Pantothen: A Natural Supplement To Fight Acne

I’ve always believed in a holistic approach to treating skin problems, that whatever creams or serums we use on our skin is as important as what we eat or drink to maintain or improve it. When I suffered from my worst bout with acne about five months ago, taking supplements became an integral part of my skin’s recovery. But the problem was I had to take more than 5 supplements a day! It was very hard to remember all the supplements and when to take them. Now, if only I had discovered Pantothen earlier…

What is Pantothen?
is an all-natural supplement that combines Pantothenic Acid (Vit B5) and L-Carnitine to help the body produce higher levels of Coenzyme-A, a naturally-occuring substance in our body that helps break down excess oils in our skin before they cause pimples. Pantothenic Acid, from where the supplement name Pantothen was derived, has been noted in recent studies for its ability to help decrease pore size and regulate sebum over-production.

Contains Skin-Loving B Vitamins
Aside from the main ingredients pantothenic acid and L-Carnitine, Pantothen contains several B vitamins (niacin, folate, B6, thiamin, biotin, etc.) that are not just known to be acne-fighters but are essential for the healthy development of skin cells. A lot of acne sufferers have reported improvements after taking B3 supplements. Personally, I like it because it helps brighten the skin. You can even find it in some topical whitening/brightening products.

Side Effects of Pantothenic Acid?
Contrary to a lot of reviews online, pantothenic acid is not at all free from side effects! Ingesting too much of it can cause stomach discomfort (e.g. bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. ) so Pantothen’s formulation which includes L-Carnitine to boost the effects of pantothenic acid makes sure you get just the right dosage with maximum results.

My Say: To those who are planning to take other pantothenic acid supplements, please couple it at least with a B-Complex supplement to get a better effect and stick to the recommended dosage on the label. Please don’t be tempted to overdose just because you want to see faster results! The reason why I recommend Pantothen is so you’ll get just the right amount of B-Complex without having to do the maths before you pop a pill. I’m all for safety, convenience and effectiveness. Also, remember that B supplements also have the tendency to increase one’s appetite.

Going Through the Uglies
When I suffered from sudden hormonal acne and terribly oily skin, at first I thought I could handle the emotional stress that came with it. But I still found myself breaking down at times, especially when I felt that my breakout was up to no end. For every pimple that healed, two to three new ones usually took its place. By the looks of my pimples, I knew it was not just skin-deep. So I started researching for supplements–Omega 3,  Probiotics, Vit B, Anti-Oxidants, etc. The problem was I ended up having to take more than 5 supplements several times a day so it took quite a while for me to get used to the routine. It wasn’t cheap either as each bottle of supplement cost from SGD$20-60 for about 3-4 weeks’ supply.

After doing some research and considering my own experience with proper vitamin and mineral supplementation during an acne breakout, I think Pantothen’s claims make sense. The effect is almost similar to the more commonly prescribed Isotretinoin pills which shrink oil glands to stabilize the skin’s oil production. But Isotretinoin is rather controversial due to the risks that come with it like liver damage and depression. Pantothen, thankfully, doesn’t carry such scary risks.

Coupled with a mild skincare routine, a balanced diet and lots of water intake, Pantothen can be a good and a more affordable substitute to taking several supplements to fight acne.

Offers a 90-Day Back Guarantee
The causes of acne vary from case to case but there are bound to be a couple of blemishes on one’s skin which are receptive to controlled oil production. The good thing is Pantothen offers a guaranteed 90-day refund–and if just like what some users claim, results can be seen within 2 weeks, then the guarantee period is long enough for you to see whether it’s worth the long term investment or not.

You can read more about Pantothen and purchase it directly from the Official Pantothen Website.

PantothenIf you’re a facebook fan of Eco Beauty Secrets, you would have probably seen some photos I took of my skin about five months ago, just before my breakout started slowing down. How does my skin look like now? I’ll save that for another story! ^_^


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  • lemon

    Interesting post. I’ve been trying to find an ingredient list for Pantothen. From what I understand, it contains Vit B5, L-Carnitine and other B vitamins you listed? I’m taking Rainbow Light Women’s One Food-Based Multivitamins. It contains B vitamins (including B5) and probiotics. I found that when I take it continuously, my skin is a little less crazy, and my PMS symptoms aren’t torturous. I do take a separate Acetyl L-Carnitine (500 mg) by Vitacost…but I didn’t know it had skin benefits. I’m also taking Vitacost’s Lutein (20mg) since I read that it increases skin hydration (also great for eye health). I’m guessing Pantothen has higher amounts of B5 and other stuff.

    • Vivi

      Yeah, it definitely has more % of pantothenic acid than a regular multivitamins supplement. I’m currently taking Blackmores and it seems that it’s helping to prevent my acne from coming back. But I think it’s better to take a separate probiotics supplement if you’re prone to acne because probiotics are usually very sensitive and you need billions of the probiotic bacteria for them to really work.

  • Polly

    Sorry, I don’t get from your post whether you took this (or still taking) in the end or not. Also, is this meant to be a “course” thing (take only during breakout periods), or to be taken long-term for prevention as well? I had a quick look at their website, can’t find if they ship internationally; do you know?

    • Vivi

      Hi Polly, unfortunately I didn’t take Pantothen. But when I read about it, I thought their claims made sense due to the formulation and some results I’ve had when I was experimenting with another Vit B supplement (which unfortunately spoiled my tummy ’cause I couldn’t get the right dosage). I’m still writing my post about my breakout experience and how I dealt with it, just chopping off the lengthy unnecessary bits.

      I think they ship internationally. Am asking my Mom to order for my younger sister and hopefully, I can convince her to test it.

      • Vivi

        I’m not sure about the “course” thing but I’m guessing you can drop the dosage for maintenance once your acne clears up/stabilizes or shift to a milder Vit B supplement from another brand.

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  • Maary

    “Don’t trust to this site! it’s all fake, you will never get your order, once you paid for your order” this is what i found when i was looking for comments about pantothen…i wanted to buy but no3w i´m not sure..

    • Vivi

      Hi Maary, my mother bought pantothen online for my sister and she received her order on time :)

  • Lars Radhall

    I dont understand dosing, it says serv size is 4 pills but only 30 pills in a bottle. Thats only a weeks worth in a bottle?
    How many do you take a day and how many is on there bottle.

    • Vivi

      Hi Lars, the bottle my sister bought had 120 pills inside good for 30 days. I don’t think Pantothen sells in bottles of 30’s.

  • Sal

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about pantothen review.