Christmas Eco Beauty Wishlist 2012: Dear Santa, I hope I have been good enough this year

Dear Santa, 

I promised to share a holiday gift guide earlier (and tons of other topics requested by my dearest readers) and failed to deliver. I also talked about making haul & DIY videos on Youtube but never got to do them. The outfit posts? Oops, I also forgot. I know I haven’t been that good of a blogger. But I wish you can remember the good things I’ve done this year like remembering to switch the toilet lights off most of the time. Or better, accomplishing a record-breaking 7 posts for the month of November. So please, please…. read my short wishlist. 

Your little angel,

1. Vapour Organics  Luminous Foundation & Soft Focus Foundation

A girl can’t have too much of a good foundation so I want both. I haven’t found my HG naturally-formulated foundation yet. I’ve been looking for something that can combine the power of coverage and ‘glow’. Would Vapour Organics Luminous Foundation or Vapour Soft Focus Foundation be able to do that?

2. Vapour Illusionist Concealer

Although my Jane Iredale Circle Delete has been the best concealer I’ve tried as of yet,  I’m still not satisfied. I’ve long been eyeing the Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer and was all set to get it last Cyber Monday 2012 but being my usual self, of course, I forgot. So goodbye 30% off.

3. RMS “Un” Cover-up

One of my greatest regrets this year—next to accidentally watching Taylor Lautner in Abduction on HBO Demand—was not buying RMS BEAUTY “Un” Cover-Up when I got the chance to test it at the Naturally Better Co. physical store early October. Now that I’m thinking of finally buying it online, I can’t remember my ‘shade’ but am too lazy to go to the store at Marina Square to test again. I remember the texture to be so velvety and smooth and the coverage to be natural. Instant Love. But it’s been a tug-of-war between RMS and Vapour. I’d appreciate anyone who’s tried both to chip in!

4. La Bella Figura Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum

It’s too ironic to want something I can’t even pronounce properly but I can settle with calling this LBFDUERS for the rest of my life if it works. Or, like what I did just now, ask my French-speaking cousin to repeat it 10 times on my left ear. Anyway, the skin around my eyes has always given me problems. I’ve got terrible dark circles and extremely thin skin around my eyes. But that’s not the real problem. I’ve got seasonal eczema on my upper left eyelid and it’s triggered by lots of eye products I’ve tried. At $115, if the LBF Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum turns out to be unsuitable for me, I would have a heartbreak on top of a flaking eyelid.

5. Silk Naturals Naked Palette 2 Clone Set

I’ve almost never tried applying eye make-up before aside from the basic concealer, liner and mascara. Looking at the many shades on this Naked Palette 2 Clone Set, I’m still totally clueless on what I should do once I finally decide to get this for myself. They all look like varying shades of gold to me. But in theory, one will never learn to ride a bike without first getting a bike, right? So I’m putting this on my to-get and to-do list this coming year.

I’m pretty happy with my skincare routine now. And Santa knows I’d rather get ‘space’ or an additional closet for a gift than another bag, dress or pair of shoes. So my wishlist contains mostly makeup goodies which all fall into ‘uncharted territory’ to me.

What’s topping your Christmas wishlist this year?

And before I zone out after my indulgent Christmas Eve dinner later, let me wish you all a merry, meaningful and fulfilling Christmas! :)

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  • Swati

    haha…i got my christmas and even life’s wish fulfilled just yest 😀 😀 I got canon 60D SLR…yay!!! now, just struggling to use it in the most professional way 😀
    Swati recently blogged..Just Gossip Vol. 1 – Milestones This Year and Blogging Round Up of 2012!

    • Vivi

      YEHEY! Hope you can practice using your camera and take clearer pics for your blog. :)
      And btw, I enjoy reading the gossip series like my morning paper. 😀

  • lynne

    I”ve tried both RMS and Vapour…I found Vapour to give me a slightly more shiny and oily look, as I’m prone to oily skin, so I prefer RMS. I do love Vapour siren lipsticks though!

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Lynne! It’s definitely helping me decide which one to get. I have an oily t-zone. I’ve tried RMS and it worked fine for me but I’ve been reading lots of good reviews of Vapour so that’s why I’m torn.

  • lynne

    Have you ordered samples of Vapour through their website? I think they have a sample package. I’ve also ordered samples through I highly recommend them, their customer service was beyond helpful and their samples were free and good sized. I’m sure you could discuss shipping to where you are:)

    • Vivi

      Hi Lynne, I’ve tried but my order got stuck in the payment page. I’ve sent an inquiry already and hopefully, they’ll figure out what went wrong. I’ll check out NuboNau, too. First time I’ve heard of that shop. Thanks for the tip :)