Behold, The Vivi Fly Trap: The Tale of My Big, Messy Hair Bun

About 15 minutes ago, mother nature taught me that one should never take the word “messy” in a messy bun too seriously. Because even though some people can’t tell you didn’t bathe just because your messy hair bun looks oh-so-fashionable, the flies surely can.

Today, I decided to be boring and spend my holiday at home, wrapping up all my work deadlines. Because I was so caught up with work, I didn’t even bother to wash my hair. I tied my hair into a big, messy top bun to cheat my way out of the my-hair-looks-sticky-because-I-didn’t-bathe look just in case a random friendly neighbor dropped by to ask “Hey, aren’t you joining the National Day party downstairs?”

While I was wrapping up for the night, a huge fly flew through my open window and started to follow me all around the house. It kept buzzing around me and it was driving me nuts. I got so frustrated that I actually talked to it out loud, “Yeah! I get it, I need to bathe. Now, shoo!” But the dang fly still didn’t budge. Then suddenly, it disappeared. And I thought, “Finally!”

But strangely, I could still hear it buzzing, even louder than before. I checked behind me, in front of me, I even checked under my pits (don’t ask me why) but I still couldn’t find it. Until I stopped moving and felt something vibrating on my hair… Yes, the fly got caught in my big messy (and possibly stinky?) bun of unwashed hair! With my scalp flaking badly like snakeskin recently, I pity the poor bug. He’ll probably die of bug tuberculosis in a few hours.

It’s one of those moments when I ask myself, “Seriously, what are the chances…?” But I think it’s a bigger hint for me to just go and bathe immediately. Now, what am I doing blogging?

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  • Lynn

    Lol! I’ve ever had that messy bun “hairdo”,it got me mosquito instead 😀
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    • Vivi

      Haha! Your hair probably smells “sweet” then :)

  • xin

    LOL reminded me of my friend, who had mosquito trapped in his arm hair and died. hahahahaahah he is an indian and very hairy, mosquito tried to sting him but never came out alive
    xin recently blogged..Dior Jungle Collection for Fall – A Beautiful Crocodile Effect Top Coat

    • Vivi

      Lol! That seriously cracked me up!!! At least he’ll be safer from dengue!

  • Swati

    lolzzzz 😀 but, yes, sometimes I also get flies around my head if my hair is unwashed for more than two days!!!
    Swati recently blogged..Five Series: 5 tips on How to use Bath Oil?

    • Vivi

      Yeah, sometimes I’m really lazy to wash my hair. It’s quite long already and washing then drying and styling it really takes time. So sometimes, I just let it stink haha! :p

  • surille

    HAHAHAH!! This is definitely a first !! I probably would have the same thing happen if I actually did keep my windows opened. My hair is not long enough to do that high messy bun…and whenever I do wear a bun, I look like a mature librarian.

    • Vivi

      My hubby hates the high bun so I only do it when he’s not around (weird guy, lol). For some reason, I vaguely remember the same thing happening to me a couple of months ago.. Gawd, my hair probably really stinks! :S