Virgin Coconut Oil is turning me into an extremely lazy vainpot…

Really! Ever since I bought my first jar of 100% certified organic Virgin Coconut Oil initially meant for kitchen use only, I’ve been neglecting my complicated serums, moisturizers and eye creams. Even my body lotion and night lip balm have been feeling unloved and forgotten on my vanity shelf.

Most of us have heard or read about the multiple wonders of using Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) for beauty. It’s rich in essential fatty acids that can nourish the most troubled type of skin and hair. I’m not going to list you all those benefits and uses now but rather just share with you how I’ve since been abusing my jar of VCO and greasing all my door knobs among a lot of other things.

1. Skin Moisturizer for morning, noon and nighttime. If you’ve read my last skincare routine post (which is not updated anymore), you probably have an idea of how complicated my usual skincare routine is. But all those serums, oils and eye creams had ran out and I was left at the mercy of my Nui 100% certified organic VCO.  It wasn’t an instant click but now, I am loving it! My skin is so soft, plump and well-moisturized.

2. Emergency lip balm. To my horror, I forgot my Mukti Lip Balm when I stayed at MBS Hotel a few weekends ago. I never, ever, never sleep without any lip balm on. I was almost resigned to waking up with a pair of dried prunes for lips until I remembered the jar of VCO in my bag. I used it as lip balm for the first time and surprisingly, although the texture was a bit runny, it protected my lips quite well.

3. Body Moisturizer. I’ve been going through a very rough patch with my skin lately. And it’s not figurative. My skin, especially on my arms and back have been having lots of rough patches. My eczema and chicken skin are back and most of my body lotions seem to be making my skin worse. Although I don’t think the VCO is doing anything to remove the patches, it’s been helping me manage the itch and make my skin less rough.

4. Intensive scalp and hair treatment. I am not particularly fond of VCO for my hair. It’s great–no doubt about it. Afterall, it’s one of the few oils out there that can actually penetrate the hair. But it’s so heavy that it only gets fully washed off after three washes. However, it still is one of those very few hair oils I’ve tried that really ‘heals’ the hair and soothes my scalp… after the 3-day grease ball period.

Sometimes, when I’m incredibly tired at night, after washing up, I just dab and apply VCO all over my face– my eyes, my cheeks, my lips down to my neck. And that’s it; I hop straight to bed and sleep. No serums, no eye creams, no lip balm.

I know VCO has a lot more uses for beauty. It can be used as an eye-makeup remover, leave-in moisturizer, emergency lipgloss, cuticle softener and eyebrow and eyelash conditioner among a lot of other things. But as it is now, with just my four main uses for VCO, I seem to run out of my supply pretty quickly already.

Have you tried Virgin Coconut Oil for beauty before?

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  • Dana M

    Ditto! This made me chuckle as I’m exactly the same & is why I haven’t done any DIY posts in a while! I use the same stuff all the time of late from my ‘natural cabinet’: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Olive Oil & Tea-Tree!! Must experiment again but keep thinking, ‘If it ain’t broke, why fix it?’!!! :) X
    Dana M recently blogged..Sunday Chatter!

    • Vivi

      Dana, what happened to MNS? You’re back to being Organic Lassie (which I prefer, haha).

      Sooo busy lately and by the time I reach home, I just want to bathe then sleep… which my vain self frowns upon. So my VCO stretches from head to toe for me–literally! Only way I can remain vain while being lazy.

      • Dana M

        Thank you! :) Well, to cut a long story short, I decided that I missed being Organic Lassie! I’m finally getting around to doing something about setting up a small sideline business, but it won’t be til next year due to finances & time constraints. Just doing it in small baby steps & going by the name Organic Lassie – handmade natural soaps, butters, balms etc & repurposed wash bags, soap bags & roll-up toiletry bags. So looking forward to just getting on with it!

        Haha, I’m just the same. Busy, busy, busy & bed. So these all in one products are fabulous :) Wish I had more time so I can do blog work! ~x~
        Dana M recently blogged..Sunday Chatter!

  • xin

    wow! even for face is fine? i have tried VCO for hair before, but i just couldn’t get the hang of using it religiously enough to see drastic results.
    xin recently blogged..Cath Kidston Nail Art feat. Dior – Diorific Vernis in Lady (011)

    • Vivi

      It didn’t work for my skin at first but then, as I was forced to use only VCO, I ‘mastered’ the art of applying it without making my face look greasy after a while. It did wonders for my skin (paired with the right shampoo) but I really hate the 3-day grease period.

  • nami

    hi vivi..couldn’t agree with you more….am doing the same .me and my mom are using it and it has really helped in healing my palms were getting terribly dry day after day,i used a very expensive lotion claimed to be all natural and was good to relieve the itchiness but not doing much in rash healing, dryness but this has really saved me
    The oil feels very rich. It leaves greasy film and takes long time to be absorbed by skin but i dont bother about it instead I am using it every night religiously and will continue to re-purchase until coconut trees go extinct. :)

    • Vivi

      I hate lotions for dry skin because they tend to get absorbed too fast into the skin. I suffer from dry skin, too, so sometimes what I do is apply the lotion, let it sink in, then apply the oil.

      I agree with the greasy film, though! That’s why recently, all my door knobs at home are greasy and slippery, haha!

  • Rae

    I love VCO. I’ve been meaning to write an entry about it too.

    I use it to remove makeup, for frying eggs, and sometimes I put a teaspoon in my coffee.
    Rae recently blogged..Daily Workout Experiment, Week 01

    • Vivi

      I also like using it in the kitchen–primarily why I bought it. It’s very good for sauteing veggies because it gives the dish a slight sweetness.

      WOW! You mix it with your coffee? How do you get the water and the oil to mix? I can only mix it with my smoothies because I can use my blender/drink mixer.

  • pranali

    i love using vco.. i use it on my arms and legs before going to bed.. i don’t use it directly on my hair.. i mix it with some sesame oil for a good head massage..

    • Vivi

      Oh, sesame and VCO mix is good for keeping the hair dark. :) That’s a very good and simple recipe!

  • asti

    I agree with you.. coconut oil has so many uses and it’s also very very delicious and affordable! I use it daily as my body moisturiser and make-up remover or even to cleanse my face with for drier days.

    I find it to be too runny as a moisturiser but I guess it does do a great job in protecting the lips.. still love my creamy lip balms way too much though!
    asti recently blogged..RMS Beauty Oil: The Liquid Gold

    • Vivi

      You find it too runny? How come? Do you live somewhere warm? My VCO always turns into something like a very soft wax in the morning due to the air-condition in my room. I love applying it when it’s slighly solid because it melts upon contact with my skin, feels quite indulgent.

  • Caitie

    I love VCO too! Won’t use it straight in my hair though…I can’t stand the grease ball period!
    Caitie recently blogged..Review: Blûm Naturals All-Purpose Cleansing Wipes

    • Vivi

      Haha, yeah… I HATE the 3-day grease ball period. Makes me look like I’ve got a permanent flu, haha. But whenever my hair feels hopelessly dry and dead, I turn to VCO for help.

  • Emy Shin

    I have been thinking about purchasing VCO as a hair treatment — but am looking to try out all these different methods. :)

    • Vivi

      Like I mentioned above, I love-hate VCO on my hair. It softens my hair but it takes days to remove the greasiness. So now, I only really love it on my skin and my food. :)

  • chuishia

    I used to use a VCO body oil…but my husband doesn’t like the smell!! So no more. Am using argan oil instead now.
    chuishia recently blogged..Holiday in Perth

    • Vivi

      Haha, it happened to me with another product I used to apply on my face. Hubby kissed me on the cheeks and rebounded back like he just hit a wall or something, lol.

  • Swati

    totally love coconut oil and this reminds me i should get it again!!! haven’t used it for some years now so have literally forgotten how it feels but yup it is definitely very greasy. when i got apricot oil and saw it doesn’t leave a greasy film, i abandoned coconut.
    Swati recently blogged..I am Back!!!

    • Vivi

      Considering I didn’t like the heavy texture of VCO on my hair, I was surprised that I actually fell in love with it as a facial oil. I thought it would be too greasy but it turned out to be manageable. :)

  • Lynn

    I’ve posted how I love VCO even twice :D.. vco isn’t that greasy.Perhaps different brand different greasiness?
    Lynn recently blogged..Indonesian Edition:Lead(timah)di Lipstik dan Produk Make Up

    • Vivi

      Probably I apply a lot? Haha, I like oil and sometimes I tend to over indulge. I don’t find it too greasy on my face but it’s too greasy for my fine hair.

  • Rola

    I heard so many good things about VCO. I must try it one of these days, I have my eye on the RMS Raw Coconut Cream.
    Rola recently blogged..BRB

    • Vivi

      I think the RMS Raw Coconut Cream is a bit overpriced considering the only ingredient is VCO. My VCO comes in a jar which actually solidifies into a ‘cream’ when it’s cold and melts as soon as it touches the skin. :)

  • sesame

    Okay, I’m totally sold on 100% VCO! I got mine from VMV and boy, I’m so so so in love with it. It’s my new moisturizer. Where did you get yours Vivi?
    sesame recently blogged..Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

    • Vivi

      Glad you’re loving it! Considering the ‘greasiness’, I thought it’ll never work on my skin!

      I got mine from Four Seasons Organic Supermarket for $13. :)

  • Audreiana

    VCO is the bee’s knees! Its my all time favorite oil because it is so multipurpose and my hair and skin just drink this stuff up. This would be the only thing I wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island with because what else would you need beauty wise really?
    Audreiana recently blogged..Everyday Minerals Happiness Bronzer

    • Vivi

      Haha! Me, too. And I can ‘eat’ it too so definitely wouldn’t mind having it with me if ever I’ll get stuck on an island (I hope not!).

      My hair’s too fine to drink all the oil up but my skin is definitely loving it. :)

  • Mel

    I LOVE USING COCONUT OIL. The Brand I use is great. they have great tasting coconut oil because I don’t really like the taste of other brands. TIANA coconut oil is the best in my eyes. and as for the intensive hair care. TIANA are the only company to combine argan and coconut oil to make the perfect intensive hair treatment. I love it x

    • Vivi

      I LOVE coconut, too! For my skin and my tummy. I like almost anything coconut from desserts to real food like green curry.

      I haven’t heard of TIANA before. I’ll google it. It’s interesting that they combine argan and the coconut oil– I love using argan as a leave-on hair serum while coconut for intensive treatment. :)

      • Mel

        I know you will like this product then. I had really damaged hair, split ends, the works. and now my hair looks like a tresemé advert. Its awesome. :)

  • Rachel Liane

    Wow! That looks absolutely incredible. I have never heard of using this oil, but now see that I will have to give it a try! I love the smell of coconuts, I’m assuming that would be the scent of the oil? Does it have a greasy consistency?
    Rachel Liane recently blogged..Sponge

    • Vivi

      It does at first but my skin seems to ‘drink it up’. When I was still new in using VCO, I only applied a little and tried to build my way up until I got the right amount for my skin. The trick, as I learned, is to massage it into the skin. :)