A Simple Massage to Fight Frown Lines

When I was young, my Mom used to always tell me off for frowning without even knowing it. She said that due to having a protruding brow line and my father having deep frown lines I was a big Frowning Mary candidate. But my 12-year old self then was more interested in playing with my Barbie Dolls and giving them experimental haircuts. Fast-forward through thirteen years, which was about a year ago, with my much older self frowning at the mirror, wondering when I first got that faint curved line along the inner side of my left eyebrow. Well, what do you know– I finally got that frown line!

Relaxing the Muscles
Fortunately, my frown line had just started forming when I first discovered it. It was probably more of a stress line than a wrinkle. It had not left any permanently deep crease yet although there was already a faint line forming and very slight drooping of the muscle. And usually, since frown lines are considered expression lines, the conventional albeit non-natural way to get rid of them is through Botox which relaxes the muscles. But Botox wasn’t and still isn’t an option for me, especially at my age. I’m just about to cross my mid-20’s in a couple of days. But its general concept of relaxing the surrounding muscles to prevent or hide dynamic wrinkles gave me an idea on how I could possibly prevent mine from getting worse.

A Simple Massage
What I do is to simply massage my brow line during my morning and night time skincare routine, focusing on the round muscles at the inner corner of my brows that protrude whenever I frown.

REMEMBER: Types of facial massage that involve pulling of the skin and facial muscles, should only be done on properly moisturized skin.

Step 1. I concentrate on the round muscles that once overused, cause curved folds and lines underneath the inner corners of the eyebrows. I use my middle finger for this and I massage both sides at the same time and apply a comfortable yet firm level of pressure–as with the following steps below.

Step 2. As mentioned on the illustration below, I sort of stretch the muscle and the skin outwards from the spot above the center of my brow line which is susceptible to another type of frown lines, the “Number 11”. Just like step 1, the movement should only be outwards and never inwards or the massage will yield the opposite effect. I do this for around 5 times.  The routine can already stop here but if you want to take it a step further you can proceed with Step #3.

Step 3 (optional). If you are familiar with the basic detox lymphatic massage that makes use of the lymph channel that passes through the side of your neck, you can incorporate Step #3. I was inspired by the Tanaka Massage and thought that this would further enhance the effects of my simple massage routine. All you have to do is continue from where you left off in Tip#2 which is on your temples. From there, use all four fingers/entire hand to do a straight sweeping motion, passing the front of your ear, down to your neck and then to your collar bone. This will help drain the toxins and water retention pulled out from doing massage steps #1 and #2.

Whenever I feel my frown muscles tensing anytime during the day, usually when I’m in front of my computer, I do Step #1 to help me release the tension from my brow muscles. Unless you’re worried about smudging your makeup, Step #1 and Step #2 are relatively safe to do even without prior moisturization. Step #3, however, requires clean and freshly moisturized skin.

Prevention Is Better than Cure
Although I must admit that I don’t do this massage as regularly as I used to, I still try to do it at least once a day or during days when I’m spending extra time at work. If like me, your job entails a lot of computer work, you might also want to stop keeping that “computer face” or you might get yourself more than frown lines in the future.

This simple massage routine miraculously got rid of my impending frown line. Aside from that, it also made my eyes appear gentler and kinder as I don’t seem to frown unconsciously as much as I used to. Unfortunately, I don’t think this massage technique will work on existing deep frown wrinkles. It might only help ease the muscle tension enough to minimally lighten the appearance and prevent the frown lines from worsening too fast.

Are you also suffering from frown lines?

Or off-topic, do you think guys with a bit of frown lines seem sexier? Haha!

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  • http://megalivingg.blogspot.com/ pavani reddy

    love the post..will try it


    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      thanks :)

  • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.com/ Swati

    whenever I find myself frowning, I always go to the mirror and check if there are any lines 😀 even the forehead lines coz I scrunch up my forehead very often…and then, there are laugh lines of course to take care of!!!

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      I don’t mind laugh lines so much as long as I don’t get it too early, hehe. I think they make someone look “brighter” with age.

      • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.com/ Swati

        yeah that’s true :) and also makes the person look more friendly and approachable!!! and massage does work wonders if done correctly…

  • http://agingbelle.com Amanda

    Wow~ Massage is something I mean to blog about, because I’m reading a book on this! I’ve found out that massage, coupled with the right skincare products, seems to be the right way to anti-aging. It is through massage that I significantly smooth out two conspicuous wrinkles on my neck!

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Yeah, have always been wanting to do articles about different massage techniques I’ve tried but it’s quite tricky since it’s best done through video demos–and I don’t like to show much of my face, lol. The alternative, which is posting illustrations/pics of other people, requires lots of graphic work, *sigh* I have about 2-3 posts related to massage rotting in my drafts folder with no graphics yet, haha.

      But yes, I agree that when done properly and coupled with good skincare, massage can do wonders!

  • http://goinggreenglamorously.blogspot.com Susan

    Very helpful – I tried the massage and it’s very relaxing!

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Glad you enjoyed it. If you felt relaxed while doing the massage, it’s a sign that you’re hitting the right spots and doing it right. :)

  • Love

    Hey! How do i find out if i’m doing it right What will happen if i do it wrong?
    It feels good and very relaxing! :)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Love, nothing much will happen if you do it wrong unless you’re really doing it TOO wrong, haha.

      You’ll know you’re not doing it right if you are pulling your skin inwards (like you’re trying to form a frown instead of pulling it outwards to flatten it).

      The massage feels nice and relaxing especially when your eye muscles are tired after looking at the computer/book for too long. :)