Empties: Jo Wood Organics, Ethic Bioskin, Mukti, Mekhala, Vapour Organics

Since I’m a bad and lazy beauty blogger who hates doing full reviews, I thought of starting an ‘Empties’ series where I share with you my emptied products and bite-sized reviews. For my first ‘Empties’ post, I compiled a good mix of products that includes a body cleansing mousse, a promising facial wash, a serum-toner, an illuminating concealer and an edible lip balm.

1. Jo Wood Organics Cleansing Body Mousse

I rarely empty a bottle of body wash because most trigger my chicken skin rash and eczema patches. Thankfully, this one didn’t. True to its name, the consistency is almost like mousse due to the foaming dispenser. The scent is woody and relaxing. I had fun with this cleanser but I may not purchase this again.
Would I buy it again? Not likely.

2. Mekhala Soothing Tamarind Cleanser

This is one of my favorite emptied products. It’s mild, soothing and it helped brighten my skin. As honey is one of its main ingredients, it inspired me to take on the “Honey Facial Wash Challenge”. I might buy this if my honey challenge doesn’t go well. This was a sample from i-lovemylife.
Would I buy it again? A positive ‘maybe’.

3. Vapour Organics Illuminating Concealer

I can finally cross this out from my 2012 Christmas wishlist. Well, sort of since I only got samples. I can’t really be that sure yet because each sample lasted 2 1/2 applications only but I feel that the coverage may not be enough for heavy and dark (bluish/greenish) circles. It needs to be layered with a color-corrector if you’re planning to use it under light-colored eye shadows.
Would I buy it again? I need to think about it but I’m tempted to buy the full-sized tube so I can test further.

4. Ethic Bioskin Phyto Eclat Toner

Finished up both my full-sized and travel-sized bottles! I’m still pretty happy with this ‘serum toner’ and will be purchasing it again soon. You can read my full review here.
Would I buy it again? Yes!

5. Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm

This is a lip balm you can and would want to eat. It’s honeylicious! I included this in my 2011 Valentine’s Day must-haves for that extra sweet kiss.
Would I buy it again? Maybe.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? If you’ve tried the Vapour concealer before and loved it, any tips for me?

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  • http://truebeautybynature.com Audreiana

    Hey Vivi, I can only use the Vapour concealer as a subdued highlighter because otherwise I wouldn’t have much use for it because it doesn’t offer enough coverage to effectively conceal my dark circles. Using a color corrector before putting it on actually sounds like a great idea though. I’m gonna try that out :) xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature
    Audreiana recently blogged..Intial Review: Mad Happie’s Eye Cream

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      I’m really undecided about it. I feel that it has a “polished” finish but at the same time, it doesn’t seem to really cover my dark circles. It only creates an illusion. The samples are good enough to test the shade but not really enough to test the coverage and lasting power :( Anyway, I’ll probably try a color corrector, too, and see how it goes.