Mood Swings and Hair Cuts and Why They Might be a Tragic Pair

When it comes to mood swings, I’m probably just a few tantrums behind my obsessive compulsive old cat. I get easily bored or feel hyper-actively awesome and it becomes particularly bad whenever it’s that time of the month. My mood swings led me to discover more things about myself, though. Apparently, aside from being an emotional see-saw sometimes, I also tend to see my hair like a stress ball.

Just a couple of days ago, I had a Skype video call with an old friend and she greeted me with new bright pink highlights on her newly permed hair. But before I even got to ask her about the major hair makeover, she broke the bad news — her five year relationship had just ended a month ago. And the hair? It’s to mark a major milestone in her life.

On my older post “Does Your Hair Stylist Listen To You?” I expressed how appreciative I am of my stylist who’s been quite a hard nut to crack when it comes to my impulsive haircut requests. Because just like my friend, I have a huge tendency to turn to my hair whenever I’m really stumped about something. When I was in high school, I even thought of shaving my head! Thank heavens I didn’t because I’ve got an oddly shaped head.

Age has definitely subdued me, though. Yes, I still turn to my hair sometimes especially when I’m bored but I now go for simple trimming instead of major makeovers that would probably score a 15/100 satisfaction rate once I’m sober.

Now, enough about me, my hyper mood swings and hair catastrophes.

Do you feel like turning to your hair whenever you’re bored with life, depressed, heart-broken? Or when you’ve achieved something so monumental you want to celebrate it with a new do? Share your stories below and let’s laugh at ourselves together!

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  • Swati

    I have never turned my impulsiveness to my hair :) but, yes a new hair cut always helps when you are stressed out!!!

    • Vivi

      Haha, I’ve always been quite impulsive in my makeover decisions. But it’s a good think I sort of outgrown it a bit.

  • sesame

    I used to I think and I threw a tantrum and boycotted my hairstylist when he couldn’t give me instant gratification. And remotely like 2 years or more ago, the thought of killing my blog took over the impulse to change hairdo. Haha…

    • Vivi

      LOL! Funny boycotting the hairstylist — it feels so political!

      I’m glad you didn’t kill your blog! I only discovered it around 3 years ago and if you killed it then, I would have spent the last 2 years finding another blog like yours.

  • betchy

    just like most “normally functioning” women hereabout, when going through certain abnormal phases whether or not hormone-related, I also fell victim to indiscriminate hair-cutting spree, more especially pronounced when I was younger. At 48yrs old now, and just recently, I had my butt-length hair cut to about 4 inches. This was just all because of the marathon hairstyling tutorials on that I have watched the day before which all featured alluring great styles for medium length hair.. Couple that up with my melancholy state of mind, thinking what am I still maintaining a very long hair for?? My beloved late husband, who admired my long tresses like no other is no longer around to appreciate it. In a nutshell, I indeed had it cut..felt good about it..also cut down on combing and styling time let alone shampoo and conditioner consumption..However, my gratification was as fleeting as my mood because no sooner thereafter, I ruefully regret my nth bout with hair indiscretion. I realized how uniquely I stood out from the rest of most women (my age) whose hair length is just about the length of my hair now, after the 4 inches cut. To put it bluntly,,I felt like not only did I lose the “sui generis” essence of hair length I used to have, I also overlooked the painstaking months just to grow my hair to an inch vis-a-vis the drastic 4 inches cut that took no less than a minute. Oh well, surely I can’t cry over spilled milk. Verily, where hair lessons are concerned, us, women have a hard time learning.

    • Vivi

      Hi Betchy, just think of it this way — your hair will still grow back. It’s not going to be a permanent change. :)

      You are very lucky that at 48 years old, you are still able to grow your hair that long. A lot of women that age who I know of personally are too busy trying to cover their grays to worry about the hassle of shampooing and combing mermaid-long hair! 😀
      Vivi recently blogged..Mood Swings and Hair Cuts and Why They Might be a Tragic Pair

  • Kourtney L.

    This post rings true for me. In my earlier years if I had a break up I would cut off my hair as symbolism for letting go. Now it’s a bit different. I am have been growing out my hair so I can donate it, but also because I want a change. I have really long blonde hair and I want to go against what is the typical pretty look. So I am cutting it short soon, for a change. Maybe now I cut it to let go of old ideals?

    • Vivi

      To me, we set our aesthetic ideals. If we think that having long blonde (or jet black here across the world) is the standard pretty look, then it becomes true in our case. But somewhere out there, there might be another person who thinks that having pixie blonde hair is the real measure of beauty. In the end, essentially, I think it still boils down to whatever would make you happy and not what ideals lie out there that needs to be either preserved or broken. :)

  • Cassie

    I did that once! I was living in Australia at that time, and I was homesick and just bored and sick of the way things were going in my life and I turned to the hair salon. I ended up getting a new dye job that my friends love but I didn’t like it at all. I was expecting it to do something to my mood, like give me a boost or make me feel like a better and changed person or something, but it didn’t. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything wild or drastic looking. hehe.

    • Vivi

      Ah, I perfectly understand what you mean about being homesick. Happened to me so many times– cutting my hair due to missing my loved ones or family. I always thought, “Well, better to cut my hair than cut my wrist or something” Haha. It’s actually an inside joke ’cause there was a point in my life (AGES ago) that I was a bit suicidal due to depression problems. But I’ve outgrown it, and it seems I’m starting to outgrow my hair harakiri tendencies, as well. :p

  • xin

    i am never impulsive when it comes to my hair for the fear of looking worse than ever >< u know how some girls look good in every hair style? i envy them :(
    xin recently blogged..WIN! Guess the Color and Win yourself a Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick!

    • Vivi

      I envy girls who can take really short and hair and still look “womanly”. :S

      Hey, I need to e-mail you to get your address.

  • Lynn

    Just moved to a new house,then I cut my hair too.New look,new house,hopefully new(and lots of)luck :)
    And yes,..bad hair = bad mood -__-
    Lynn recently blogged..Balm Balm Muslin Cloths(and the oil that I love..)

    • Vivi

      Haha! Love the part about “new luck”! If I had new luck for each time I cut my hair in the past, I’ll probably be a millionaire now, haha!

  • The Everything Soap Blog

    I get in moods where I completely change my hair too. I’m always switching up styles, cuts, color – it’s the quickest and easiest thing to change when you’ve just had it.

    • Vivi

      True! It’s the easiest way to “let go” or feel “new”. But most of the time, the effect doesn’t last for me, haha.