Vivi rekindles her lost flair for dressing up by exploring causeful fashion!

Here’s the pit of fashion laziness that I’ve been stuck in for several weeks now. And no, that’s not my go-buy-groceries outfit. That’s my go-to-work outfit. Well, the only consolation is I work in a very liberated environment as I’m from the creative industry. But still, if I keep telling my self that, heck, I’m entitled to go to work even in my pajamas,  I know I’ll never be able to pull myself out from this fashion rut.

Looking back…

I wasn’t always like this. I was raised by an elegant mother who dresses up like a celebrity–seriously! I used to DIY clothes for my Barbie dolls as a kid. I collected fashion magazines, clothes and accessories when I was in college. Some of my friends might still remember me as one who dared to break conventional college dressing. Well, I wouldn’t say I was ever a walking page of Vogue. Definitely not! I probably had lots more disastrous than catwalk-worthy moments during those long lost experimental years. But the important part was that, at least, I tried–which I clearly have been failing to do for the last couple of weeks.

So from now on, I will try to woo fashion back into my life. I will try to dress nicely at least once a week as some of you have suggested on my first call for help post (thank you!). I will also start to talk more about fashion, with a keen focus on eco-friendlier fashion.

Fashion with a cause

As this is still an eco beauty blog, I decided to dedicate all my fashion posts to clothes and other fashion accessories with a cause– green brands, pieces and fashion tips that encourage recycling and reusing goodies like vintage, handmade, hand-me-downs and thrifted clothes. I will feature my unique finds and probably whip up one or two fashion DIY/Recycling tutorials once in a while. Actually, I already started a few months ago with my Zhai Eco Collection Dress review so check it out if you haven’t yet!

Have you been in a fashion rut?


Note: This post was written about 3-4 months ago. As of today, I think I’m having a bit of progress. A few of my outfit posts can be found on my instagram account.

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  • betchy

    i say, “Why not?? Why not?” by all means go and declare back your lost glory fashionwise. well you may not be, as you claimed so, a walking page for Vogue, but from my own point of view, fashion must be a “to each, his/her own” persuasion so go ahead and slip back on to your own rules,.. your own style.

    • Vivi

      Haha! i’m a dress-up chameleon so my style really changes depending on my mood by I love vintage and boho.

      Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve really been trying and it’s working out quite well.

  • Rae

    To be honest, I find admirable that you can go to work like that. Many people can’t and won’t even when they work in an environment that permits dressing as you are.
    Rae recently blogged..Because Feeling Pretty is Not Necessary For Self-Esteem

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Rae. I once worked in TV before and while I was there, I went to work without even bathing for 2 full days. I’m quite trained to handle the shame–if there’s any. :)

  • Cherise St. Claire

    I hope this is the not so fashionably you. Can you also post a picture of yours with the “elegant fashion” look. We’d love to see that!
    Cherise St. Claire recently blogged..Book 3 is coming!

    • Vivi

      Haha! That is definitely the not-so-fashionable me! I can dress up quite decently but usually, it depends on my mood. I have a few outfit posts on instagram as mentioned above but still working on more. :)

  • chuishia

    I say to dress as you like!! fashionable when you feel like it. in pyjamas when you’re not in the mood. that’s our priviledge of being a girl! :p

    • Vivi

      Yes, my philosophy now is also like that. Just that sometimes, I am ‘forced’ to dress up, especially when meeting some clients. I’m sure my colleagues are so confused why my dress sense is as unstable as our internet connection. XD

  • Amanda

    Would love to see your new outfit post! I should have posted some outfit posts after my makeover, but I am yet to buy a new camera. The worst is, no one can take photos for me, so I can’t use my smartphone…

    By the way, I find that you are quite skinny. Probably more so than me. I can see that you have a very thin wrist. I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad for our similarity >.<
    Amanda recently blogged..Sunscreen for Your Eyes: Marie Veronique Organics Kid Safe Screen

    • Vivi

      LOL! We have the same problem! Camera and photographer. I also don’t know where to take photos. I’m too shy to pose in public. :S

      YES, I am very, very skinny. My wrists look abnormally thin, right? I hate them. They’ve been that way since I was 8. That place never gains any of my fats even when I put on weight.

  • nami

    lucky you can go to work in this cozy outfit and woulsd love to see your outfit posts

    • Vivi

      Some of my outfits are on my instagram. But I have a few in my drafts folder, I just need to update some of the photos so they can be clearer :)

  • swati

    haha…great that you can go in those clothes!!! i can wear casuals but still if i was allowed anything, i wouldn’t even bother getting out my PJ’s :D :D
    hope your posts would inspire me to do something better with myself!!!

    • Vivi

      Haha, I don’t think my posts will inspire you because I’m sure they will be very sporadic. Most of the outfits I’m going to feature on the blog will be “causeful” fashion which, frankly speaking, isn’t really easily available or have very limited choices. But my other outfits, whether causeful or not, will most likely be on instagram. :)

  • sesame

    Haha…let’s me be blatantly honest by saying that your go-to work attire is seriously worse than my go-to grocery attire. I seriously hope that will make you wanna dress up more.

    But I can understand that if it’s a work culture, sometimes one can get sucked in. I actually dress pretty nicely for work but otherwise, I’m lazy.

    Btw, loving your new header. Do one for me? Heheh.
    sesame recently blogged..Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

    • Vivi

      HAHA! No offense taken, no worries! :D

      I think I mentioned the same thing on one of your previous posts when you talked about wearing shorts.

      Thank you! If the design you have in mind isn’t too complicated, I can give it a go! ;)

      • sesame

        Glad you took the comment lightheartedly. Was meaning to egg you to dress up cos all of us do need some motivation here and there.

        Haha…was kidding around about the header. I would pay for it if I were to ask for a design. Anyway, re-thinking what I want to do about blogging so don’t think I want to do much for it now. But thanks for the kind offer. ;)
        sesame recently blogged..My new carryall is roomy enough for a bowling ball