Review: Venus and Mars Liquor in a Pump Lip and Cheek Stain

In order of preference, liquid cheek stains are always top of my blush list, cream blushes come only second. I’ve seen lots of naturally formulated cream blush before. I even recently reviewed Silk Naturals Cream Blush in Candy Apple. But I think I’ve only seen a naturally formulated liquid cheek stain once or twice. Venus and Mars Liquor in a Pump was one of them so discovering it got me so excited I felt like doing a somersault with my ponytails.

Ingredients Not Fully Listed
I doubt that the full list of ingredients was listed because the list didn’t even mention the dyes used. I’m also doubtful that this mostly oil-based product will mix smoothly with Aloe Vera without any emulsifier (ingredient used to combine water and oil). However, the V&M Liquor in a Pump comes in a perfectly held together light gel — this goes against everything I know about chemistry 101. Oil and water don’t mix on their own, right?

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, VCO, Almond Oil

Staying Power, Colors and Blending
Although I was extremely excited to try this product, I didn’t expect it to perform just as well as Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain which was my first love. And yes, it didn’t. I find that V&M Liquor in a Pump doesn’t absorb well and fast enough into the skin. I had to apply lots of it which makes blending quite messy. The trick is to spread it on the desired areas and leave it to settle for at least 10 counts before blending. If left longer, it’ll form a nasty map on your face. I got Luscious Tart (cool skin tone) and Cherry Crush (warm skin tone). Cherry crush looks more natural on my lips than on my cheeks. Luscious Tart, however, was just too dark for me–might as well punch and bruise myself.

Weird, weird Smell
I was able to overcome the blending and tinting hassles after a while. But what bothered me the most up to the very last time I used this product was the weird smell. It’s not difficult to imagine how a live Emu bird might smell like using this stain on my cheeks and lips, just inches away from my nostrils. Kidding aside, most likely, the weird smell might be due to the aloe vera.

Keep or Toss?
As of now, I don’t have plans of purchasing this again. I just can’t get over the weird smell and the colors don’t really match my skin too well. Since Venus and Mars is based in the Philippines, I had to settle for special shipping arrangements to Singapore. The V&M Liquor in a Pump Lip and Cheek Stain retails for around SGD$12 or PHP415. It’s not exactly cheap if you factor in the shipping fees which is around SGD$38 for the first 2 kilos!

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  • Kira

    Love the new blog layout, Vivi!

    I haven’t tried this V&M product, but then again I’m not a fan of lip and cheek stains at this point in my life. But I was a huge fan of TBS’s version while I was in college. Do you remember that it used to be a roll-on before it came with a wand applicator? :)

    • Vivi

      Hi Kira, thanks for the compliment. It’s not done yet but I hope it’ll turn out okay. :)

      Yeah, I do remember that! In fact, when they first switched to a wand applicator, the plastic tube bottle was of a different material. It was more matte and looked more “raw” (it had no label on it) compared to the current sleeker packaging.

  • lemon

    With my type of skin, I should go for liquid cheek stains, but the color choices are limited compared to powder. The pump is a good idea! Hahaha…yeah, I have to be careful with dark cool tone blushes too..they can look like deep bruises. Emu oil sounds like an odd choice…due to scent. Too bad this didn’t work out for you. Oh well..time to move on to the next product!! Heh. Nice review!
    I just bought some more lip products and blush samples from SN and Darling Girl Cosmetics. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore makeup until I run out, but it’s so hard when these companies release new seasonal and themed items.

    • Vivi

      It’s really unfortunate that the colors are so limited for cheek stains, right? I agree about the pump, as well. I think the wand tip applicator can be a host of germs in the long run.

      The odd scent, I suspect, was probably due to the aloe vera. I’ve heard a lot of people say that raw aloe vera has an unflattering smell. But because the main ingredient is emu oil, the smell makes me imagine live birds, lol.

  • Alexie

    I am not really into make up but then upon seeing your post I was entice with it’s color combining procedure. They really are cute and I expect that it will really lighten your dull yet pretty face despite the fact of having so much stress and bothersome in life.