DIY Honey Lip Mask for Luscious, Kissable Lips

Do you dream of giving your hot date a lasting sweet impression of your first kiss together? Or do you simply just want to give your dry lips a luxuriously sweet treat? Whatever your reasons are to wanting soft and kissable lips–even if it’s wanting to secretly do the Jolie pout in front of your bathroom mirror– why not try this simple homemade honey lip mask trick by the celebrated Japanese beauty expert, Chizu Saeki?

Why Honey?
Honey is a perfect natural treatment for dry, chapped lips because it doesn’t just moisturizer, it heals, as well. Be careful with using raw honey, though, as they can cause irritation for some people. Currently, aside from using a lip balm nightly with honey as one of the main ingredients, I’ve also been giving my lips an easy to do honey mask treatment whenever possible. I’m actually doing it now as I type this post!

How to Do the Lip Mask

This doesn’t have anything to do with how effective the lip mask would turn out to be — but I suggest that you brush your teeth first before doing this mask so you won’t just have lucious lips, you’ll have fresh breath, too!

You Will Need:

  • Honey
  • A small spatula/ spoon
  • Close wraps or any thin, stretchy plastic material


1) Make sure to wash your lips (and brush your teeth!) so you don’t mix any part of your last meal with your lip mask.

2) Using the spatula or back of a spoon, apply a generous amount of honey on your lips.

3) Prepare a piece of close wrap that’s big enough to cover your lips then carefully place it on your puckers. The plastic will help seal in all the goodness of the honey.

4) Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, remove the plastic and wipe the extra honey from your lips.

5) Unless it really makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to rinse your lips with water. The remaining honey on your lips will feel like a light layer of lip balm.

6) Apply your regular lip balm to seal in all the goodness. Tadaa! You now have super soft and literally sweet-tasting lips!

Aren’t you Licking your Lips Yet?
Even if you don’t have a romantic date kiss to prepare for, you can try doing this lip mask just for fun. Then please come back and share with us how this honey trick works out for you…or  you can also share us your honeylicious kiss story!

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  • lemon

    The close wrap is an excellent idea. Prevents one from licking the honey off like I always do. I think I’ll try tonight since I have a bit of stubborn dry flakes that won’t come off even with a sugar scrub. Thanks! Does it matter whether you apply on dry or moistened lips? Now I just have to find someone to kiss..heheh.

    • Vivi

      I’ve got another idea for the close wrap :) I’ll try using it as a body wrap one of these days.

      I think it will absorb better if your lips are dried properly because honey on it’s own already tends to be runny.

      Haha, anyone but the cat, ok!? :p

  • nami

    nice post but der’s a problem i dont trust the honey brands available in my country and if they are not pure they wont do anything for my lips..shold i try manuka honey

    • Vivi

      Hi Nami, just try to avoid raw honey as sometimes, they aren’t properly prepared or tend to trigger allergies for some. I think normal grocery honey would actually be just ok. Not fantastic but fine.

      Manuka honey has more healing properties so if you’re suffering from really dry lips that sometimes bleeds, then it might be better. Unfortunately, it can be really expensive but the good thing is you can use it for all sorts of things. I take Manuka honey whenever I’m sick and I apply it on my healing pimples to make them heal faster.

  • angel charm

    great idea to wrap your lips, this way it will lock the moisture in, i would surely try this, thanks for a nice tip

    • Vivi

      Hope you enjoy the experience! :) The honey tends to be a bit runny after a while so I think the wrap is a must to prevent the honey from dripping.

  • cristina tacaciu

    I will soon try out this mask.I also use a honey scrub for my lips, i mix some brown sugar with some honey and I VERY GENTLY scrub the mix on my lips for a minute or two, then wash it off.It leaves my lips plump,soft and sweet , ready for my favourite lip balm.You should try it too;)

    • Vivi

      Sugar-honey scrubs are very good for the lips, too. Have you tried adding a bit of olive oil? I actually have a chocolate-honey-sugar scrub I bought from an online store about a month ago and I haven’t used it. I’ll definitely try it one of these days! Thanks :)

  • xin

    ah using the cling wrap is such a brilliant idea! i have tried honey mask for lips too but its was annoying that the honey kept dripping down :(

    thanks for the idea!
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    • Vivi

      I had the same problem, too. And because I could open my mouth without a cling wrap on it, I kept licking the honey, lol, and always ended up with drier lips. 😐

  • Cassie

    Pretty lips!! Anyway, i actually bought some food ingredients, planning on using them as face masks before (honey included), but could never use them on my face because they are too yummy and i end up eating those ingredients instead. :(

    • Vivi

      Thanks, Cassie. :) You can actually make nice desserts and set aside a bit for your face mask. One of my fav edible masks is the avocado + soy milk + almonds. I love avocados in my tummy and on my skin 😀
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  • Swati

    I love scrubbing my lips with baking soda….it immediatley plumps up my lips!!! honey is also amazing but never tried this :)
    and, Vivi, do let me know your thoughts on my today’s post:
    Swati recently blogged..Do layers of sunscreens help? {Skin Care}

    • Vivi

      Hi Swati, I already dropped a comment. I’m not certified expert but I hope my comment helped clear somethings out. ^_^ I haven’t tried baking soda on my lips, just on my hair and face and I kinda liked it.

  • Andreya

    So I’m totally trying this right now and I’m using plastic wrap but its not staying… so I tied a bandana around to secure it.. I look like a ghetto gang banger.. Doesn’t help that my parents are totally making fun of how I look…This better be worth it..

    • Vivi

      Andreya, your comment made me flip laughing! Oh no, I hope it was worth it. Let me know — i’ll be willing to take all the blame for you looking like a ghetto gangstah if the honey lip mask did nothing! 😀

  • Ein

    How long it take to make your lip really red like that?

    • Vivi

      Hi Ein, my lips are naturally red when I’m healthy. But most of the time, they are pale.