DIY: Lighten Post-Acne Marks with this Grapelicious Turmeric-Honey Mask

During my acne breakout last year, two of the staple ingredients in my beauty DIY kit was honey and turmeric. Aside from drying them out, the mix didn’t really do much in keeping the nasty spots from appearing after another. But to some extent, i think it helped prevent heavy scarring. So now, to kick start my 2012 beauty resolution of evening out my skin tone and getting rid of my post-acne pigmentations naturally, I decided to turn back to turmeric and honey–and boost ’em up with a squeeze of fresh grape juice!

Why Turmeric, Honey and Grapes?
Turmeric helps moderate the production of melanin on the skin while grape juice has powerful anti-oxidant properties, especially the red ones. The fruit acids in grape juice will help to gently exfoliate the skin, making the turmeric-honey concoction penetrate and work even better. Honey will not just give the mask a thicker consistency, it will also help moisturize and calm the skin, minimizing the possibility of irritation.

The Recipe
Like most of my favorite homemade beauty recipes, this batch is super easy to make and use. You don’t need to turn your kitchen upside down or juggle the grapes before they’re ready for squeezing!

1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder

1/2 tsp honey (preferrably Manuka Honey)
Juice from 1 grape (red or green)

Crush the grape using a fork. Once you’ve squeezed most of the juice out, take away the skin and the pulp. You won’t need them in this recipe.
Add the turmeric powder and the honey and mix thoroughly.
Apply the mixture on clean face using a brush (lucky if you have one) or a cotton ball, avoiding the eye area.
Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes and wash off without using soap.
Stare in horror at your possibly yellow-tinted face in the mirror! But don’t worry, tomorrow, you’ll wake up to brighter-looking skin with finer pores.

What to Expect?
Just like most home remedies, this isn’t an overnight miracle. Results will probably start to show after a couple more weeks if done for 1-2 times a week. Treat this as an exfoliating mask so don’t do this on consecutive days. Immediate effects, though, include skin that’s brighter-looking, moist and with finer pores–but that’s after the yellow tint washes off the next day!

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  • pavani reddy

    i m soo trying this…thank u for the post…

    • Vivi

      hope it works for you! but this isn’t a miracle cure, as mentioned above. It might take weeks but it’s good in conditioning the skin so you don’t scar further. :)

  • Alexandra

    Heard many good stories about using tumeric as the remedy but am still afraid of the tumeric stain. 😛

    • Vivi

      it’s not so bad if you mix it with other ingredients and use only a bit. i tried using half a teaspoon before and it really left my face very yellow. 😮

  • sesame

    Yeah, find the stain a turnoff…worse, the stains it leaves on the towels, etc. So annoying. So while it is good, I don’t use it as much. I have one mask with tumeric mixture and I hardly use it too.

    • Vivi

      yeah, the towels! I’ve got one that’s permanently stained ’cause I forgot to wash it right away. And the stain resembles, err, baby poo, lol. But the mess aside, I find it quite good on the skin. :)

  • Swati

    I have used grapes mask but never really mixed turmeric but you have to be careful while using turmeric but it doesn’t stain if it is mixed with something else so that’s not an issue!!!

    • Vivi

      Yeah, I only use a bit ’cause my skin’s already yellow. When I apply too much, it makes me look like I’ve got liver disease, lol!