Join my iHerb $75 Shopping Giveaway and Check out the amazing prizes from WD’s Contest! – CLOSED

Thank you! Yes, I am in a very jolly and grateful mood because of all the blessings coming my way lately. I’m most thankful because my good health is back after a major flu about two weeks ago. And what a better way to celebrate overflowing happy vibes than to share the blessings through a giveaway, right?

iHerb has a HUGE collection of interesting health and beauty products — from supplements and healthy munchies to shampoos and lipsticks! I’m sure the lucky winner of the US$50 (or $75– read below) will fill up quite a big goody box.

Joining is simple!

All you have to do is to leave a comment below and say something random about yourself — where you’re from, what’s your favorite color, how you discovered my blog, where you hid the cookie jar (Where?!)… you get it. That’s because I want to learn more about you! You get 1 shiny point and you’re automatically entered into the giveaway to win an iHerb $50 shopping voucher. This giveaway is international. There are 2 more ways to earn bonus points so please keep reading.

Want additional 1 point and $25 prize?

If you’re from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Australia or New Zealand you can get an additional 1 point and $25 prize simply by participating in Western Digital’s Paint the Mural FREE-to-Play Contest (It’s fun painting the pixels!). So if you get picked as the lucky winner in my blog giveaway, you will get an additional $25 on top of the $50 prize. That’s $75 worth of splendid shopping! To join, simply visit WD’s contest website or click on the poster below:

REMINDER: don’t forget to leave another comment below stating the username you used on WD’s contest so I can count your entries in. Use the same e-mail you’ll be using to comment below in your WD contest registration so I can request WD to verify your entries. Unfortunately, entries that can’t be verified will not be counted.

Want an additional 1 BONUS point?

Just head on over to Eco Beauty Secret’s Facebook page and share or like the link to this contest. Don’t forget to tell me your FB name in your comment below so I can count your entry in. Share the love!

Contest runs from June 22 10AM (SST) to August 5, 2012 5PM (SST). Winner will be chosen by The prize $50 – $75 includes only the shopping voucher. But since I’m feeling extra happy, I’ll shoulder the shipping fee, too! Goodluck!

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  • Bonnie

    What a wonderful giveaway! I discovered your blog as I was researching iHerb and thinking of placing my first order. Glad I stumbled upon your page :)

    • Vivi

      That is so coincidental! Next time I think of shopping at iherb, I’ll better google first for giveaways, too *wink*

  • suha

    Hello. I am from Maldives. And I love drawing things . Oh and I found your blog through yahoo answers. 😀 <3

    • Vivi

      Wow, what were you looking for at Yahoo Answers? Wonder how my blog link got in there, lol.

  • Amanda

    Love skyping with my bf!!!!

    • Vivi

      Whenever I’m overseas, I love skyping with mine, too!

  • Marie

    Great giveaway!! I really enjoy your blog. I love DIY recipes and drawing :)

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Marie. :) I love drawing, too. It’s part my job although I’m not very good at it, haha.

      Hope you’ll be able to find more DIY recipes here which you’ll like!

  • jody(:

    Amazing giveaway!! I’m Jody and I love cookies and lattes. :3

    • Vivi

      Hi Jody with a smiley! Thanks. I love cookies and fake lattes (not a coffee drinker here :p)

  • Rafizah

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m Rafizah and I love macarons and Johnny Depp 😛

    • Vivi

      Hi Rafiza. OMG! I love macarons and Johnny Depp, too! Last time I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, I brought macarons to the cinema!

  • Allison

    Thanks. Found you on the Beauty Blogs list. I am very interested in eco-friendly and cruelty-free products. Enjoyig your blog!

    • Vivi

      Hi Allison, welcome to my blog. I love iHerb, too. Sometimes, I can’t believe how huge their inventory is.

  • Allison

    I just liked your Facebook page. My FB name is Allison Rich. And iherb is a great site! I shop there all the time.

  • Arra Morta

    Hi dear,love to join this fun giveaway!

    I found your blog via google search:)I’m looking for something beauty related and voila your blog link appeared som I decided to check it out:)Well,I’m from Philippines…Hmm,I love the Starz sequel Spartacus,lol…I’m really addicted to it:)I love Dustin Clare who plats Gannicus there:)…As for beauty,I was hooked with mu sunscreen:)..I love nude lipstick:)…

    Liked your FB page as Arra Morta

    Thanks for this giveaway:)

    Arra M.

    • Vivi

      Hi Arra! My Hubby is addicted to Spartacus, lol. I tease him about it because it has lots of nudity (the uncensored version). But yes, he eventually got me hook on it, too. And moving on to another ‘nudity’, I do love nude lipsticks, too. but for some reason, they just don’t look good on me. :(

  • Pixie

    Stumbled across your blog when i was searching for diy vitamin c serum. Love the indepth explanation and reviews. Thanks.

  • Evelyn

    I’m a sucker for any kind of ice-blended coffee!! :)