27 Years and 27 Random Things About Me

Last Thursday, I turned 27 and I found it to be such an ‘odd’ age. You know, being in the middle of 25 and 30, two major age milestones especially for women? At 25, women are said to be in their ‘prime’ and at 30, thought to have crossed the ‘borderline’. But I believe we can be as young or old as we feel. In fact, considering my priorities right now, I still feel like a kid but with the responsibilities of a 30-year old. And when you’ve got this mentality, it can be pretty hard to keep track of your REAL age. So let me celebrate and remember turning 27 by sharing 27 random things about me:

1. I tip-toe whenever I climb the stairs. I don’t know why, when and how I got the habit. But it helps firm the legs and the butt, ha!

2. I have slight directional dyslexia. I usually have to raise my hand and  make a scribbling gesture in the air to know which is my right hand.

3. I have a weird habit of always leaving one bite of sandwich on my plate and if you force me to take it, I’ll feel like choking.

4. I used to have lots of rabbits and cats when I was a kid. I think I had almost 20 rabbits at one point!

5. I almost became an actress as a child but my father was very much against it. I’m glad I didn’t because I don’t think I’m meant for all the glitz.

6. The theme song “If We Hold On Together” from “The Land Before Time” animated film used to make me cry as a kid.

7. I’ve been underweight my entire life.

8. When I say my memory is bad, I’m seriously not kidding.

9. I wanted to be a theater actress when I was younger and have always loved performing on stage.

10. I still like to play like a kid– so if you see a twiggly figure finding her way through the monkey bars at the neighborhood playground, that’s probably me. Cartoons, books for kids, colorful and sweet candy treats and toy stores still excite me.

11. I suck at sports that involve running because I’m cross-legged. When you see my knees pointing towards each other, I can assure you I’m not trying to act cute.

12. I used to be an ‘experimental’ dresser. I was the type of fashionista who had a Gothic Monday, Beach Babe Wednesday and Whatever Goes Friday. I’ve subdued a lot through the years.

13. There was a time when I felt like puking whenever I was forced to wear tight and dark-colored t-shirts. The neckline made me feel stifled.

14. As I grew older, I became extremely shy and unfortunately not so sociable. If I ever get to meet you in person, in any random event, please don’t think I’m a snob. I’m just usually too shy to initiate conversations. I can be pretty awkward, too.

15. I’m so shy that sometimes, the prospect of meeting a new person gives me shivers and makes me hyperventilate. No kidding!

16. BUT I can be very, extremely, annoyingly talkative once I get to know a person well or when I feel comfortable towards somebody.

17. I believe a lot in instinct, intuition and fate.

18. I used to be able to learn languages quite fast (and forget them thrice as fast). I learned spoken Spanish when I was a kid, then conversational Japanese and Persyan a few years back. I used to be able to read and write in Persyan. I can’t speak any of those languages now.

19. I love to sing in the shower or while washing dishes. I usually complete 4-5 songs while bathing.

20. I am easily startled so please approach and tap my shoulders with caution. And under no amount of begging from me should you agree to watch horror movies with me.

21. I was almost 2 years old when I learned how to walk. But I was speaking fluently before I turned 1.

22. I love cats and since it’s still not convenient for me to have a cat now, I collect cat-themed accessories instead.

23. I have a soft spot for old folks. I cry easily when I see them crying or suffering. Not that I don’t care about younger people, it’s just an emotional vulnerability for me.

24. I would love to experience being an Arts and Crafts teacher for kids.

25. When I was 11, I almost got hit by a huge truck while trying to save a kitten.

26. I used to have a ‘green thumb’. Everything I planted survived. I got this gift from my Dad.

27.  One of my wishes is to be able to work less and blog more regularly in the future.


To my future self: I know you’ve had the memory of an 80-year old ever since you were 18. But please remember that save for having a few more fine lines this year, it felt great turning 27. 

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  • http://munchtalk.blogspot.com/ Jasanna

    Love this!! Thanks for posting. Maybe if I ever meet you we can awkwardly be shy together then talk unstoppingly later. :) I also will perpetually be a kid and can’t remember what happened yesterday. :) I think we might be sisters?? :)

    Jasanna recently blogged..31 Days of Color and Joy-One Night, One Dinner, One Date

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks! :)

      OMG, my memory is really pretty bad. And that’s why I seize every moment, enjoy everyday–because a couple of days after, I might not even remember what happened.

      Haha, I would love the idea of being “awkwardly shy together” to warm up and get the stories going!

  • nami

    you are a doll vivi..very pretty..and belated happy birthday to you..thanks for sharing this ,we have lots of things in common by the way thats why i was smiling while reading it

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks, Nami! I’m glad I made you smile :) We have a lot of eccentricities, don’t you think? haha

  • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/ Swati

    oh my!!! happy birthday Vivz :) I will also be 27 by coming Feb :)
    Swati recently blogged..Pomegranate Health Drink for Pregnant Women {Pregnancy}

    • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/ Swati

      and, that comment was before I read the post and totally loved your post 😀 I am so opposite to you in somethings but so similar in others..even I’m awkward and unsociable but when I know people really well, I can eat their brains 😀
      you are really lucky to have the green thumb…you are pretty nurtutring by nature :) me too hate tight clothes!!! I can in fact sport baggy easily…don’t mind looking like a rucksack as opposed to giving up on comfort.
      Swati recently blogged..Pomegranate Health Drink for Pregnant Women {Pregnancy}

      • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

        Thank you for the birthday wishes :) I’m 3 months older than you!

        Haha, when I was in High School, somebody thought I was a guy because I liked wearing baggy clothes! o.O
        And all my friends tease me for being so talkative but when I’m around strangers, I’m too quiet sometimes they don’t even know I’m there or was there.

        Now I’m wondering what we are so different from each other from…… haha!

  • http://www.lecoupletoy.wordpress.com ChuiShia

    Happy Belated Bday!

    and I love this post. This is the kind of post that years from now, re-reading it again will make you feel nostalgic and misty-eyed… :)

    May all your wishes come true Vivi!
    ChuiShia recently blogged..Barkery Oven at SPCA World Animal Day

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks, ChuiShia! Aww… I’ve got too many wishes, haha!

      Not sure if I’ll remember this as much as your story about almost being hijacked by strangers in motorcycles while driving. That one totally freaked me out! 😮

  • Angie

    Happy Belated Vivi! Hope you had a great one! :))

    Thanks for sharing about yourself..you sound a lot like me – esp points 14 – 17. I used to be quite the wild party-er & v social in my teens/early twenties…then somehow I became really nervous about interacting with ppl I don’t know..I’ve been known to leave events because I felt too stressed by the crowd, and although I’ve wanted to take things like yoga, etc for years, I never did cuz I’m too intimidated to go alone! My close friends would never have guessed though – I’m so loud & chatty with them! Is it an age thing? Haha!

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks, Angie. Every birthday is a good one, it’s a miracle :)

      I was a party-goer only when I was in elementary, haha. But in High School, although I was starting to be shy, I wasn’t as shy and ‘awkward’ as I am right now. And I’m like that, too! I feel like leaving events early ’cause seeing too many unfamiliar faces and going through small talks make me dizzy (i think this is psychological lol). I guess it’s an age thing… and probably contributed by partner? My partner is not the shy type but he’s awkward in social gatherings, lol.

  • betchy

    have you thought of asking your Mom where you got that “tiny piece of sandwich” or maybe any solid food for that matter, which you always leave on your plate because consuming it would make you throw up?? your guess is as reliable as mine, hahaha!!! furthermore, have you, if at all, included among the things you despise, taking different medicines, tabs in particular, max of 3 at the same, because you also choke yourself to dear life because you’re born with narrow passageway for food?? again, you may want to ask your Mom the same question. where your inherent beauty and grace are concerned, I believe there should be no worries looming in the horizon for you, in the next 27years or more to come as you have metarmorphosed dramatically into the finest lady your parents dreamed and would always be proud of :) Many happier and fruitful returns Vivi :)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thank you, Betchy! That was such a touching message! I woke up TOO early today and been feeling stumped but this totally made my day. My mother, who’s also a very sentimental person, told me almost the same thing on the day of my birthday. :)

      I haven’t asked my Mom those questions but I will one of these days. I don’t really have trouble popping 1 or more pills at one go but I’ve got a huge and odd problem finishing my sandwiches/burgers. I almost always leave one bite on my plate! I think it’s totally psychological, haha!

  • http://www.socialintercourse.wordpress.com Olivia

    Happy belated birthday Vivi!

    Wishing you the best year ahead, and one filled with a multitude of precious, beautiful moments! Your best years are indeed yet to come, stay forever young at heart!


    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks, Olivia! I will remember what we talked about on the phone about turning 30 then 35 and so on… they are all the same! Age doesn’t set our milestones, our goals in life do. So carpe diem! :)

  • http://www.kira-ramirez.com Kira

    Vivi! Happy birthday again!

    And it was such a treat reading this blog post! Oh my god, you could be my soul sister!

    #3 – I don’t finish a whole burger, I always leave “the ends”. I don’t know why I am so wasteful, but I have that odd habit, too!

    #4 – I used to breed hamsters, I think I had around 20 of them in college!

    #6 – same here! I still know the dialogues by heart!

    #7 – ditto (hello ectomorphs)

    #27 – everyone hopes for this, me included.

    So we really have to meet the next time I go to SG! <3
    Kira recently blogged..I am now a Viking! So where’s my dragon?

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Kira, yessss! I think I will be here in December unless Hubby’s plans to go to Shanghai for a week pushes through.. but even so, I’ll be here most of Dec so let’s set something up if ever you’ll be visiting :)

      I love that the word ectomorph feels much cooler than just saying ‘I’m underweight.’ Haha!

      Thanks for the greeting and BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO, VIKING GAL! :)

      • http://www.kira-ramirez.com Kira

        Thank youuuu! :)

        We’ll be going back to SG next year (I have to save my Christmas money and therefore cannot travel anymore this year haha), and I’ll definitely meet you then! Do you have Whatsapp? :)
        Kira recently blogged..OOTD: Avenue of the Stars

        • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

          I’ll e-mail you my whatsapp id. 😀

  • http://emyshin.com/blog/ Emy Shin

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    I am very much like you re: shyness. I moved to a new city and started a new school this fall, and the prospect of having to socialize and make new friends caused me endless stress the entire summer. :)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thanks, Emy! Oh my, I totally am on your drift there. I felt the very same thing when I transferred to my current job 4 years back. I was like, ‘Oh no, not again! Do I wait for them during lunch or wait for them to ask me? Or do I just go and have lunch on my own? Do I need to ask if they want anything whenever I want to go and buy some snacks or…? Do I say…? Blah blah…?’ Too many awkward questions about socialization in my head, haha.

  • http://www.prettybeautiful.net xin

    Happy being 27!

    I used to really fear 30 when I hit 25 and that was when I had quarter life crisis. Now having to deal with post-quarter life crisis, 30 doesn’t seem like much of a horror anymore!

    And envious of your #7! I should do up a post like this when I turn 29 next year too! 😀
    xin recently blogged..Goodbye Phuket

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Xin, thanks! :) Currently, at 27, I’m actually more worried about when to have kids than anything else, haha. My grandparents are already pressuring me but it’s not yet ‘the time’ for me.

      I would love to read your “29 Random Things about Me” post. I think it’s gonna be nostalgic reading it after a few years just like what Chui Shia mentioned above.

      Arrgh, it’s also hard to be thin at times. Makes me look like strong winds can blow me away when I’m feeling a bit ill.

  • http://www.vivawoman.net sesame

    Many good years ahead! I hadn’t realized that 27 was an awkward age. I think I had the wildest time of my life at that age.

    And I can identify with you w.r.t. shyness in my 20s. Someone asked me why I was always looking at the floor when I walk and it was because I couldn’t bear to look at people. But that was only in social context. In the corporate context, I wasn’t like that but let’s just say I was very good at pretending.
    sesame recently blogged..DIY Beauty: a fun konjac-konnyaku jelly face mask

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Thank you, Sesame! :) My wildest time was way back in college, haha. Too many years ago.

      At work, I can’t afford to be shy or it’ll be hard to gain respect. But if the discussion is not related to work, I find it hard to initiate. So in casual social gatherings, I’m usually shy and awkward and yes, I also find myself looking at the floor when I walk at times. I think my ‘core personality’ isn’t shy so my shyness might have been a ‘nurtured’ behavior.

  • http://agingbelle.com Amanda

    Happy birthday, Vivi! You are still super young (in my point of view).

    Shy? You? I don’t see it in the way you blog. You give me an impression of being outgoing, talkative, and energetic. I think I should be the one who is shy. I don’t talk too much when I was at your age. Over time, I’ve learned to be more sociable. But if I’m to approach a stranger and talk to him, that’s a big no-no.

    Recently, I’ve developed a(nother) habit of observing people. This time, it’s their body shape. I find out that even people’s back/the way they walk can be telling of their age. And judging by your photo, you still look like a pretty young gal (though the head is cut) :)

    Last but not least, as I become older and older, I find myself more and more reluctant to publicly tell my age. So, no birthday post this year :(
    Amanda recently blogged..Skinny Women, Veiny Hands?

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Haha, thank you, Amanda! I think it’s not the age, it’s the “lines” we care about, haha.

      I am an extrovert when it comes to people I’m very close to but usually, I’m shy and awkward. I’m energetic but not in a “club-hopping” way but in a “let’s go to the playground” kind of way, haha.

      Wow, I’d be interested to know about your observations. That’s actually a very masculine way of thinking. My father used to share his observations previously and they are very ‘interesting’, for the lack of a more creative term. :)

      • http://agingbelle.com Amanda

        Oh yeah! You are right. Lines are more important than age!

        I would be very interested to know about your father’s view. You know, men may have quite a different view of women than we are of ourselves.
        Amanda recently blogged..It’s Leave-in Conditioner and Oil Treatment That Do the Magic!

  • http://www.lovelycosme.blogspot.com Lynn

    Vivi,Happy B’day!!!! Sorry for being so late,I haven’t been anywhere in blogs like for ages.. :/ I’ve been so busy recently x_x Wishing you the very BEST luck and happiness in your life.No worry about aging,there’re botox though!LOL.. 😀 *kidding,hehee

    Btw,I remember I’ve ever tagged you about 11 things about you or something but I forgot to notify you.Now I get the answer,plus 16 more 😉
    Lynn recently blogged..Badger Muscles Ache Balms

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Lynn, sorry for the late reply. But THANK YOU!!! :)

      Haha, yes. That’s 27 things — and actually, there’s more from where that came from! It was so hard to stop at 27. Quite addicting haha!

  • http://nanaymiriam.wordpress.com Lanie

    belated happy birthday vivi.. what a coincidence.. i turned 27 almost 10 years ago (lame joke sorry!! heheher)..enjoy being 27 and look forward to your 30s with grace.. its not that scary..

    its quite interesting to know you wanted to be a theatre actress, as I have dreamed to become a theatre director too…
    Lanie recently blogged..Curezone Favorites

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Haha, that’s a good one, Lanie! Not lame at all! Thank you for the good wishes. :)

      Oh, I dreamt about being a theatre director, too. Actually more of a director than an actress sometimes. When I was in HS, I used to direct most of our school plays so that’s where I got the dream from.

  • http://www.scatterbraintures.com Rae

    I have the same habit when climbing up the stairs.

    At one time, I startled my bf because he didn’t notice I was already upstairs.
    Rae recently blogged..Road Test: Nars Larger Than Life Eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Haha, I think I’ve freaked out one or two people (or cats) doing that. :p