DIY: That Sunday I tried making a Grapefruit Moisturizing Body Scrub

You know how sometimes you thought you had this winning project until you started doing it and everything went so wrong? That happened to me. Again. My first #DIYFail was the Spoiled Milk Foot Soak with Orange Peels. This time around, it’s the (supposedly) cellulite-busting, moisture-boosting grapefruit body scrub recipe. Urgh, what’s up with citrus fruits?

So I had this juicy and sweet-looking lone grapefruit sitting in a fruit basket since Chinese New Year. I tried mixing it with my morning salad but it turned out to be too sour. I didn’t mop over it, though. I thought, ‘Wow! This calls for another DIY Beauty Recipe!’

Grapefruity Body Scrub to Stimulate the Skin

Since my legs had been flaky and dry lately, I thought of doing a body scrub instead of the usual face pack. I had all the essentials ready in my kitchen:

Please don’t follow my recipe: Olive or Coconut Oil /Lots of sugar / Sea Salt (for extra detox and texture) / Half a small grapefruit with all the peels

Since I wanted to use all the leftover grapefruit, I used my handheld blender to puree the peels and pulp. Cue in loud buzzer here. This is where it started to get really messy. I threw the grapefruit into my not-so-powerful blender and so I ended up with grapefruit gunk instead of puree.

To make a ‘scrubbish’ texture with all that juicy gunk, I had to mix an awful lot of sugar. I didn’t have that much sugar and neither did I want to waste that much sugar for something I can only use once. So the texture turned out to be too fine to be a body scrub. And because of all the grapefruit bits, applying it was a mess. A body scrub should be a relaxing experience — and in a way, it was. But I had to clean my toilet afterwards! That was definitely not my idea of a home spa.

Smooth Legs, Spoiled Mood?
Thankfully, though, my dry and flaky legs became super smooth after the treatment. However, I don’t think it was something a simple olive oil + sugar scrub couldn’t do. Oh, well, a couple of lessons learned:

1. Buy essential oils. All the trouble I went through versus just a few drops of a good citrus EO!
2. Do not trust a handheld blender to do a big blender’s job.
3. It pays off to use measurement tools instead of throwing ingredients carelessly into your potion.
4. Don’t buy grapefruits if you don’t like them in the first place.

Anyway, what is your biggest DIY fail so far?

Mine had something to do with Christmas lights and electrocuting myself. Yes.

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  • N.

    Haha hilarious. You should tell us more fail diy stories.
    I gave up on diy after 1. I realized my skin didn’t like raw ingredients. Like papaya and tomato.
    2. Honey and oats are way too messy for me to deal with although my skin likes them.

    • Vivi

      Oh, I’ve got lots of DIY Fails! :) I guess one would never learn how to do many DIY recipes without failing first.

      I love honey for the skin but I hate the dripping part, don’t you?

      • Santhi

        Mixing honey with water makes it easier for me to apply the sweet ingredient 😉

  • Nicole

    Hahaha this was so funny! It made me think of when I tried making a body scrub and not only did it smell like ass but it wasn’t very spa like when I used it. As for biggest fail, I’m not sure. My daily life is filled with fails, I just do and say things without thinking half the time but at least people get to laugh at our fails right? Lol. Xo!

    • Vivi

      OMG! That totally made me flip! Ass-flavored body scrub, hahaha!

      Oh, my daily life is filled with fails, too, because I’m so clumsy. I always trip over something or have something else trip over me, haha.

  • sesame

    Looks like there is no binder to the recipe and that’s why they sort of fell apart? LOL. It has happened to me but I’ve forgotten what I failed with. Oh ok, I remember I tried creating a lavender oil infusion but it never happened.
    sesame recently blogged..Madre Labs: phyto-nutrition greens & berry powder

    • Vivi

      I think I put too much grapefruit and oil then realized I didn’t want to waste too much sugar. I was comparing it with the Suki Face Scrub which was so ‘pressed together’ and didn’t have too much liquid in it. Mine turned into a syrup, haha.

  • Pemberley Jones

    You crack me up! “Do not follow my recipe” LOL! I don’t like grapefruit either, but I do like the smell! I have so many DIY fails, if they don’t look pretty, I get really upset!

    • Vivi

      I’m saving future generations. Someday, my daughter will read this and nod her head with pride. 😀

  • Tara Mackey

    This was REALLY cute and entertaining! Thank you for sharing what NOT to do!! <3

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Tara! I have a long list of not-to-do lists being clumsy and hating safety instructions that come with new gadgets.

  • Tania

    Aw, at least it actually did something! :p x

    • Vivi

      Yup, it taught at least 12 new people something they shouldn’t do when doing a scrub. 😀

  • Jessica White

    Not many people come out with their failures and laugh about it. Your post is unique and praiseworthy because you have made your readers aware that not all things go the way you plan (this is especially true in the case of food). By the way, the pictures are magnificent.

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Jessica! And yes, you’re right about food — and usually, when it comes to food #fails, it’s non-negotiable because somebody has to eat it. :)

  • Santhi

    I do everything you said not to ;p maybe i have a higher threshold for mess and what not (But banana is one i refuse to to use on hair and sparingly on face cos for all its goodness- too messy!)

    I use leftover grapefruit pulp (after my smoothie) for body scrub and with coffee ground (if i have any) so far so good. yes all the DIY potions leave mess (esp when my oatmeal is not ground finely enough)

    but the way i see it, this is biodegradable mess and with some effort, can be removed without harmful effect on environment. But those no-mess cleansing products may be a breeze to use but their impact can be irreversible right ;>

    • Vivi

      Hi Santhi, I usually have a high threshold for mess — when the laundry bag is not full, haha. But when I have tons of clothes to wash, dishes to clean up and room to tidy up, it becomes a different story. :p

      I’ve never used banana on any recipe.. simply because I prefer to eat it. :)

      Agree with you on these fresh ingredients as biodegradable mess… but still, when they clog the drains, it gives me quite a headache cleaning up. Haha, especially so that I like to use oils and clays in my beauty recipes. They stain my toilet tiles. So after my home spa sessions, you can usually find me scrubbing toilet floor tiles :p