My Skincare Routine (April 2012)

Before I share with you my skincare routine, let me give you a short intro on how my skin is like. I’ve got combination skin which is prone to dehydration, fine lines and hard, deep oil beads on the nose area. Last year, I suffered from a bad case of acne which left me with post-acne pigmentations and that’s what I’m trying to solve this year. Once in a while, I still experience some minor breakout on my T-Zone but it’s very manageable as long as don’t eat too much beef. My skincare routine varies on some days since I test some products for my blog but on most days, here’s how it goes. You can click on the product links to view my previous reviews :

I rarely swerve from my usual morning skincare routine. And that’s because I’m always rushing–who has the time to experiment when you’re bound to be 30 minutes late for work?

1. CLEANSE: I use half a dime-sized amount of GoW Jen’s Green Tea Shea Cleanser to wash any excess oil accumulated overnight.

2. REPAIR: While my skin is still moist, I apply Garden of Wisdom’s Pomegranate Anti-Aging Serum. Then I’ll usually go about the rest of my morning routine like dressing up and applying body lotion before proceeding to the next steps of my skincare routine.

3. TREAT: Talika Light Duo (Whitening Light). When I’m rushing, I usually just treat my dark circles or skip this step altogether.

4. EYE CARE: I’ll do one light spritz of Botani Soothing Facial Mist on both eyes just to hydrate and prepare the skin. Then I apply Skin Apotheke Rejuvenating Eye Creme and do some eye massage if I have enough time. Otherwise, I just do 2-3 rounds of finger-tapping massage around my eye area to help my skin absorb the cream.

5. HYDRATE: I spray 4-5 pumps of Botani Soothing Facial Mist all over my face and neck and…

6. REPLENISH: …hurriedly spread about a drop of Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Oil on my face and 2-3 drops on my neck and decollete areas. I wipe the excess oil on my shoulders.

7. PROTECT: On most days, I use MVO Moisturizing Face Screen in Light Tint. This is another Holy Grail item for me.

Although I still have a semi-regular routine at night, this is where my product choices become a tad complicated. I usually rotate my serums based on what my skin needs and I’ll explain that on my “Special Care” later.

1. CLEANSE: I use about a dime-size of GoW Jen’s Green Tea Shea Cleanser to remove any remaining sunscreen and dirt on my face.

2. TREAT: I do the full treatment of Talika Light Duo, both the Green Light (Whitening Light) and Red Light(Anti-Aging). I can’t do this often since I’m usually too tired at night.

3. REPAIR: Before applying any of my serums, I lightly mist my face with Botani Soothing Facial Mist. My current regular night serums are MVO Lightening Serum or GoW Chock-full of Vitamins Serum. I alternate the two although I use GoW on most days. About 4 times a week, I mix my serums with MVO Skin Lightening Supplement or plain Vit C powder (superb!).

4. EYE CARE: I use Skin Apotheke Rejuvenating Eye Creme again.

5. HYDRATE: I spread a dollop of Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel on my face and my neck.

6. REPLENISH: While the gel is still watery, I apply MVO Anti-Aging Oil on my face and my neck.

7. LIP CARE: I can’t go without lip balms at night. Currently, I’m pretty happy with Mukti Macadamia and Honey Lip Balm which I mentioned in my 2012 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves.

I think one of the most important rules in perfecting our skincare routine is to know how to read and listen to our skin. It’s not just about “routines” and perfect schedules. Sometimes, our skin has special needs and when you’ve observed your skin long enough to know how it reacts to changes in weather, your level of stress and your monthly cycle, it becomes easier for you to know what your skin craves for at any given time.

As mentioned above, my morning skincare routine rarely changes. But about 3x a week or when I feel my skin is experiencing some congestion, I apply GoW Some Kind of Wonderful Detox on the problem areas, usually my T-zone.

About once a week to every two weeks, I exfoliate manually using Cure Aqua Gel.

Whenever possible, I apply a DIY facial mask based on what I feel my skin needs. I would usually do the simple Rhassoul Clay + Honey mask or just overdose my skin with Vit C powder.

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  • Swati

    wow…good routine if followed properly!!! I am generally so tired at nights that I do nothing more than applying a facial oil and in the morning, I am always in hurry so nothing more than a sunscreen which I am making more of a habit now!!!

    • Vivi

      I never leave the house without sunscreen on. If I do, that means I’m extremely desperate as I’m probably terribly late for an important meeting. At night, although I’m tired, I try to do my full routine. :)

  • nami

    thank you so much for doing this on my request…loving it

    • Vivi

      No worries. Glad you liked it :)

  • sesame

    Your Talika thingy looks interesting. 😉

    And your post reminds me…maybe I should update my skincare routine. Has changed quite a bit since last although MVO Moisturizing Face Screen is still my HG product.
    sesame recently blogged..DIY Beauty: fix your cracked heels with rice vinegar

    • Vivi

      Lol, I suddenly remembered that we’re both into beauty gadgets. Yes, it’s interesting — but still testing it ’cause I really wanna be very sure on what to say during my review since it’s a bit pricey.

      I would love to know your current skincare routine! <3

  • Amanda

    I thought I was crazy to apply cream plus oil in the winter when my skin felt dry, but after seeing your routine, I think we are more or less on the same boat :)

    Never tried using serum before mist. What’s the difference when you switch?
    Amanda recently blogged..Review: Elysambre Lip Gloss

    • Vivi

      I don’t think that’s crazy! If you’re skin needs it, then it’s alright to apply both oil and moisturizer.

      I apply my serums while my face is still moist from washing it. Sometimes, when my skin is extra dry, I still mist before serum. It really depends on how my skin is like on a particular day/season :)

  • Lynn

    Does that talika duo light work?Especially for dark eye circles?I’ve seen alot of beauty tools like that one(one that said could help with our skin problem),but by far haven’t made me that sure about its effectiveness.. :S
    Lynn recently blogged..Planetwise Wetbag and A Know How About Cloth Menspads

    • Vivi

      I think it works to some extent. But I’m not sure whether it’s dramatic enough to rave about it. My Hubby said my dark circles lightened but it could also be because I was sleeping well during that time. Now, I don’t use the Talika anymore and I don’t sleep well and enough either so it’s hard to tell, lol.
      Vivi recently blogged..My Beautiful Mother, I Remember You When I’m Feeling Ugly

      • Lynn

        I see..tempted to try it rather than clarisonic one(pricey for”just”a brush)for me.Here we have this beauty gadget that can only be purchased at tv media–home shopping.Basically it’s like the tool that is used on beauty clinics,just smaller version.It can lift shagging skin and dark eye circles also.I want to buy it,waiting for end year sale,LOL!:D If this talika is better than that one,I’ll give this one a try:)
        Lynn recently blogged..Planetwise Wetbag and A Know How About Cloth Menspads

        • Lynn

          Eh,I forgot to ask you about panasonic ion gadget. Can you tell me more about its nano particle stuffs?Since nano particles in cosmetic isn’t a good thing(i mean cosmetic ingredients with nano particles in it)..Does that gadget work for you as well?
          Lynn recently blogged..Planetwise Wetbag and A Know How About Cloth Menspads

          • Vivi

            Oh yeah! I’ve got tons to review on my list… haha, I think it’s quite obvious that I am lazy in reviewing products.

            Personally, I think the Talika is “just okay”. Not a miracle cure for dark circles, definitely, ’cause I still have dark circles. But according to Hubby, it’s effective so we have different opinions. On the other hand, I think that it’s more of good sleep that caused my dark circles to turn lighter but he said it was due to the Talika. He uses it, too, by the way. Yeah, my Hubby is vain like me :p But at this point, I really think that Talika is not something to get too excited about.

            Regarding the panasonic ionizer (“Nanoe”) — my quick review is that it seems to be showing more good results on my hair than on the skin. I don’t see much change in my skin but probably, it’s because it’s providing more of a protection than a cure. I place it on my work desk because I use the computer ALL the time. Computer screens emit positive ions which are bad and the Panasonic Ionizer emits negative Ions which are good for the hair and skin.

            Why are nano particles in cosmetics not recommended like the ions produced by ionizer? Because negative ions are not chemicals that are absorbed into the blood stream. They are like ‘electrical charges’. But positive ions are bad because they cause oxidation (aging). On the other hand, negative ions have a very close structure to oxygen atoms. In a nutshell, negative ions seem to help cells function better. It’s a bit scientific so I’m trying to explain it in a simple way without sounding too boring, lol.
            Hope I answered your questions. :)
            Vivi recently blogged..My Beautiful Mother, I Remember You When I’m Feeling Ugly

  • Anna Banana

    Hi vivi,

    Sorry to revive a topic that has been laid to rest a half year ago:p

    Just went out & bought myself the talika light duo. Am into day2 of testing. Some questions bugging me:

    Is it regular/normal to see the anti-aging amber light flashing away when charging? Also i expected the charge to last a few days before a recharge is required. But guess what, the next day the anti-aging light flashed non-stop which I took as a sign that a recharge was required. True enough, the little red light at the side came on when when I initiated charging. How long did a single charge last for you? Did i just bought a lemon?:(

    • Vivi

      Hi Anna, I’m sorry for the late reply–was sooo busy. :(

      I hope you’ve already returned your Talika Duo because that’s definitely spoiled. Yes, the battery doesn’t last that long but it also shouldn’t last that short. And definitely, unless you’re using the anti-aging (orange) light, it shouldn’t be blinking while charging.

  • Anna Banana

    Unfortunately not… Didn’t want to over-react although my alarm bells were going off with all the flashing during charging.

    Wished I’d checked back in here earlier:(. Looks like I will have to bring the unit back to Sephora ASAP *boohoo*. Btw, how do you know a recharge is require? Does the display light flash amber? So far I have only seen it in red and green. Thanks in advance again:)

    • Vivi

      Yes, the power light will start to flash red when the battery is about to run out. But I usually charge mine once it totally switches off or just before it does to maximize battery life. I’ve had my Talika Duo for quite some time now so I sort of know just when it’s about to get exhausted :p

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