Are you Crazy About Beauty Gadgets?

I have a confession to make… If you follow the Eco Beauty Secrets Facebook Page, you’d probably seen me posting about the TALIKA Light Duo Device (Collagen Booster & Whitener) and lamenting about the hefty price tag. Well, after wrestling with my wallet, I finally bought it! And just about two weeks ago, Hubby got me the Panasonic Face and Hair Ionizer. Now, I’m eyeing the platinum roller/massager used by Masako Mizutani in one of her photos. It’s official. I smell a beauty gadget addiction brewing.

When Did My Fascination Begin?
My first encounter with a beauty device was about six years ago with the famed Derma Wand. My Mom bought it through a TV Shopping channel but I think it’s now retailed in some malls, too. I remember seeing it at OG Bugis. Although it didn’t perform the miracles promised on TV, I found it effective in closing my pores after extractions and drying out pimples. If only I hadn’t read about that poor dude whose DermaWand tip exploded and shattered in his face which almost got his eye, I probably would have bought a set for myself.

Good For Maintenance
Personally, I don’t believe that these home care beauty gadgets can outperform treatments done by professionals simply because they are made to be “safe” and thus, less potent. Imagine if normal people can buy clinic-grade IPL machines to use at home, I bet there will be a stampede of horror stories online about people accidentally burning their armpits. But I think good and suitable beauty devices can be used to help maintain the positive results of treatments done by professionals and make maintenance treatments less often, thus saving money in the long run.

$$$… $o $ad…
Unfortunately, most of these beauty gadgets are quite expensive. Or at least, from what I’ve read in beauty forums like essentialdayspa and skincaretalk, those that seem to gain good reviews are usually never below a hundred bucks. If I had known that my will to resist buying the Talika Light Duo would crumble down my nostrils like dry snot, I would have bought it while on the plane to Beijing and enjoyed the SGD$50+ discount.

Research & Know What You Need
Fortunately, a lot of ladies out there seem to be sharing my current addiction to beauty gadgets and are nice enough to share their personal and honest reviews through online venues like blogs and forums. I’m not exactly sure why I bought the Talika Light Duo but I think that the fact that Barbie Hsu is rumored to be using it seems to be a big factor. Eherm. Anyway, since most beauty gadgets involve quite a considerable investment, make sure to do ample research and get only what you think you really need. In the meantime, I’ll keep using my newly acquired beauty gadgets, the Talika Light Duo and the Panasonic Face and Hair Ionizer, so I can prepare my reviews for all of you, lovelies!

Do you have any beauty gadgets? Eying any? Or do you think beauty gadgets really work?


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  • xin

    the only beauty gadget i have now is Clarisonic mia. it works in the sense that when i use it diligently, congested pores have evidently lessened. I used to have a Tuo Viso (a face lift thing), which is a but eventually stopped using it due to laziness *shame*

    can’t wait to see the review of ur talika light duo!

    another exp gadget that i have some doubts is the ReFaPro 😛

    • Vivi

      I was tempted to get the Clarisonic Mia, too, but settled for a light device ’cause my main problem is really uneven skin tone.
      I heard about Tua Viso, too… why did you get tired using it? Was the effects not so dramatic?

      Ohhh… the ReFaPro, is it the platinum roller I mentioned above? Actually, it seems like a nice device but nothing in me seems to be able to justify the price. I’m tempted but I think I’ll just stick to my hands. ~_~

      • xin

        I used to work with a distributor company for tua viso few years back, so i got the staff price for purchase. i just couldn’t see or feel any results, i figured also because i was only 24..hence i guess it will not do much for me XD then i sold it off. i think refapro is really exp

  • Nika

    I don’t have any beauty gadgets so far, but I’ve just ordered Sigma cleansing and polishing tool. It is similar to Clarisonic, only cheaper. Actually I read some reviews on both and Clarisonic seems to be much better choice. I wanted Clarisonic Mia, but it is out of my reach for now.

    • Vivi

      Hi Nika, I’ve heard about Sigma, too, and thought of getting it for the same reason–cheaper that Clarisonic. I hope it’ll work out well for you. Probably, you can drop by to let me know :)

  • Anu

    I have been eying Clarisonic, but quite expensive, so put on hold for now. Meanwhile what do you think about a dermaroller, if you have used one? I need to do something about the deep acne scars on my cheeks. Peels and microdermabrasion have helped to some extent, but still the scars look like dents. Any advice?
    I’ve bookmakred you btw, so will keep checking for new things you post.

    • Vivi

      Hi Anu, thank you for dropping by :)
      Theoretically, dermaroller works but you have to do it regularly until you get your desired results and well, you have to do it properly. I suggest you visit essentialdayspa forum and read about the reviews & instructions from dermarolling members. :)

      It also needs considerable investment. If your tolerance to pain is low, you have to get the one with fewer and shorter needles first to build your tolerance then buy a new one with more needles later on to experience more dramatic results. It must also be coupled with a good serum that helps your skin produce more collagen as that’s exactly how the dermaroller works. It breaks your skin to force your skin to repair itself. But if your problems are deep scars, I think that’s your best bet for a home beauty gadget.

  • Anu

    Wow! The extent we have to go to look perfect, even inflicting pain upon self turns into a beauty treatment. :)
    Doing it the right way part scares me. I wouldn’t know the right way unless a professional dermatologist shows me. I have seen videos from ‘Ray’s Dermaroller’ though and thinking of getting one from him, its not that expensive. Otherwise a dermaroller kit and a few sessions from True Bio Beauty are second on my mind, provided I can stretch my budget.
    Hey, thanks for looking into it.

    • Vivi

      No worries. Hoping for the best for you. If ever you get the dermarollers, I’ll be checking your blog for reviews since I’ve got a few stretch marks I want to get rid of. 😀

  • N.

    Yes I have a big fascination with beauty gadgets but I lack the $$ to actually buy them.

    • Vivi

      I promised to my myself I won’t buy any beauty gadget after this Talika.. Need to save more money for other things. :)

  • BlC

    Any update of using the Talika light duo? Does it work? Keen to know that ^^, thanks.

    • Vivi

      Hi BIC, still testing it. It’s quite an expensive device so I want to be as accurate as possible in my review. I’ll probably test it for another 2 weeks. :)

  • Celine

    Hi, do you happen to know where I can buy a electronic facial massager online?? I’ve been wanting to try one ever since I’ve read your post about Masako Mizutani. :)

  • Sha

    Hi. How was your test with the Talika.. im so tempted to get it but not sure if it works.

    Guardian having 20% discount now. so very tempted

    • Vivi

      Hi Sha, I would say it “conditions” my skin but it doesn’t really give dramatic results. I also think it’s based on your skin type. In terms of pigmentation removal, it might be better for girls with fairer skin that has a significant contrast against the pigmentations. In terms of wrinkles, I personally didn’t really see any noticeable difference.
      Vivi recently blogged..Did V&M A Hair Story Emu Shampoo Save me from Oily Scalp and Dandruff?