Review: Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore (Part 2)

UPDATE: On March 13, 2012, I was invited by Beijing 101 to try their treatments again. If you want to read my experience, you can read my latest Beijing 101 Review.

In Part 2 of my Beijing 101 review, I hope to tackle the most frequently asked questions I received from readers & friends regarding my personal experience after going for a full-course anti-hairloss treatment at Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Singapore. This post will be quite long so if you need quick links, just click on your question below and you’ll be brought straight to my answers:

Was there Hard-selling?
From experience, I got offered products and new packages every week or two but the hard selling tactics depended on my therapist for that week. I’d only met two who didn’t push me into buying anything but it’s probably because they didn’t speak English well and my Mandarin has always been hopeless.

My worst experience was with a therapist who tried selling me a hair growth serum worth SGD$600. Since I had already spent over SGD$5400, I wasn’t keen to spend more considering I still had 11 sessions left. But she was pushing me for 30 minutes straight that I just said I’ll have to ask my fiancé about it to get out of there. She even asked me to call him on the phone right there and then! Anyway, when I came back the next week for my next session, she bugged me for my decision so I told her I won’t buy the serum since it’s really beyond my budget. She was being pushy again and when I firmly said, “No”, she retorted with something like “So your boyfriend isn’t willing to spend $600 for you, ah?” She must have repeated that statement about 3 times out loud in front of other customers and therapists. I almost exploded.

I had my first 3 treatment sessions in peace but after that, I began to receive offers every 1 to 2 weeks from products that cost SGD$500+ to package upgrades that cost around SGD$2200+. The selling always happened when they brought me to the consultation room to check the improvement of my scalp.

The Therapists & the Treatment
The treatment always started with a warm cup of tea to drink and a scalp mask, followed by a relaxing rinse and an even more relaxing head massage while applying the tonic. The treatments and massage can be pampering and heavenly–when you’re in good and experienced hands. The problem was, at least in my case, I couldn’t get the same therapist for each of my scheduled session so the experience varied greatly from good to really bad. I had about two therapists who were quite inexperienced that I could feel their nails digging into my head during the massage. And if you’re getting the regular treatments that include hair tonics and serums, don’t expect to leave the treatment having bouncy salon hair. Be prepared to bear greasy-looking hair as the tonic and serums usually need to stay on your scalp for at least 2 hours before you can wash them off.

How Were the Results?
I mentioned in Part 1 of my Beijing 101 review that my main problem was oily scalp and dandruff. On my second treatment, I noticed that my scalp became less oily and for about 2 days after each session, my flaking wasn’t so bad. My hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp improved very slightly but I needed to go for treatments weekly to maintain it. I didn’t experience any noticeable hair growth during the course of my 20 treatments–my therapist said that it’s because I needed to upgrade to do another 24 treatments which would have caused me an additional SGD$2250. The Beijing 101 anti-dandruff shampoo prescribed to me by my consultant even made my dandruff worse whenever I used it.

My Thoughts?
If your case is just due to oily scalp and dandruff, I think Beijing 101 Hair Consultants might help you manage it a bit although, based on my experience, bear in mind that it won’t come cheap and that you have to maintain it. For my mild hair loss case, I spent over SGD$5500 and they still kept telling me to upgrade. But if your case is severe or is mostly due to internal problems like lack of nutrition & minerals, hormonal imbalance or any underlying medical condition, I doubt Beijing 101’s approach will work as I don’t see anything significantly holistic about their treatments.

Will I Ever go Back?
No. I cannot justify the price with the minimal and temporary results I’ve experienced and my bad encounters with some of their pushy therapists are just traumatizing. Besides, now that I’m turning au naturel when it comes to my skincare and haircare routine, I don’t think I’ll be comfortable using Beijing 101 products which contain ingredients I avoid like sulphates and parabens.

You can read Part 1 of my Beijing 101 review which details my first consultation with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants.

Note: My review is based on my experience with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants almost 2 years ago.

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  • Alexandra

    Oh wow…what an experience. I feel your frustration when reading your post. Gosh, they are soooo pushy! Worst, their shampoo didn’t even helped u! These pushy sales tactics is a CLASSIC case ( and often seen ) in many facials salons and even in your case. Already spent a BOMB and now asking to spend another bomb again.

    On another note, a few mths back, I went for a dandruff treatment at my usual salon, cost me abt RM 80 per session. I went back for another treatment and honestly, my dandruff is gone. They didn’t push me to come back again for another treatment nor ask me to buy their products.:) Think going for treatments at these salons are better than specialized hair consultants.

    • Vivi

      Yes, I think the stress of having to go through hard-selling every 2 weeks also prevented my hair from growing back, lol.

      Right now, I’m scared to try my luck at any salon ’cause I’m afraid they’ll push me to purchase packages. Although I’m very happy with my hair stylist right now, I don’t think the salon he’s working at specializes in scalp problems. :(

    • Jian

      Hi Alexandra.may I know which salon in Msia u go fr d dandruff treatment ? Cus I gt same prob too…

  • Wesley

    Hey, i just happen to google my problem and i follow your post, i just about to go for the Beijing 101 consultant on Bugis Village today, luckily i haven’t since i just work here, and i don’t have that much of saving for those treatment, so =/ by any how, do you think i should go for yun nan? since my hair problem getting worst and bald on top and spreading

    • Vivi

      Hi Wesley, glad that you found my review helpful. I haven’t tried Yun Nam but the reviews I’ve read online don’t seem positive, either. I assume that their approach will be the same as Beijing 101. Have you thought about consulting a dermatologist?

      • Wesley

        =) i haven’t cause i donno where, i’m not a singaporean you mind telling me where got one? i’m on Bedok Area

        • Vivi

          Hi Wesley, sorry but I’m not familiar with Bedok area. National Skin Center might be a good place to start looking if you don’t want to go to hair care centers.

          • Wesley

            =) Any other way, =/ i really hope it can decrease hair fall cause .. i’m just 24 and it all happen so sudden, i try to not stress but i cant when i saw my hair fall on table

            • Vivi

              I was also 23-24 when I started losing hair. :( I guess it’s the Singapore water ’cause I don’t experience the same amount of hair loss whenever I’m overseas. Anyway, I will be giving Beijing 101 a try next week since they sincerely apologized for my bad experience last time. Hope it turns out well this time.

              • Wesley

                i will look forward for it, i agree with you, cause back at Malaysia i never have experience that, until i came here and it start to get serious.. i try to avoid drinking any filter water =/

              • http://gmail paulyn koh

                my wife have tried 3 sessions 101 ,she give up she went to the doctor .the doctor all this bullshit.the end of the day grow nothing.not even grass ,they attack our week point,what they is money.

  • xin

    I think we have similar probs, in fact i am beginning to think that those who went thru 101/yun nam, all had the same prob – oily scalp, congested hair follicles hence slowing hair growth, etc.

    i was almost tempted to sign up the package, but thankfully i did not because the consultant was my friend, so she wasn’t really forceful about it. THANK GOODNESS!

    • Vivi

      A big factor is definitely the weather in SG and Malaysia. Whenever I stayed in colder countries, I never experienced severely oily scalp. Oh, but was your friend convinced they could deliver the promised results?

  • domour

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing your experience Vivi. It’s really outrageous how they reel you in with celebrity posters and endorsements, close the deal with sweet promises and polite smiles, only to serve you such hideous attitude when you refuse to dish out more money atop their already obscenely expensive initial charges!

    • Vivi

      I’m not sure if it’s the entire establishment ’cause I only tried the Simei branch, which I discovered had already closed down. My experiences were also from 2 years ago so am not sure whether there have been any changes. I hope the other branches offer better services and have better therapists.

  • sesame

    I’m so glad I made the right decision to ignore their emails requesting for advertising on my blog. Geez…no way I want to promote companies that hardsell so desperately.

    • Vivi

      Beijing 101 actually read my review and are very apologetic about what happened to me 2 years ago. The branch I went to was Simei which I discovered had closed down months ago. They are offering me a chance to try their services at random to see the improvements in their services. I’m crossing my fingers that this time, I’ll have a much better experience.

  • Lizhenni

    I just signed with yun nam by installement. Will I get into trouble if I stop the installement from the bank? Can any one assist me? Many thanks.

    • Vivi

      Hi Lizhenni, I’m not really sure so I guess it’s best if you check with the bank and try to remember any contract you signed up with Yun Nam.

  • Sal

    Hi, my name is Sal, I want to tell my experience about my treatment in Beijing 101. I came to Beijing 101 because I was having hair loss problem and saw the advertisement on Serangoon NEX mall. The staffs are always friendly (because they want your money) and at the first appointment, my hair consultant told me that my hair was really oily, so it blocked the hair root which made my scalp unable to produce new hair. She scanned my hair and I decided to sign $4388 package (has 10 hair masks, 12 hair tonics and 2 shampoos)! believe me, until now, I really regretted that I paid so much just for those things! I really pissed that $4388 results for nothing! Not only that, every time I came there for hair treatment (which usually the staff will put mask on your hair, wash it and give tonics), the staff always FORCE me to buy more and more packages!!! Normally, great salesmen will not force anyone to buy their products, but in Beijing 101, they have the strangest marketing strategy ever!!! They just deceive people by telling that your hair still oily, so hair needs more Beijing 101 products, eventhough in fact it’s not!!!

    Honestly, I got deceived by one staff, she really forced me at that time by saying “you must continue your package or you will have more oil in your hair!” Because of that foolish trick, I am forced to spend $1388 just for nothing (again!!!). I still remember she convinced me to continue the package by saying “each person scalp is different, yours is really oily, so you need to treat it longer than other people” and guessed what, I found out that she lied by observing that my hair is just the same after I continued.

    All staffs there absolutely will FORCE you to buy more and more packages NONSTOP! I remembered one time, I lied to one staff that I didn’t bring money (at that time she offered products aggressively and it was like the 10th times!), then she told me to go home after the treatment, take my card and go back again to buy the offered products! Well, that’s not a good way to treat customer!!!

    My recommendation is much much better to use Loreal or Kerastase, it’s expensive too, but really works!! and don’t be fooled by the promotion offered by Beijing 101, such as $88 coupon of hair treatment, it’s their way to attract customer to come to one of their outlet…

    • Vivi

      Hi Sal, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. It sounded like my earlier experience 3 years ago at Simei Branch.

      I actually visited NEX branch for one treatment a couple of weeks back and had a relatively good experience but it’s probably because my therapist was a very nice girl (Unfortunately, I forgot her name. I only remember that she’s from Malaysia and that she’s very young.). I also remember that the manager for the NEX branch is quite friendly, maybe you should talk to her and complain about the junior therapists who forced you to sign packages if you’re still undergoing treatment?

      Anyway, right now I’m currently testing an organic shampoo from another brand which seems to be helping with my scalp problem. I used to have the same problem as you — I suffered from an extremely oily scalp and I even had dandruff. But my scalp condition has improved a lot by using the right products and tweaking my diet. If the shampoo works for me, I’ll do a review and maybe you can try it too. :)

      • Din

        Hi. appreciate it if you could let me know the brand of organic shampoo that you’re currently testing.

        • Vivi

          Hi Din, the brand is called “Venus and Mars Botanicals”. I bought it one month ago when I went to the Philippines for a short holiday. Unfortunately, I only bought one bottle :( I still need to test it longer to see whether it’ll work for me consistently.

    • Jack

      Hi Guys,

      Just wanna give review on my first visit to 101.

      Started with consultation on sculp condition and expectedly the sales consultant suggested a package of 10 mask +10 tonic + 1 shampoo treatment at $2560. Of course i feel it’s too expensive to buy a package without prior knowledge or testing. Upon voicing my opinion, she dropped the package to half the price for half the number of treatments.

      I suggested trying the $47 National Day Promo first which involves a mask & tonic treatment with a massage and hair wash, as I was not ready to commit to such a large amt.

      Afer a satisfying treatment session, of course it is back to scanning your scalp to see the difference. At that point i still feel that at $1250, it is still a huge commitment that I do not intend to commence on. I insisted on just 5 treatments of mask+wash+tonic+massage, which she quoted at $588 + 1 shampoo.

      At that price, i was prepared to fork out that amt via a 6 mths 0% interest free no processing fee credit card payment to try how good 101 is. After 5 sessions, I will then evaulate if I want to continue. I hear you guys’ comments on not to fall into hard-selling during these 5 sessions.

      In conclusion, the packages are open to negotiation and your can try to package something that suits you and not be restricted to what they can offer.


      • Vivi

        Hi Jack, thanks for taking the time to review. It’s great yhat you signed a package that you feel comfortable with. I hope your next visits will be an equally pleasing experience, if not better. Please do update us on your progress. I’m actually planning to drop by the NEX branch to get the anti-aging hair mousse again.

      • http://gmail paulyn koh

        what 47 dollars bullshit,they told me their minimun 125.l was ask to pay 3888 package,they told them l can’t afford.then they foreign worker package.870.the best consult doctor is less expensive.

  • Jack_Dan

    For natural cheap scalp treatment, you can try extra virgin olive oil. Yea the type that you use for cooking! I used to have serious dandruff problem but I only used olive oil for 2-3 days and it’s all gone! All I did was apply the olive oil and massage into my scalp and leave it overnight.

    Also, you could give Todd Davis’ book a try – How to Grow Hair Naturally 15 minutes a day. It’s a very simple book (SGD50) with techniques that kinda makes sense to me. But you’ll need some dedications to do it. Small price to pay compare to $5000

    • Vivi

      Hi Jack Dan, thanks for the tips! :) My hair and scalp condition is much better compared to 2 years ago although I still suffer from hairloss and dandruff every once in a while. Currently, I’m doing Virgin Coconut Oil hair masks. Seems good, too :)

      I’ll check out the book next time I drop by any of the bookstores. Maybe I could find more tips from the book to share to my readers. Thanks again!

  • Ray

    For all those battling with hair loss, look at this Australian consumer review, I hope it helps.

  • Andrew Ee

    My frank advice for all that is losing hair is to go for a real hair transplant from doctor. I think the procedure is that that take the hair from your back and plant to an area that need to be planted.

    • Vivi

      Hi Andrew Ee, I think my case didn’t require a hair transplant. It was more of malnutrition and a very stressful lifestyle. But if the person is losing patches of hair due to genetics, especially the common male-pattern baldness that comes with age, a hair transplant would definitely be a good option followed and maintained by a better diet.

  • Linda

    Hi all, i’m a 36 year-old mum of two. Lately, i have been losing a huge amount of hair. But the texture of my hair is soft & bouncy but no volume as it’s thinning. Thanks for the review on Beijing 101 coz i almost wanted to go to them tomorrow. Could u tell me which Kerastase or Loreal shampoo that might help in hair regrowth? What about Shiseido shampoo? Have u heard about this shampoo that is also well-known to solve hairloss?


    • Vivi

      Hi Linda, I experienced the same thing. My hair was soft and bouncy (as it has natural waves) but no volume due to hair loss. I have not tried any Keratase or Loreal shampoo for hair regrowth… Personally, I think hair loss is more of an internal problem rather than external. If there is internal balance, a good shampoo can only do so much. A good shampoo will only be able to help if your problem is due to dandruff and extremely oily scalp or any other form of scalp irritation.

      May I know if you’ve recently given birth? It’s common for women to lose hair throughout different periods in life due to hormonal fluctuations (pregnancy and giving birth, periods, normal hormonal imbalance, etc..).

  • Syed Athar Imam

    Hi Vivi. As the director of a UK based natural hair growth company myself, I find both your and Sal’s experience truly shocking! Hard-sell tactics are not required, because the results of a product should speak for itself and entice the customer to go back for more, based on the success they have experienced. Hard-selling in any form is strictly not allowed amongst any of my staff members. As a consumer myself I have experienced it first hand and I know how uncomfortable it can make one feel, therefore I would not want anyone under my business name doing the same. to others. Having said that, if they have offered for you to visit their other locations to experience their new standards in service, I would encourage you to take them up on it… so long as it is complimentary of course! :)

    If you wish, I would be happy to post you a sample of our natural hair growth oil which also stops hair loss, with no obligation to buy. If you find it helps and you would be willing to feature it on your blog, that would be fantastic. Simply reply to my email with the address you would like it to go to, or post a follow-up reply right here,

    Syed Athar Imam
    for Divine Herbal

    • Vivi

      Hi Syed, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I visited your website and found the products really interesting — especially after seeing you offer a money-back guarantee should the customer feel unsatisfied with the results. This shows how confident you are with your formulations. I look forward to receiving the sample, as mentioned in my e-mail, and I hope it’ll work for me so I can share the experience with my readers.

      • Syed Athar Imam

        Hi Vivi. I am glad to hear you liked my website and thank you for the lovely feedback too. Your sample is on its way to you and I also put further instructions and tips on the email I sent to you a couple of days back. Hoping you got that email ok and that you experience great results once your sample arrives.

        I had a look through your blog and found quite a few fascinating topics, especially the ‘DIY facial mask’ one and the ‘Top 5 blunders about sun protection’. Not to mention the ‘Beijing 101’ article. With regards to them; as they are one of the few companies, apart from mine and Neeta’s to embrace the natural/herbal approach, it’s a shame they resort to using hard-sell sales techniques to make more bucks. Perhaps it is required to help cover the cost of rent for their premises, I’m not sure. But regardless, I find that more aspiring to the tactics of the hungry pharmaceutical giants who make mega-bucks out of keeping us spending our hard-earned money on what they can offer, rather than the simple values that companies like ourselves should embrace. After all, ‘Nature’ belongs with simplicity and spirituality, not hard-sell. Hopefully they will come to realise this and adopt a better strategy.

        Stay in touch and keep up the good work!
        Regards, Syed

    • Rena

      Hi syed, is the natural hair growth oil available in sg?
      I have very thinning hair and i found it started to bald
      on top. I had visited yun nan before but i not afford for the treatment,i only bought their shampoo and another 3 bottles of scalp care products. Its help to control my scalp not so oily like before but its dun help in regain my hair.

      I tried several hair treatment lotions which recommended by salon but its don’t see any result.

      Im keen to try out your product if its help for hair growth. Please advice.

      Thanks & Regards, Rena

      • Syed Athar Imam

        Hi Rena,

        Thanks for dropping me a line on here. The products you mention by ‘Yun Nan’ that control scalp oil sound interesting and I am actually tempted to try myself; as my own brand does many things but I wouldn’t say it can control oily scalp’s lol! And I have had a oily scalp myself for some time (probably due to genetics). Shall look this brand up. I don’t think we have them in the UK.

        With regards to being available in Singapore, we are in the process of starting-up in Malaysia and Singapore quite shortly (fingers crossed) so yes you will be able to purchase. Best thing to do is visit my brand’s website and get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page. Just make sure to check your ‘bulk’ or ‘spam’ folder as sometimes the email response from us can end up there!

        As Vivi has very kindly allowed me to post comments from my own business’ perspective; could I ask that if anyone does have any future queries or needs advice related specifically to my own brands’ product/s; that they contact me directly through my website. Otherwise there is a risk of detracting from what this post is all about and should remain focused on; which is the Beijing 101 review. Thank you for understanding!

        Kind Regards,

  • sidharth

    hi.. i am losing hair very rapidly and i am just 21.. i hav oily hair condition.. wen i went to an ayurvedic treatment in india they gave me a hair oil.. should i use it since i already hav an oily scalp.. wen i apply the oil i see almost 50 strands of hair on my hand.. i vesited laofoye hair treatment 2 days back and they told abt the detox treatments n others.. n i read abt beijing101 and booked an appointment them on monday.. i jus want to know if these treatments work and hair loss will stop and new hair will grow.. money is not an issue.. i jus want to know if it will really work.. totally frustrated wid my hair loss..

    • Vivi

      Hi Sidharth. Does hairloss run in your family?

      Actually, greasy hair and oily scalp are different. Currently, I’m using a hair oil and it actually made my scalp less oily although it does make my hair greasy. It helps me minimize the hairloss. The oil is supposed to stabilize the oil levels of your scalp and make it more conducive for hair growth.

      If you’ve been to several hair treatment centers and have not noticed any difference, I suggest you consider tweaking your diet and taking some supplements. Problem might be internal.

      • Sidharth

        Thank u for your suggestion vivi. Hair loss doesn’t run in my family. I have enquired many treatment centers but haven’t taken any treatment from them yet. So planned on taking laofoye’s or beijing101’s detox treatment for controlling hair loss.. Should I go for it. Will it work ?

        • Vivi

          I’m not sure about lao fo ye because I haven’t been there. But Beijing 101 is very expensive in the long run. You will have to fork out thousands. And if you aren’t able to maintain, you might lose hair again. Have you thought about going to your GP doctor or consulting a dermatologist? They might have long term solutions for you which are more affordable.

  • TanLi

    My friend has a scalp problem and she went to laofoye. It works for her and she doing hair treatment right now. You will never know until you tried it. I am planning to try their treatments too since it gives good result to my friends hair problem.

    • Vivi

      Hi TanLi, happy for your friend. Currently, I’m just trying new scalp care products and hopefully, I’ll get good results. Do they ‘hardsell’ at laofoye?

      • x

        You’ll be surprised how much money the hair and sales consultants make by selling the outrageous packages, in the average region of 5 digit salaries per month, more so for the managers. Happened to know some of the staff that goes around boasting about it, with their fancy watches and handbags. Better off seeking a doctor on hair issues rather than these dubious treatments

  • Vegg

    i am here to share my experience with Beijing 101 as well.
    i am suffering from hair loss since 2 years ago when i realise my hair gradually thinning. i have been following threads and reviews to do my research and was very hesitant to approach hair care centres like Beijing and YunNam with all the nasty experiences and reviews.
    but i guess at some point of time when u are really desperate, u will try all sorts of method. i happened to receive a free treatment voucher inside a event goodie bag which i attended and thought why not give it a try. since its free anyway.
    i went down to the bedok point outlet, nearest to my place. i was greeted w many consultants when i walked in, seriously did stress me alittle, but it all turn out to be fine. they did a scalp scanning for me and gosh, all the oil on the scalp looked really gross. the treatment followed with the consultant applying some mask on to my scalp, cant rmb what it is but it felt pretty good. was very icy when it first touches the scalp, but the cooling effect that came after was very calming. but i felt that the best part was the massage the consultant did. it felt like they really massage deep into the tissue by pressing on all the accupressure spots. its was heaven.
    then they did a after scanning to my scalp again after the treatment, and my scalp was really much cleaner, without those shiny sticky stuff shown earlier. the consultant did try to sell me some products and packages, but she was not really very very aggressive. guess i was lucky! i told her that i wanna go back to consider and “monitor” the post results for a couple of days before deciding, afterall its wasnt a small amount we are talking about.
    the consultant was really nice and did not show any “black face”. i would say it was a rather pleasant experience for me. i guess its true that u can see results but of cos with a series of treatments. the first trial is just to see if ur scalp is sensitive to the products, etc. i am still considering to sign up for their packages, any one have any other reviews to share??

  • mel

    Went for a trial at Beijing 101. The consultant offered a $3900 package which was way too expensive for my budget. though the before and after scalp scanning thing they did for me after the treatment really shows that my scalp became cleaner. so i think the treatments should be useful i guess, but only for rich people that can afford. haha will consider when i have more budget to spend but i seriously love the head massage though. lol wouldnt mind paying for that .

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  • CH

    Hi Vivi, I have very oily scalp that I need to wash my hair everyday to prevent the ugly greasy look of my hair. Apart from that, I’m suffering from severe frontage hair loss too. I’m only 23 this year and I’m balding like a M shape. This is seriously bothering me a lot. I went to Beijing 101 hair care centre in Nex Serangoon for a trial session with my purchased voucher. The consultant claims that I have oily scalp and clogged hair follicles that causing hair loss. Anyway, I dislike the way the consultant actually hard sell the package and the price is a bomb to me. Provided I dislike the way she actually threatened me! Thus, I did not sign up a package with the money-faced hair care centre yet.

    I came across the comment from divine herbal. So I’m wondering if the product is useful for you? Just want to get some reviews from you before purchasing the products. Hope to receive your reply the soonest 😉

    • Vivi

      Hi CH, I reviewed the product here:

      I think it’s more of a “supplement” product to whatever you’re currently doing to prevent and stop your hair loss. If your hairl oss is due to internal issues (bad diet, hormonal imbalance, etc) then the product can only do so much — probably encourage new growth or prevent you from losing hair as fast but at the end of the day, you still have to find the cure to what’s causing the problem internally.

      Hope that helps :)

      • CH

        Yes I am monitoring my dietary everyday to check if it helps to minimize my hair loss problem.

        And I have come across this hair care product from Sephora last week. It is called Phyto. Have you tried the products from this brand before? I tried once on the Phytopolleine Pre-Shampoo Botanical Scalp Treatment last week and I could feel my scalp is cleaner and less oily.

        • Vivi

          I have only tried the PHYTO Phytocedrat Sebo-regulating Shampoo. I liked it at first but I didn’t feel it reduced my hairloss and after a while, it made my scalp oilier and my hair super dry. I think it’s because it became too drying for my scalp in the long run and thus, my scalp was forced to produce even more oil.

          But I haven’t tried the one you mentioned above. Hope it works, though. I’ll be interested to know so if you can remember to drop by and share your experience after a few weeks, I’d appreciate it heaps :)

          P.S. I think Singapore water makes me lose hair more because I don’t experience as much hairloss when I travel overseas.

          • CH

            Oh gosh! I also purchased the same shampoo as you mentioned. But so far I have used only twice. So I shall use it for a longer period to see if my scalp becomes oilier.

            Apart from that, I have purchased the “most effective botanical” women hair loss set of the same brand from Watsons yesterday. The set contains 1 Phytopolleine Pre-Shampoo Botanical Scalp Treatment, 1 set of Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Serum and 2 bottles of Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo. Just tried on the treatment serum last night. So far I see no results yet but hope it will turn out to be a positive results! Finger crossed :)

            And I will definitely come back to share with you whether this set of products help for hair loss or not 😉

  • monn

    hi, i just bought organic anti dandruff (Nicco professional) from 101 haircare centre, I just want to ask, is it good or not? tq..

    • Vivi

      Sorry but I haven’t tried that brand yet. The anti-dandruff shampoo I tried was their house brand.