Review: Janika Nutri Facial Moisturiser and Revival Facial Toner– Anti-Aging for Beginners?

As I reach a certain age that’s neither young nor old, I find my skin growing not just older but fussier. My skin is starting to crave for more moisture and anti-aging products yet anything too heavy and my skin either breaks out or turns into a bad oil painting. So now, I’m trying to look for more anti-aging products suitable for ‘beginners’.

Almost four months ago, I received a complimentary bottle of both the Janika Revival Toner and Janika Nutri Facial Moisturizer and I’ve been using them on and off since then. What’s interesting is that although both contained potent anti-aging ingredients, they are also both considerably light. The moisturizer even feels more like a serum.

Janika is 100% Natural
Janika products don’t contain the usual list of nasties. It’s a 100% Natural brand which means its products only contain ingredients that are naturally available and formed by nature itself. They also only use 100% Cold Pressed oils which means the oils retain most of their nutrients.

Janika Revival Toner (S$29.00 / 30ml)
This toner claims to be able to refresh, tone, revitalize and help hydrate the skin. At first, I actually loved the toner more than the moisturizer because I felt that it delivered more visible results. Also, unlike the moisturizer, this is something I could use both day and night. But having dry skin, I noticed that I need to use at least 6 spritzes of this on my face to get minimal hydration and apart from that, it evaporates too quickly. Thus, I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone toner but probably more of an in-between facial mist instead.

Janika Nutri Facial Moisturiser (S$62.00 / 30ml)
This moisturizer absorbs very well and feels comfortable and hydrating on the skin. And for something so light, it seems to be surprisingly potent. I once used too much of this and I woke up with tiny pimples on my face and some blackheads but when I reduced the amount to about the size of a bead or two, it worked well. It gave me supple skin that didn’t look oily. I think this is a good beginner’s light anti-aging moisturizer during summer, which is basically whole year round in Singapore. But if you sleep in an air-conditioned room or have very dry skin like me, this might not be for you.

I usually wake up with vibrant-looking complexion whenever I use this at night. However, the effects seem to wear off whenever I use it consecutively for more than a week so I need to alternate this with another moisturizer or facial oil. I also can’t use it during the day because its texture doesn’t blend well with my MVO Face Screen.

Ouch, these bottles can kill…
The bottles are made from a thick glass material that makes even a 30ml bottle of the Nutri Moisturizer or Toner a good weapon of choice in a riot.  The good thing is, at least they won’t break easily. Drop it anywhere but on your toenails (or head, duh!) because trust me, it would hurt. My left toe can testify.

Toss or Keep?
I don’t think I will be purchasing the Revival Facial Toner since I don’t think it’s hydrating enough for my dry skin and I find it quite wasteful. The Nutri Facial Moisturizer, however, is something I might consider next time I get bored with using facial oils (I’m more of a facial oil girl!) and if my skin’s dryness ever becomes more manageable. Sigh, this makes me feel like I’m more ‘old’ than ‘young’ in the ‘neither young nor old’ phase.

Shop Where?
If you’re from Singapore, you can find Janika products and a few other natural and organic beauty brands from It’s Natural SG, a relatively new eco beauty online store. Or you can also check out Janika’s official website.

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