Crushed Expectations with Crushed Botanicals Mineral Makeup Kit

Let’s rewind to about a year ago, during Cyber Monday 2011. Part of my etsy haul was a mineral make-up kit from Crushed Botanicals. At 50% off, I got to try the full set that included the liquid foundation, concealer, lip gloss, bronzer, finishing powder and samples of one eye shadow and a chip of soap for only $26. It’s definitely a bargain steal! But was it able to steal my heart?

Handmade and relatively naturally formulated
Crushed Botanicals uses mostly natural ingredients. Aside from the incredible Cyber Monday discount, what attracted me to the brand was their ingredient’s list. The liquid foundations, which I believe is one of their star products, contains not just pigments and emulsifiers but premium anti-aging ingredients like argan oil, DMAE and MSM. Currently, the etsy store seems inactive but it’s probably due to Crushed Botanicals having its own e-store now.

Crushed expectations too many times

Unfortunately, as much as I loved discovering Crushed Botanicals, my excitement was also all crushed too soon… over and over again. I was too excited to try the foundation. But apart from the color being way too light for my skin tone (this was suggested to me by the seller), it just didn’t feel right on my skin. Upon application, it made my skin dry and tacky while after an hour or two, my skin turned incredibly oily. Below is a breakdown of what I thought about the products:

1. Foundation: As mentioned, this was a total disappointment. The coverage was uneven and it oxidized after barely two hours.

2. Under-eye Concealer: This was ‘acceptable’ for emergencies but I wouldn’t use it regularly as the color was just too light for me and the coverage was not enough for my type of dark circles. This might work for those just trying to cover minor redness around the eyes.

3. Setting Powder: I wasn’t able to appreciate this because I wasn’t able to use the foundation, anyways. I tested this on my Silk Naturals Film Noir gel liner to help it stay in place, and it worked for about an hour or two.

4. Illuminizer: Good on photos, bad in real life. This didn’t illuminate me at all. The color was way off for my light olive skin tone. It darkened my skin and made me look like I was suffering from bad blood circulation on my face.

5. Lip Gloss: I got ‘Ignite’ which was not a very suitable color for me. It made my lips look ‘dull’. But other than the color, it kept my lips soft and moisturized.

Toss or Keep?
I really tried my very best to like my Crushed Botanicals mineral makeup kit. But every time I tried it, no matter how good the condition of my skin seemed to be, the results were always disappointing. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly due to the liquid foundation as it’s the base of everything. The other misses might just be due to choosing the wrong colors, which were the only ones available/given to me at the time of purchase. So as much as it crushes my heart to say this, I’m definitely tossing this kit out.

The reviews on etsy were mostly positive so I guess it’s either a problem with me and my skin or the humid Singapore weather.

Can you count how many times I used the word ‘crush’?


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  • Caitie

    I love the title of your review :) I remember browsing Crushed Botanicals before on Etsy…sorry to hear the products were so disappointing!
    Caitie recently blogged..Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation Review

    • Vivi

      I don’t know… probably it was just my skin? The ingredients aren’t entirely natural but definitely one of the best I’ve seen in handmade liquid foundation.

  • Belle

    That’s too bad it didn’t work :( Oh well before we can say a product is an HG we have to try it. Interestingly, the color ignite doesn’t exist in their web, and they have new packaging now?

    • Vivi

      Yup, I think the packaging is a bit different now… probably they removed ignite because it wasn’t selling well… which is probably why it was bundled up with the 2011 cyber monday promo.

  • Simply Fem

    Many Crushed Botanicals just isn’t for you. I am an advocate of all-natural products. I love the fact that it doesn’t have any chemicals in it that can ruin my skin (especially my face!). It’s just sad that most of the all-natural beauty products I’ve tried didn’t suit me. Oh well the only way to find out if a product is good is trial and error. You buy it, you try it if you like it then great! If you don’t? Then time to toss it 😉
    Simply Fem recently blogged..Healthy Winter Comfort Foods Instead of Feminine Diet Pills

    • Vivi

      True, most naturally formulated make-up still can’t compare in terms of performance. There are a few which can but usually, the price would scare not necessarily me but my paypal account,haha. Definitely a lot of trial and error. Classic example is a liquid or gel eyeliner. Haven’t found one that performs like the usual drugstore brand.

  • Lynn

    I always love your etsy findings! I rarely check on etsy,especially since they have many selllers,makes me dizzy. So what is your current foundation?liquid,cream,or powder?
    Lynn recently blogged..MOA,the green balm

    • Vivi

      Haha, one of my favorite things to do when I’m too bored at work is to go etsy shop-hopping. It’s like a huge treasure chest. 😀 But you’re right, there are too many sellers so it’s sometimes hard to find really good ones.