Share: Silly Tell-Tale Signs Your Period is Coming Very, Very Soon

Most women go through cramps, mood swings and migraines as that formidable time of the month approaches. But these are common PMS symptoms. Seriously, what’s new? Every month, I greet this essential part and parcel of womanhood like an old enemy. Now, instead of focusing on how my uterus lining sheds and all the bloody (pun intended) “same old same old” details, I thought of zooming in on the little, sometimes funny details that make my cycle even more similar or probably entirely unique compared to other women.

1. I open my wardrobe, sit in front of it and stare blankly into my clothes. After wasting my time doing nothing for about 10 minutes, I start trying on one clothing after another and tossing them into a big pile of “rejects”. This will probably last for at least half an hour until I finally realize all I wanted to wear all along was a plain t-shirt. And that I’m extremely late for work.

2. I become guilty of Misandry [n. hatred for men]. My patience with guys, especially those very close to me like my brother or Hubby, drops to 2.3%.

3. I cry myself to sleep, thinking how “tragic” my life is… After 3 days, when I’m finally off the PMS blues, I’ll realize that the only thing tragic about my life is the fact that I cry profusely over nothing at least once a month.

4. A couple of my body parts that come in pairs seem to bulge a bit. How I wished only my front tires were getting pumped up. Unfortunately, my back bumpers and thighs seem to increase in size once a month, too. Or… these could all be part of my imagination which also seems to go wild during PMS season.

5. I will swing, slide and flip from the peak of beauty to the pit of ugliness. My skin and eyes would look their best (or at least close to it) for about 10 hours before everything plunges into a catastrophic dive.

Those are just five of the silly things I do or experience during PMS — unless you count binging on chocolates and sweets which I’m actually doing right now. I’ve got an entire packet of jelly worms and M&Ms right beside me and I’m in no mood to share them. Yes, this is PMS.

I’d love to hear your unique PMS stories and bits, too! So don’t forget to share them below, yeah?

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  • Apurva

    Oh my god….I never realised that these silly signs can also be reasons for my periods approaching.Your 2nd point……hatred for men…errr it does happen with me….and I did fight like hell with my boyfriend >.<
    And your 3rd point…crying to bed…gosh I just did that last night……Really amazing observation girl :D

    <3 <3 <3 Now i'l know even sooner :D
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    • Vivi

      Haha, those are mostly just what happens to me — not necessarily to everyone. Each of us have different “symptoms”, haha. For example, most of the time I don’t get cramps but I become extremely moody and my patience with men close to me are really tested to the brim, lol. Hubby is a usual casualty. >:-)

  • Anu

    LOL! LOL !
    I am kinda similar in many areas, including patience with men and I feel disgusting looking at the TV if some crazy couple is even kissing…..I mean, how could they do that every 4 minutes and say gud morn, bye bye, hello, luv u etc, whats so kissable abt it ??? : l

    another one of mine is that I’m bitching (pardon the tongue) about every little thing that doesn’t please me, like the grocery store running out of my favorite yogurt flavor

    then i desperately try to fit into my skinny jeans when I am well aware of about 10 liters of water weight I am floating in just a couple of days before and then crib about not fitting in them

    Just to list a few…. :) aah the joy of womanhood….
    Anu recently blogged..Giveaway Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Slippers, Ends Apr.30

    • Vivi

      I experienced the same thing with skinny jeans just last month! I bought super skinny jeans and they fitted me perfectly when I got them. But when I was trying them on again about 2 days before my period, it looked weird on me. My thighs looked like they were about to burst, haha. After my p, I tried them on again and they were back to normal. :) The “joys” of womanhood indeed.

  • Chui Shia

    LOL!!! My symptoms are always cramps that starts a week before the D-day and cravings!! Cravings for spicy food, for carbs, for sweet dessers…like you wouldn’t believe!

    One thing I’ve noticed though…ever since I started drinking a collagen drink, I’ve stopped bloating before my period. Yay!

    • Vivi

      I crave for lotsa sweets before my period and I can’t control myself. I would suddenly have massive cravings and would march to the kitchen and get myself 3 bars of whatever chocolate I can find and grab. It’s really the hormones, they drive us crazy! -_-

      I stopped taking Collagen last year but I might reconsider. I’ve already jumped over the mid 20′s line so I think I really need it now.

  • Swati

    that was nice….I only feel my patience level drops not only to opposite sex but to mankind on the whole :D I shall start observing this time but yes, crying over nothign is something I can relate to but I never knew it happens before periods!!!
    Swati recently blogged..Beauty Formulas Heat & Cleanse Clay Mask {Product Review}

    • Vivi

      Haha, Swati! That’s really funny when you said “mankind”. When I was younger, I was like that, too. But as I grew older, my bad temper during PMS focused more on guys.

      The symptoms I mentioned above are just some of those that I experience during PMS and I wanted to share them just to know whether other girls go through them too. :)

  • Cassie

    Mine is definitely number 2! And also increase in tenderness and size in mammaries XD, which I never ever complain about. HEH HEH.
    Cassie recently blogged..Tips for starting on eating healthy

    • Vivi

      Oh, the perkier mammaries are probably the only thing I love about PMS! In fact, it makes me “smile” seeing them like that for 3 days before they start deflating again. LOL, I’m sounding like I’m being a perv to myself!

      • lemon

        Hahahahah! That’s not fair! I don’t get the increased mammaries. Well..maybe they do swell up, but I can’t tell since they’re so tiny to begin with.

        • Vivi

          Well, mine are tiny to begin with — so I appreciate even a couple of centimeter bonus even it’s just for 2-3 days :D

  • Bugs

    I’ve got a weird one, sometimes I will get diarrhea with twisting stomach out of a sudden, then after 2~3 days the culprit appears… haha

    And oh, juz love the bigger size moment…. but sadly they didn’t stayed that way for long.

    • Vivi

      Oh, I used to have that, too. It’s because I get a lot of air during PMS. Not sure whether it’s the same case for you?

      Yeah, too bad the swelling only last for 2-3 days. That’s the only time of the month my front looks “normal”.

  • Kristin

    I do a few of those things on your list all the time. Hmm. Like eating sugar, not being able to decide what to wear and my impatience for men. And I don’t think I’d mind if my A cup got just a little bigger for a few days of the month.

    Every month when my world seems like it’s ending (when I have PMS), I can never really seem to remember that it’s probably JUST PMS, and I’ll feel better in a few days. So every month I go thru the same gut wrenching depression and review every failure of my life. Then a few days later, poof, it’s all gone. Maybe my forgetfulness is a symptom of the PMS.

    • Vivi

      I was exactly like that until about half a year ago. I never seemed to remember that it was just PMS and no matter how much I told myself every month that I should be prepared for next month’s PMS, I was never prepared enough. I still always cried like the world’s most unloved person and relived all my life’s failures and frustrations one painful memory after another. I guess the hardest part was explaining to people around me that I had almost zero control over myself during PMS and that they should never take all the mean things I said seriously.

      Anyway, I browsed through your PMDD microsite and you’ve compiled a lot of really useful info in there! I especially agree with exercise — it’s one of the top 3 things which we probably hate to do the most during PMS but it’s one of the few natural methods that work in managing extreme PMS symptoms.

  • Kira

    OMG! I can relate to #3! A few days before my period I feel so depressed, like nobody loves or understands me, etc etc. It’s good to know everyone feels this way, too. Love this post, VIVI!
    Kira recently blogged..I am excited about…

    • Vivi

      I feel the same way, too– I feel like nobody loves me or remembers me and I become ultra sensitive about the tiniest things. I also feel easily jealous, hehe. Dangerous times for Hubby :D