Step out of Zombie Land. Here are some tips to recover from heavy Halloween makeup!

I have a confession to make. This post is my lame excuse to share mine and Hubby’s experience at the recent Halloween Horror Nights 2 (HHN2) at Universal Studios Singapore. Don’t worry, we’re still going to talk about beauty and LOTS of makeup. But this time, it won’t be to get your Halloween face up but how to leave it behind.

A background story you don’t need to read
No, this space isn’t turning into a lifestyle blog soon. But Hubby was so bent on ranting about our not so positive experience at the recent HHN2 that he forced me into publishing a review post. I asked him “Have you forgotten my blog is called Eco BEAUTY Secrets? And now, you want me to talk about bad crowd control?” He rubbed his chin, scrunched his forehead and there popped his light bulb moment: “Why not talk about how to recover from heavy Halloween makeup THEN do a quick review of HHN2…. please.”

How to Recover from Heavy Makeup — Halloween or Not

At least once in a lifetime (or every year at Halloween), we might find ourselves literally faceless under seriously, seriously thick makeup. And that is not even the scary part. The real horror usually comes the day after when we wake up to dull, stressed-out skin dotted with breakouts. So how do we prevent our post layered-like-cake-makeup skin from haunting us? Here are some tips!

DAY 1: This is the most important part: removing every bit of makeup on your face. This would mostly require 2-3 rounds of oil-cleansing. The first round of oil is to dissolve the top (and dirtiest) layer of make-up. Just spread the oil all over your face, let it sit for a while, and dab off lightly with tissue or cotton pads. For eye makeup, you can (almost) drench a cotton pad with oil, press it against your lids and leave for 30 seconds before wiping off.

Tip: DO NOT RUB the first round of oil as this will just push the dirt back into your pores. Depending on how thick your makeup is, do 1-2 more rounds of oil-cleansing. Massage the oil on your face for thorough cleansing only once the oil doesn’t turn murky anymore.

Wipe everything with a wet warm towel then follow with your usual foaming cleanser. Simplify your routine– just apply your toner followed by your moisturizer and go get some sleep. Sleep is the best way to heal your skin.

DAY 2: The first type of mask to use should be a detoxifying mask. Any mask with clay or mud is very good in pulling impurities from the skin. I personally love rhassoul clay as base for DIY clay masks.

Tip: If you’ve got some chlorophyll/spirulina tablets at home, mix them with your usual clay mask for a  more thorough detox.

You can now apply your usual serums and moisturizers but unless your leaving the house, skip the sunscreen first. If you can afford to, do away with any make-up for at least a day. This will give your skin time to breathe and heal.

DAY 2 or 3: If you have the luxury of time, you can indulge in a hydrating and refreshing light mask (e.g. cucumber juice + yogurt mask or plain manuka honey) before bed on Day 2 or sometime on Day 3.

Tip: If you want to detoxify further, try my lemon peel facial steam before applying the mask.

Halloween Horror Nights 2o12 – House of Dolls and Horrific 90-min Waiting Lines

Now, let’s not disappoint Hubby who, for the first time in my blogging history, suggested a topic. Below are some few badly taken shots from our trip to HHN2 last Oct 25. The theme this year focused on creepy live dolls and puppets. The makeup and costumes were very good if not better than last year and the actors were all very professional–either that or they were really in agony due to the heat and crowd.

I think, generally, it was still a great event–almost well worth the S$68 ticket per person but because there were too many people (I’m not blaming anyone for this, we all wanted to have fun!), it was hard to be scared. Somebody always beat me into screaming and SNAP! The scare moment had passed. I’m probably one of the worst scaredy cats there is that even the sudden buzzing of my phone still reminds me of The Ring but none of the two haunted houses we had been to shook my shell.

Throughout the trip, we were more worried of being trampled over in a stampede or having a heatstroke in the middle of the kilometric lines. We didn’t even manage to visit the Dungeon of Damnation which, I heard, was the best horror house. The line outside hovered between 70 to 90 minutes waiting time! That scared both of us more than the lady with half of her face unzipped.

Hubby thought last year’s Halloween Horror Nights was much better especially in the Post-Apocalyptic Zone which then really looked like zombieland with lots of zombified actors scattered around. But this year, the same zone themed “Total Lockdown”, although with a grander set, felt like a terrible hybrid of Dawn of the Dead, Friday the 13th and Insert-Random-B-Grade-Thriller-Movie-Here.

Some actors playing ‘policemen’ or ‘rescue officers’ were running after people like rabid zombies… Excuse me? There weren’t also as many zombies as last year or if there were, the actor-crowd ratio was so way off that if it were a real zombie disaster, the zombies would probably be the ones running away from the massive cam phone and DSLR-yielding crowd.

I still have about 2-3 paragraphs to say about the event and Hubby probably has 6 more so I’ll cut it here. But having said all that, we both agreed that it was the company that made the visit as enjoyable as last year (cue “Awww”). We will still go next year but we’ll definitely buy express tickets next time. Will Hubby request for another blog post and come up with other beauty topics next year? We’ll see.

How did you celebrate Halloween this year? Did you play dress-up?

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  • Swati

    oh my gosh!!! is halloween literally celebrated like that??? we had many kids coming up for trick or treating here but otherwise nothing great :)
    Swati recently blogged..More questions…

    • Vivi

      Haha, not really. But Universal Studios has this yearly Halloween event. It was fun although very crowded.

  • nami

    Halloween is increasingly becoming popular here…nothing much i just did Halloween nail art for my cousin …..seems like you have enjoyed alot :)

    • Vivi

      Wow, what kind of Halloween art did you do for your cousin? :)

  • Emy Shin

    I’ve been using cleansing oil for a while — and I’ve always rubbed it in. Yikes! Will be changing that habit now.

    (If you’re only wearing sunscreen — which is the only thing I have on most days — do you still do 2+ rounds of oil cleansing + your usual cleanser? I normally only do 1 round of oil cleanser + 1 round of my usual cleanser, and I wonder if that’s enough.)

    • Vivi

      Oh, the 2-3 rounds of oil cleansing is only for ‘seriously heavy makeup. If like me you only use sunscreen, one round will do and you can massage the oil, just don’t massage it until it dries up/gets absorbed back into the skin. Just massage enough to remove the sunscreen. I don’t think you’re doing it wrongly. :)

  • Kira

    I spent my Halloween with Pnut dressed as Super Pnut: Dog of Steel, haha. I took him out for Horror Nights (horror movies marathon) and let him go around Annapolis Street. He enjoyed it very, very much!

    I told my sister we should go to HK or SG during Halloween time so we can experience all the scary stuff. We went to this Haunted House in Disneyland last month and I think it would be scary if there were only 5 of us in there. But with a group of around 8-10 people, it’s not so scary. And the ones before us were screaming their heads off! So that ruined the fun for us! Hahaha!
    Kira recently blogged..Countdown to the Big Reveal: SM Accessories 2nd Teaser Vid

    • Vivi

      Yeah, I saw the photo last week. I wasn’t able to post a comment coz I usually surf using my phone and I hate phone keys haha.. BUT he was so cute! At first I thought he was standing on hind legs then I realize the legs were fake, haha.

      Oh, same experience we had at US-Sg. There were like 15-20 people and everybody in front was screaming while I was in the middle of line trying to wipe sweat on my forehead. It was too crowded and hot that it spoiled the fun for me.

      • Kira

        Vivi! His front legs are real! It’s inserted into the “legs” of Superman. the hands were fake though. good thing he cooperated, normall he doesn’t like having his photo taken :D