Review: GoW Some Kind of Wonderful Detox Serum

One of the things that I love most about Garden of Wisdom is that they offer sample sizes of most of their products. So although their wide selection can sometimes be quite daunting, the cheaper samples allow me to try out many of GoW’s goodies without having to break my budget much. One of the products that caught my fancy during my second GoW haul was the Some Kind of Wonderful Detox Serum. And just like a lot of GoW products, its name is quite a mouthful–yes!

Simple Ingredients
I discovered this serum while I was suffering from my recent pimple outbreak. The product claims that it can help rid the skin of the build up of impurities and toxins which usually causes blemishes and a roll of other common skin problems. It has a surprisingly very simple and short list of ingredients. The spearmint helps to exfoliate the skin and control acne while the Bloodroot acts as a detoxifier.

Texture & Smell
This serum has a very light texture and leaves a slightly refreshing feeling. It smells slightly of spearmint but nothing overwhelming. I usually apply this right after removing white/blackheads to help detoxify the newly unclogged pores. I don’t apply this everyday as I think this can be quite drying and I only apply this on parts of my face that are prone to white/blackheads and pimples–usually on my T-Zone and my chin.

What Does it Actually Do?
To be honest, I’m not sure. This isn’t really one of those products that yield an instant effect enough to make one feel certain that it really does work. I suspect that it somehow helps keep my clogged pores in check and helps tighten back my pores after white/blackheads extractions. But since I’m using several products, I can’t say for sure that Some Kind of Wonderful Detox Serum (SKWDS) deserves the full credit. I’ve started using SKWDS along with GoW’s Mandelic Acid which is also supposed to help with clogged pores and pimples. But what could probably be positively unique about this serum is that it makes sure your skin gets a quick boost whenever it needs to. I think that applying this several times a week will make your skin more responsive to the rest of your skincare routine.

Things To Remember
Just like most detoxifying serums, the SKWDS might cause some to go through a “purging period” where they’ll go through worse breakouts for a short period of time before the skin starts to stabilize and improve–I didn’t experience this, though. Since this serum causes slight exfoliation, sufficient sun protection must always be kept in mind. Lastly, some people have mint allergy/sensitivity so it’s best to do a patch test beforehand.

Toss or Keep?
As of now, I can’t say that the Some Kind of Wonderful Detox Serum is a must-have in my list but it’s not something I hate either. I can live without it but I choose to stick with it for now. Since I don’t use it everyday (and I prefer it that way), I’m more than happy just buying the sample size again next time for my weekly skin detox. The .25 oz sample costs $5.60 while the full-sized bottle costs $19.05 on Garden of Wisdom‘s online store . Unfortunately for us residing outside US, the shipment fee would usually cost more than the product itself. For Singapore readers, you can check out MsBeautyBuff’s spree blog as I usually buy my GoW goodies through her sprees.

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  • Miss L

    Sounds very interesting. I haven´t heard about that product before, but it seems good one. Great review!

    • Vivi

      thanks… :) yes, Garden of Wisdom’s products are interesting indeed.

  • MsBeautyBuff

    Thanks for this wonderful thorough and objective review! SKWDS has been a permanent item in my skincare kit as I use it for weekly maintenance to keep my skin clear. :)

    • Vivi

      I like using it after extractions. I feel like it helps get rid of every last bit of toxins left–or probably it’s psychological, hehe.

  • Tasha

    Before I will answer your question, I will try using this product. I just want to have further information for this product. I want to make sure that if I will use this product, it will never fails me. I will research the ingredients in your product.

    • Vivi

      Hi Tasha, yes, please do further research before purchasing it. My review is just one of the many other reviews you’ll find online.
      Vivi recently blogged..Wash Your Hair Backwards and be Silly…NOT!

  • nami

    hi vivi how do you find the chockfull vitamin serum?would you repurchase it?

    • Vivi

      Hi Nami, I find it as a good base for the Ascorbic Acid powder. On its own, I find it just “okay”. But don’t apply too much of it as it creates a film on the skin that may prevent better absorption of the next products down your skincare routine.