged..Logona Liquid Foundation in Medium Beige(03)

  • Lancy

    Oops.. Thank you so much for the alert :O I will check this next time when I buy/use serums and essential oils.
    Lancy recently blogged..TRESemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo Review

    • Vivi

      Glad you found the post helpful, Lancy! :)

  • Sarita

    Thanks for the enlightening post, Vivi. I had no idea that EOs could do that. I will keep this info in mind when traveling with dropper bottles. Btw, just curious what oil you have been using for a couple of years. That’s brand loyalty, so it must suit your skin very well!
    Sarita recently blogged..Watch What You’re Listening To

    • Vivi

      I actually found out about how ‘potent EOs’ are because I used to keep a small lavender EO bottle near my pillow. I didn’t really put any effort in making sure I kept it upright. After a few weeks, the EO leaked through the cap and soiled my pillow… and a bit of my hair.

      I use the the MVO Anti-Aging Oil +. But I think I’m gonna try something new next. :)

  • Aleviuss

    The first essential face serum I bought is argan oil from iherb. The price was good so I bought it. It comes in a glabottel and has a pump so it feels good and hygienic, but now when I have done some more research on organic oils I’m not sure about this company and brand. But I use the oil from time to time.

    otherwise I use essential organic oils in my face care every day! I use neem oil and tamanu oil. Both from garden of wisdom a company known with their veeery affordable prices. Their products are all in very simple bottles and jars. hence the good prices.
    Plastic bottles and jars! I’m gonna soon email them about thise bottles because we all know about all the crazy junk some plastics contains right? everything from Pvc to other bad stuff :/

    How ever these oils are in plastic bottles with out any pump or dropper with bulbs. I haven’t seen anything odd happening with the bottles but if the plastic contains bad stuff then the oils surely should be contamined with those :/

    • Vivi

      Hey Aleviuss, don’t worry about the plastic bottles. What you’re using are ‘carrier oils’. They don’t dissolve plastic or rubber. Argan, neem and tamanu are carrier oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.

      The type of oils that dissolves plastics are ‘essential oils’. They are those that come only in small glass bottles like tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and a lot more. :)

      Here’s a good explanation about the difference between ‘carrier oils’ and ‘essential oils’. Hope it helps:

  • Aleviuss

    Oh noo!! Yes I do know the difference!! Lool! I guess I blacked out! You are not the only one Vivi! haha! <3
    Yes I absolutely know that there is a huuge difference 😀
    Well all my "essential" oils are in glass bottles so no worries for me then :))

    You know…you even can dissolve that annoying sticky labels from glass bottles with tea tree oil.( I'm sure you already know that, just trying to show off.. I know my oils! I really do! ) lool 😀