InstaUpdates #1: Arm Candies, Smoothies and Random Outfits!

I cannot believe how impossibly busy I’ve been the past few days. Believe it or not, it’s a chore for me to even shop online and my vanity arsenal is running dangerously low! And oh, how I badly miss blogging! Thanks to Instagram, though, I’ve been able to keep my sanity intact by doing quickie posts through insta-photos. So here you go… some smoothies, arm candies and random OOTDs!

Some highlights:

  • Really trying hard to get my fashion groove back on as some of you have suggested here. Thank you!
  • I’m done with week one of taking Apple Cider Vinegar. Less outbreaks but not really sure whether it’s all thanks to the ACV yet as it’s still too early to tell.
  • Testing smoothies as face masks and I’ve had some amazing discoveries so far.
  • Realized I’m pretty bad at taking pictures of food before eating them. Can’t wait to stuff my mouth with food so by the time I remember instagram, my plate already looks like a war zone.

I’m really sorry for the slow blog updates. I hope I can tide through this stressful season soon (without losing half of my hair!).

When I’m not here on the blog or on Twitter, I’m on Instagram as @ecobeautyvivi living life in randomly instant moments. See you there!

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  • xin

    love this random pics collage! can’t wait to read about the smoothie as face mask, and and and, hope your hair stays strong on the scalp!
    xin recently blogged..For scars, dehydrated skin and stretch marks – does Bio Oil really work?

    • Vivi

      thank you, xin! With more people hoping and praying for my hair not to give up on me during this stressful times, I guess I’ll have better luck XP

  • ChuiShia

    Love the vintage-y looks of all your pics! I’m particularly drawn to all things that has a retro look. So dreamy. :)
    ChuiShia recently blogged..Banana Cake

    • Vivi

      Thanks to Instagram — makes all my crappy photos look 10x nicer, lol. πŸ˜€ But I love the vintage and retro look, too. Guess I’m an old soul.

  • Swati

    me too…I always remmeber to take snaps after eating πŸ˜€ btw, ACV is deifnitely awesome in preventing the breakouts :) hope it works out for you too!!!
    Swati recently blogged..SOS Organics Wild Mint and Herb Garden Handmade Soaps {Product Review}

    • Vivi

      I don’t remember to take snaps… :( Sometimes I remember but I can’t resist the urge to eat first then I forget about the pic. I hope the ACV really does work… still taking it :)

  • Amanda

    I especially like your fashion photos. Too bad I can’t show mine on my blog (don’t want to show my face πŸ˜› ).

    Like your braids as well! Hope someday I can see your entire face. Haha~ I would very much like to have a side-braid along my forehead and face (think bohemian), but it doesn’t go with my style :(
    Amanda recently blogged..Skinny Women, Veiny Hands?

    • Vivi

      Why don’t you do it like how I do it? You just have to cut your face out of the pic and leave your chin so it won’t look like a headless pic. Anyway, we show some parts of our faces during product reviews, it’s just that we don’t want to show our entire face. So same thing with outfit posts. It’s actually been helping me become less lazy in choosing my daily work outfits. :)

      Side-braids are my ‘signature’ style, lol. I do it almost everyday because I usually don’t have time to dry my hair nicely and let it down. I dry my hair using the fan on most days.

      • Amanda

        The way you handle your hair is the polar opposite of mine! I always wash my hair in the mornings, because I almost always perm my hair in different ways. Washing my hair in the mornings (plus styling it) can help the hairdo last longer. To say the last, I’m pretty obsessed with my hair lately. I would very much like to try different hairstyles (e.g. updo, side-braids). So, you see, I’m a sucker of everything about beauty and fashion (courtesy of my makeover).
        Amanda recently blogged..It’s Leave-in Conditioner and Oil Treatment That Do the Magic!

  • Annie

    I love using smoothies as face masks too! :)

    • Vivi

      It’s like ‘feeding’ two birds with one seed. :)