Mending a Broken Friendship with my old Accessories & Fashion Jewelry

As my path to fashion recovery continues, I revisit one of my long-lost loves with hopes of reconciling our broken friendship. My accessories and fashion jewelry, which were left forgotten in a corner to garner dust and molds, have recently seen the light of day again.

Too many years ago, I once collected and crafted many, many accessories.  I had a special fondness for rustic and bohemian-themed trinkets that showcased unique beads and intricate handmade designs. Once in a while, I also got myself shiny, delicate jewellery– gold and silver, with sparkling stones and bright white pearls.

Opening Pandora’s Box
Aside from opening a box of moldy accessories and faded jewelry, going through my long-forgotten old valuables brought back priceless memories I had ungratefully locked up in a cheap Ikea plastic box for so many months!

So as a way to make amends, I thought of dedicating a post to my most memorable accessories and some random favorites. They might not be the most valuable but they have priceless sentimental value in my heart.

1. Beaded bracelet turned anklet given to me by my Daddy when I was in 6th grade (or younger!)
2. Genie lamp pendant Mom gave me with wishes that may Hubby become my lifetime genie who’ll make all my wishes come true
3. First jewelry given to me by Hubby (I love cats)
4. Bought this in a small trinket shop in Hong Kong about 2 years ago, the first and last time we were able to go overseas with Daddy
5. Mom gave me this simple silver cross pendant when I moved out
6. This necklace is the very first accessory I bought in Singapore and I’ve never used it once
7. This has been one of my favorites and it’s been with me for probably more than 10 years
8. Given to me by a college friend who said the design of the charms reminded her of me

Hopefully getting back into crafting
Not sure whether I’ll ever have the time but about a few weeks ago, I was suddenly mad inspired to start creating accessories and fashion jewelry again. I went to several specialty shops along North Bridge Road and bought quite a few buttons, ribbons, studs, chains and whatnots for accessory-making. I’m not promising anything–you know how lazy I am–but rest assured that if I ever really do ANY do-it-yourself accessory at all, I’ll be sure to share it with you on the blog.

I appreciate all types of accessories, even really loud ones like neons or edgy ones like punk but my personal style is really just more towards boho. How about you?

What kinds of accessory & jewelry designs are you most attracted to?


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  • Lynn

    Boho is good :) My style will be ethnic or the girly with ribbon thingy 😀
    I love that no.7 btw :)
    Lynn recently blogged..Indonesian Edition:Lead(timah)di Lipstik dan Produk Make Up

    • Vivi

      Haha, my style is like a ‘chameleon’. It changes according to mood, lol. 😀

  • betchy torres

    i’ve always been the lady-gaga kind when it comes to accessories,,geezz,,i remember my husband teasing me about an avalanche doomed to happen anytime my closet starts to give in to a potpourri of trinkets I have saved through the years. well, some i have already given away to special friends and just like you Vivi, most have held sentimental value to me so really, I won’t mind if an avalanche indeed, just like what my husband predicted might happen in the near future,,,i just needed to find another closet (or maybe invade my son’s) for my precious collections if push comes to shove :)

    • Vivi

      LOL! You must have a LOT of accessories if they can cause an avalanche!

      I hope I get to have enough space to keep my accessories — and enough motivation and courage to wear them when I can. I still like buying accessories even just to look at them and admire them. I guess, like the saying goes, girls really just can’t have enough of the good and pretty things in life. :)

  • xin

    am not a boho person, i do have quite a few pcs of loud accessories. altho i hardly wear them but I like to ‘collect’
    xin recently blogged..Your Say: Do you use your skincare until the last drop?

    • Vivi

      Haha, just like what I wrote above, I like to buy accessories even for just my private viewing pleasure. :)
      Sometimes, I don’t even know why I keep buying, haha.

  • Swati

    wow…love all of them but the cross and the last earrings are really pretty :)
    Swati recently blogged..pH level and Citrus Fruits {Skin Care}

    • Vivi

      Thanks! Unfortunately, the cross has faded already. It doesn’t look as sparkly as it does on the picture. But it still is special to my heart ’cause Mom gave it to me. :)

  • sesame

    Love #7! Can see why it’s your fave. I have no time for DIY fashion posts anymore. :(
    sesame recently blogged..Simply Organic Oil Emulsion Haircolor @Ecorganics

    • Vivi

      Thank you!

      Yup, me too. I haven’t even unwrapped any of the craft materials yet. The only time I took them out of the plastic bag was when I took the picture above. :(

  • Anisley Annet

    My favorite is #7 Love it. You should be soooo… proud of your work, you have come such a long way.

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Anisley. :) Hope I won’t slack with accessorizing again.