My Valentine’s Day Eco Beauty Must-Haves

And Valentine’s Day is just, yet again, around the corner. Both Hubby and I aren’t V-Day fanatics although it’s still nice to celebrate it for memory’s sake. I always tell him that when we’re old and having rheumatism, we’ll watch TV on Valentine’s Day and laugh (while still gushing with love, of course) about these memories. But until that day comes… here are some products from my vanity arsenal, which will definitely be part of my 2012 V-date Eco Beauty kit!

Silk Naturals Cream Blush in Candy Apple & Mineral Powder Blush in Flirt
Aside from sparkling starry eyes, nothing gives the look of love more than naturally blushing cheeks… or at least natural-looking blushers. I reviewed Silk Naturals Blush in Flirt before and although the color is sometimes too faint for my taste, the subtle blush is sweet enough for flirting. Aptly named, yes. The Cream Blush in Candy Apple, has a stronger color, is more natural-looking although the staying power isn’t that good. But it’s so convenient as you can use it both on your lips and your cheeks and keep it in your pocket for emergency touch-ups.

Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Body Oil with Rose and Neroli
I don’t use this everyday as it’s not heavy enough for my very dry skin and is rather expensive but I reserve this for special occasions. I LOVE the subtle, relaxing yet stimulating scent and how fast the oil absorbs into my skin, leaving a rather velvety smooth finish. Rose and Neroli essential oils, two of this oil blend’s main ingredients, are popular romance oils used in a lot of aphrodisiac aromatherapy blends. So, well, if you’re planning to seduce someone on Valentine’s Day, better include the MVO Anti-Aging Body Oil in your kit!

Mukti Macadamia and Honey Lip Balm
This lip balm is so good I can probably eat it spread on toasts! And it does a pretty good job of softening and plumping the lips, too. If your guy doesn’t say anything about your lips tasting literally sweet after a kiss, pass him a bar of Snickers. Although the Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm is on the pricey side, this has become my staple nighttime lip balm and it’ll definitely stay for V-day, too.

Joppa Minerals Pink Lemonade Blush and Dewy Finishing Silk Powder
I am more of a dewy than a matte girl. I love the look of moist skin that shines and glows in the right places. The Pink Lemonade Blush is so subtle it might not even tint your cheeks but I it’s a good finishing powder to highlight your cheeks and the color of your base blush. I usually apply this after my Silk Naturals Cream Blush in Candy Apple. The Dewy Sheer Finishing Silk looks pearly and is good in adding a bit of luminosity when you’re using matte powder foundation.

Please do share your own Valentine’s Day must-haves, too!

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  • Rae

    I think it’s smart that you used a lipbalm instead of a lipstick. On Valentines’ especially if you have a partner, kissing is almost inevitable.

    • Vivi

      Rae, for some reason, your comment is making me laugh out loud! :)

  • Marie Howard

    I like dewy, too. I’d rather be glowy looking :-p

    • Vivi

      The matte look doesn’t suit me, too. I’m too thin so it makes me look sick, lol.

  • lemon

    Valentines is just another excuse for me to eat specialty chocolates and cakes. I do hope there are “after Valentines sales”..hahhah. I like Valentines for childhood nostalgia..when we were forced to pass out homemade cards to classmates and received cheap assorted chocolates from good friends.

    These are great suggestions for Valentines! It doesn’t hurt to look a little extra made-up and to pamper oneself for Valentines. By the way, Silk Naturals has their Valentines collection out…very few items, but I did grab the new lip stains (a true red and a deep plum). I prefer dewy look as well. But sometimes I overdo it and I just look ultra shiny. I don’t think I have any must-haves for Valentines. I suppose I would do the typical cherub pink cheeks and cherry red lips…although I have no sweetheart..only my cat to impress. That Pink Lemonade blush looks so pretty. The mukti lip balm looks decadent…that gives me an idea to try a raw honey concoction on my lips. Happy Valentines!

    • Vivi

      Haha! yes, I do hope I’ll discover nice post-V day sales. I got lots of chocolates and nougats last week. And I feel nostalgic, too, ’cause I used to make cards for my parents during vday when I was a kid.

      Thanks for the tip about the silk naturals items. I’ll check them out!

      Btw, not sure if you know but I LOVE cats (although my cat rarely shows his love for me, haha). Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Lemon!

  • xin

    Not a huge fan of V-day either, in fact, there is not even a v-day kit 😛 we believe that if we want to celebrate, there is no reason for it! 😀

    p/s: i am really really curious about the MV body oil

    • Vivi

      For people in love, everyday should be V-day. :)

      Left you a note on your blog regarding the MVO body oil. Lemme know. :)

  • xin

    thanks sweetie for your offer, but will it be too troublesome?

    • xin

      😀 thanks vivi! will appreciate very much ^^

      • Vivi

        No worries. I’ll courier it once I’m back in SG :)