DIY: Supercharge Your Night Serum With Vit C Powder

There is no discovery without risks. After I suffered from The Uglies, my skin was left with lots of acne marks and my skin tone was more yellowish than ever. I was frustrated to the point of almost slipping back to my old, un-ecobeauty ways. Then I remembered the magic of fresh Vit C in brightening the skin.

My Experiment
Without thinking, I looked for the leftover sachets of Vit C powder in my DIY storage box and grabbed a jar of my favorite mask base, Manuka Honey. Without thinking, I mixed half a sachet of Vit C into a teaspoon of honey which I later realized to be way beyond the recommended 20% concentration of Vit C. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, washed it off, looked at myself in the mirror…. Woah! I saw my skin glowing for the first time in months!

Fresh Vit C is the Key
I probably used about 40% of Vit C, something which could have triggered allergic reactions on my skin. And Vit C isn’t supposed to be mixed with Manuka Honey, either, as Vit C doesn’t work too well with another active. But  for some reason, the formulation worked positively on my skin–I don’t know how or why and I’m NOT suggesting you try this recipe. However, this little experiment and the idea behind MVO’s Vit C Supplement, gave me a light bulb moment. Why not mix fresh Vit C powder with my night serum instead?

Although I haven’t mixed a new batch of DIY Vit C Serum for half a year now, applying Vit C on the skin is still one of my top favorite natural beauty tips. Based from experience, Vit C has always been able to brighten my sallow skin tone and plump up my fine lines. But there is one big problem: Upon contact with water, Vit C oxidizes once exposed to air and light. Thankfully, this new DIY method also solves this problem.

How to Supercharge your Night Serum with Vit C Powder
The recipe is simple. You just need Vit C powder and a simple, water-based serum. Since Vit C can react negatively or be nullified by a lot of other ingredients (e.g. copper peptides, manuka honey, etc.), it’s highly recommended that you get a serum with very few ingredients in it. I use Garden of Wisdom’s Chockfull of Vitamins Serum because it contains Vit E which seems to supercharge Vit C.

  • Mix a tiny bit of Vit C with a few drops of your serum. Start with a tiny sprinkle (see picture) for your first application. In 2-3 days intervals, build your way up until you find how much your skin can take without suffering from irritation.
  • Make sure the Vit C is properly dissolved.
  • Apply the serum on your entire face, even around your eyes if your skin can take it, and on your neck.
  • Leave the serum on for 5 minutes then continue with the rest of your routine.
  • Once you get the right percentage of Vit C for your skin, you can do this every 3-5 days.

Remember that the key to this recipe is the freshness of the Vit C so mix only as much amount as you can use in one application. NEVER use metallic tools in this recipe as they can react with the Vit C.

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured the “Golden Ratio”
The only downside to this recipe is that I haven’t figured an exact optimum amount of Vit C to use. Once, I used too much Vit C and it gave me a small pimple the next day although my skin was very bright-looking. On the next try, I used too little Vit C and didn’t see much glow. So it really boils down to experimentation. A tiny sprinkle is a good start but if you’ve got sensitive skin and have not used any acids (Vit C, Vit A, Glycolic, Mandelic, etc…) before, then take extra precautions.

Overall, consistent use of this serum 3 times a week and more often whenever I need an extra boost resulted to fairer-looking skin (around next day) with lesser fine lines (visible only after 1-2 weeks of use). During luckier days, my skin gets a healthy pinkish glow and it’s at least 60% thanks to this new addition to my skin care routine. Definitely a must try if you’re up for it!

*Vit C referred to in this article is L-Ascorbic Acid, the type of Vit C so far proven to provide the most potent anti-aging results on the skin.

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  • Swati

    hmmmm even I was trying to mix vit C tablets with oil at night but then I got lazy and didn’t do it the second time!!! it does take a bit of experimentation but its interesting…your post gave me ideas to try it out again :)

    • Vivi

      Hi Swati, Vit C which is usually found in tablets is not oil-soluble so it might not have the same effect. You can still use it on masks, though :)

      • Swati

        yeah true…I already found that out so I had tried dissolving in water and then mixing with oil or any night cream :) I do like to add a little water to the oil so that it gets absorbed into the skin easily without leaving any oily feeling and keeps the skin hydrated too!!! anyways I shall try tonight and will get back with how it went :)

  • Alexandra

    Wow, such beautiful glow! Good work. Ever since I started with Vit C, my skin looked so much better. Vit C rocks!

    • Vivi

      Yes, vit c rocks! Just have to be really consistent. My MVO order arrived this morning, though, so tonight I can try the Lightening Serum + Vit C supplements combo :)

      • Alexandra

        Whooohoo! Hmm…hope to hear your updates on MVO. p/s: so this is from the recent cyber sale purchase? :D

      • Swati

        oh wow!!! waiting to hear what you think :) but they are damn costly!!!!

        • Vivi

          @Alexandra Yes, it’s from the recent Cyber Sale! Haha. I’m a sucker for promotions!

          @Swati, yeah.. costly :( So I hope it works!

  • lemon

    I’m starting on two new serum samples from Silk Naturals that include vitamin C so I’m hoping after a month, my skin will look just as radiant as yours. So far I like both serums, and one of the serums helps with acne outbreaks. Unfortunately none of the GoW products I previously bought were effective, and few did more harm than good…it’s kind of disappointing since I spent more money than I wanted. But this is good idea…if I obtain vitamin C powder, I could probably add it to the GoW serums so they won’t totally go to waste.

    • Vivi

      Hi Lemon, I’m sorry to hear that none of the GoW serums worked on you. Did you buy samples or the full bottles? What GoW serums are you using? Hopefully, I can advise you on which one is best to mix with Vit C. The reason why the change on my skin is a bit dramatic is because I used concentrated Vit C powder. It’s really cheap, About 1 dollar for 1 gram which will last forever, lol. But if you’re skin is sensitive, better be careful. It’s better as a treatment for post acne scarring that the actual acne itself.

      • lemon

        I only bought samples of serums, cleansers and hydrosols. But after placing 3 orders, I was shocked with how much I spent. But I do like GoW’s oil selection and Jen’s Green Tea Shea Cleanser. I currently have MariTyme Gel, Argan AntiAging Serum, GOaWay Circles Eye Serum, BLT-RC Serum, and Pumpkin Infused Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I’m now using samples of Silk Naturals Super Serum and Awesome Sauce…both have Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate form of Vitamin C. (which I guess is more stable, but maybe not as potent as L-Ascorbic Acid). The Super Serum also contains MSM…which works well with vitamin C and sounds really beneficial for acne healing (to use topically and as a dietary supplement). I think I can get ascorbic acid powder locally. Thanks!

        • Vivi

          Hi Lemon, did the Argan Anti-Aging Serum break you out? ‘Cause Argan causes a lot of people to break out. I even know of another person who tried that serum and got pimples afterwards. The Marityme gel seems to be so-so to me but it seems like a good base for the Vit C powder. Pumpkim-Infused Hyaluronic acid might trigger some reaction in your skin if you’ve got sensitive skin, too, due to the pumpkin. Anyway, hope the Silk Naturals serum will work better on you! :)

          • lemon

            Yeah, the Argan Anti-Aging serum broke me out and caused red bumps. I’ll try the Vit C with the Marityme gel. Thank you so very much for your helpful suggestion!

  • Beauty Box

    That’s really incredible…your skin looks amazing!

    • Vivi

      Thank you. I just hope the effect and my perseverance persist! :)

  • Apurva

    Hi Vivi,
    I left you a mail on gmail…please have a look and reply back :)

  • nami

    hi vivi ..i wanna try this receipe but i dont have any simple water based using a korean brand whitening serum and .ingredients are listed in korean …….so i was wondering can i use vitamin c powder with that or
    any other advice
    is it fine to mix this powder with vitamin e tablets ?/?and how do you find this Garden of Wisdom’s Chockfull of Vitamins it any good

    • Vivi

      Hi Nami, Vit C is water-soluble so it won’t mix with Vit E which is usually in oil form. Alternatively, what you can do is mix the vit c with a bit of distilled water. 1 small teaspoon of distilled water + a small pinch of Vit C powder then apply it on your face and neck like a toner. Start with a small amount as this might sting and then experiment little by little to know how much Vit C powder your skin can tolerate without stinging. Leave it for 5-10 minutes before applying your regular toner and serum.
      Vivi recently blogged..Review & Giveaway: Dress made from Bamboo Fabric by Zhai Eco Collection!

      • nami

        thanks ..can i use it with GoW Pomegranate Anti-Aging it available in sample sizes

        • Vivi

          Hi Nami, yes it can also be used with Pomegranate Anti-aging Gel since that is water-based. And yes, it is still available in sample sizes like other Garden of Wisdom products. But Pomegranate Anti-Aging gel is better used in the morning while Vit C powder is better used at night. If you use Vit C powder in the morning, your skin might burn easily under the sun.

  • nami

    hi vivi..i want to order -L-Ascorbic Acid power but i was wondering is it fine to stock up large quantity as i have to bear the international shipping garden of wisdom i oz is approx 8 dollars whereas milagro trading is selling1gram at less than a dollar
    i know its a silly queestion but still i want ur opinion..plz’s the link for gow

    • Vivi

      Hi Nami, from experience, powdered Vit C lasts quite a long time as long as you keep them away from humidity and light (don’t store them in your bathroom). However, 1 oz is definitely a lot. It will last you a very, very, very long time to a point wherein I’m not even sure whether the Vit C would have oxidized by then. I suggest you send GoW an email and ask them directly as they would know best how long they’ve been keeping their stocks of Vit C and how long it’ll last once shipped to you. It’s definitely a better deal compared to Milagro.
      Vivi recently blogged..Wash Your Hair Backwards and be Silly…NOT!

  • Alejandra

    Great article, wish I could try this recipe but unfortunately in my country theres no ascorbic acid in powder form, at least not pharmaceutical or food grade. I work at a lab and theres vitamin c powder (L-ascorbic acid) but the label specifically says not for household use.

    Do you think the serum can work with tablets?. The ones I have are 500 mg ascorbic acid (it doesnt specify if its L-ascorbic acid). 1 pill provides 833% of daily value. Other ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, croscamellose sodium, magnesium stearate, pharmaceutical glace. Sodium free, sugar free, starch free.

    I dont know if some of these ingredients are irritants or how much vitamin C each tablet has so I can calculate a 10-20% in my formula but what do you think?.

    • Vivi

      Hi Alejandra, I would probably use tablets more as masks rather than mix them with my beauty products. Problem is, although the ascorbic acid might help your skin, the “other ingredients” might congest your skin if you use this too often like what I do (since I incorporate this into my nightly routine). It seems though that stearic acid and silicon dioxide can be found in some skincare products but I’m not sure about the others. Better be on the safe side. :)

      So probably you can try using it more as a weekly mask? Like dissolve it in water, add a bit of honey and leave on your face for 20 mins before rinsing.

  • Gladys

    May I know where u buy the vit C powder?
    I bought this “It’s Skin” Power 10 VE vit E serum online.
    Its a korean brand.
    So do u think I can mix em & apply on my face?
    I wanna get rid of my acne marks desperately! ;(
    Please advise.
    Thank you!

    • Vivi

      Hi Gladys, I’m really sorry for the late reply — but I hope you can still see this. I recently bought my vit c powder from Garden of Wisdom. Unfortunately, because it came in a 1lb bag, I can’t measure how much I mix with my serums. But it’s a super fine Vit C powder.

  • mai

    Is there any serums that you can recommend me that is readily available here. I want to try this method to get rid of my acne scars. They are taking forever to disappear and its not helping that every week some new pimples are popping up!! Frustration!! Now mg face are so full of black marks. Sigh :’(

    • Vivi

      Hi Mai, do you use any exfoliating acids/serums?

      First off, what Vit C powder are you using? If you wanna be super sure that your skin will absorb the Vit C, you can mix it with distilled water and use it as a mask 2x a week instead of mixing it with a serum. I’m afraid to recommend a serum because unless you’re using super fine Vit C powder (e.g. from Garden of Wisdom), some water-based serums might not be able to dissolve it.

      • Mai

        Hello Vivi

        Nope, my night routine is quite basic. All i do is cleanse, tone with Infotone Mist and moisturize with SkinActives Every Lipid Serum With Ceramide mix with the Antioxidant Booster.

        I have ordered the L-Ascorbic Acid from Skinactives. I will prefer to mix it with a serum instead of using as a mask as i really am the lazy type. Hehe. If there is none locally then i guess i have to order online. Maybe i will try the same GOW serum that you are using.

        Thanks Vivi :)

        • Vivi

          Hi Mai, I can’t find any ‘simple’ serums in SG. You have to experiment with something cheap, haha, so if it doesn’t work, you won’t cry and toss the serum.

          Anyway, why not get a small cup (you know those little travel-size jars sold at watsons/guardian) meant to h, spray some of your infotone mist and dust some Vit C powder in it. Mix until it’s dissolved then use as a serum?

          • Mai

            Muahahaha..n0t a bad idea t0 get a cheap serum but u kn0w natural pr0ducts here c0st a b0mb!! I shall try mixing with the inf0t0ne then. h0pe it w0rks well with n0 adverse reacti0n. Shall update y0u 0n the 0utc0me :)

            • ChuquanLily

              Dear Mai,

              After read your conservation with Vivi, I’m eager to know the outcome. Please tell me the result and if possible, also advise me where to buy the ingredients as well. Thanks :)

              • Vivi

                Hi Lily, you can buy the ingredients from GoW. holds weekly sprees.

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