5 Simple Tips to Help you Get Started on Being an Eco Beauty!

A lot of green beauty activists might stuff me into a Venus fly trap for saying this — but going green with your beauty routine is anything but easy if you’ve grown up using mostly non-natural based products easily found in your local drugstore. Even with lots of great resources out there to help kick-start your eco beauty plans, the whole idea can still be daunting. Where do you start? How do you start? Below, I share with you some tips that have personally helped me in slowly weeding out the “dirty bits” from my own beauty routine.

Go back to the very basics, to your post vanity virgin phase where you knew and cared nuts about beauty. Start with a very simple wash-tone-moisturize-protect routine.  Do away with complicated serums and day vs night creams. Start simple and work your way up as you become more comfortable with naturally formulated products.

If you follow Tip#1, your life won’t be so hard since you won’t have to analyze too many products right away. This is probably the most boring part of cleaning up your beauty routine. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it (although I can’t promise it won’t remain boring!). Some common ingredients to avoid are sulfates, propylene glycol, artificial colors, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA, PABA and parabens. As a start, you can check out Skin Deep to learn more about what’s in your beauty products.

If it’s not working for you, do you think it’ll work for somebody else you know? Why not give it away? If you can’t think of anybody to give it to,  find alternative uses for the product and improvise. Lip balms that don’t feel “comfortable” on your lips can be used to moisturize your cuticles or the dry areas between your toes. Unwanted shampoos can be used to clean makeup brushes. Also, think of ways on how you can re-use and recycle the packaging of your emptied products.

I know this is quite contrary to Tip #3, to the whole point of going green and not wasting resources. But chances are, if you’ve been keeping products in your closet for the longest time, you’ll never get to use them. Even the packaging will get so worn out after a while that you’ll probably feel too disgusted to re-use them. Get rid of the clutter so you’ll have a fresh perspective as you transition to more natural beauty products and routine.

There are lots of recipes out there to try and even though they might not work as fast as commercially prepared products, they are fun and great in getting you into the green groove. Once you discover the simple and natural ingredients in your kitchen that work for you, you’ll be excited to explore what else is out there. For a start, you can try this simple Lemon Peel facial steam recipe.

If being an Eco Beauty is something new to you, take advantage of the available resources on how to be beautiful naturally  out there (and right here!). Read green beauty blogs, magazines and books but, most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. Going green is not just about following a fad and devouring whatever the media (even bloggers like me) tell you about what going green should be. It’s a beautiful learning process. Take your time. Remember, you’ve always had that natural beauty in you and that’s already a good start!

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  • http://scatterbrainadventures.blogspot.com Rae

    Right now, I’m no longer THAT into aiming to use only all-natural or organic or biodegradable. I just find stuff that works. It keeps me from buying a lot leading to throwing out a lot. For now, that’s my way of being eco-friendly.

    If all of us do just number 1 on the list. That’s the most eco anyone can get.
    Rae recently blogged..The Katniss Everdeen Diet

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      At the end of the day, the most important thing is whether you’re comfortable with the products you’re using. And if you are, I can’t fault you for that. :)

  • nami

    you promised me that you will do a post on your skin care routine early this year..am still waiting:(

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Nami, I’m sorry for the delay. I actually even did a video showcasing all the products I use but if you’ve read my post “Quick Updates” (http://ecobeautysecrets.com/2012/03/quickie-update-giveaways-reviews-help/), I left my camera charger overseas and haven’t had it replaced. Because of that, I can’t take pictures of my products, can’t transfer the video and I don’t feel like using my phone camera ’cause it sucks. :( Anyway, I’ll see whether I can find a temporary camera and try to post it within the week.

  • http://nanaymiriam.wordpress.com Lanie

    now am quite sure that with at least 3 ingredients (aspirin, niacin and Vitamin C ==> probably even Vitamin E oil and coconut oil.. plus all the fruit and veggie pulp that my mother produces from her Gerson juicing.. I have enough for my eco beauty arsenal

    for example, last night, I took a tbsp of yogurt and added it on the fruit/veggie pulp (orange, carrot, apple and lettuce)…with the juice of calamansi…as my pre-cleanse.. took the orange pulp as my vitamin C serum.. and used Vit E oil as moisturizer..tonight am going to make myself an aspirin facial mask and lip scrub…
    Lanie recently blogged..The Gerson Triad (Aspirin, Niacin and Vitamin C)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      I didn’t experience much results with topical niacin application. But with Vit C, the results are fantastic! I’m quite sure fresh Vit C is the one thing I can never live without in my beauty routine. Vit C topped with Vit E can beat any expensive serum out there, IMO.

  • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/ Swati

    i don’t like throwing away products but yes, I do tend to reuse them and generally, use them for feet.
    Swati recently blogged..Tan lightening Face Pack {Reader’s Tip}

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Oh, yes. That’s a good idea ’cause usually, are feet are less sensitive. I also use my unwanted moisturizers on my feet/hands instead of throwing them away.

  • http://nanaymiriam.wordpress.com Lanie

    vivi, about the Vitamin C and E, I’ve only been using DIY vitamin C serum and diy vitamin E moisturiser for the last 2 weeks and i can see immediate results already (my pores seemed to be minimised and my blackheads/whiteheads almost gone now — without going for painful facial extractions or expensive (and probably toxic) diamond peel…

    i crushed 2 aspirins last night and mixed it 1 tsp of honey and a few drops of tea tree oil ==> and used it as an anti-acne facial mask.. not been using this for too long to notice a difference though (the pimples on my right cheek are still there this morning–well it says anti-acne facial mask (meaning prevention and not cure anyway..)
    Lanie recently blogged..DIY Epsom Salt lotion