Review: Silk Naturals Flirt Sheer Blush

On a post I made for Valentine’s Day early this year, I shared how I’ve always preferred the “less is more” look when it comes to makeup. So when I first checked out Silk Naturals Mineral Makeup’s collection of blushes and saw that the Flirt Sheer Blush was described as giving “the perfect just came in from the cold glow” look, I was sold!

Silk Naturals claims that its products are formulated to be extra gentle, non-pore clogging and will not cause irritation even to sensitive skin. I’m also using a concealer from SN and have not encountered any allergy problems so far. They also don’t test on animals and have a vegan line.

Flirt Blush Ingredients: Mica, Silk Powder, Silica, Iron Oxides, FD&C Colors

A Natural Look
Flirt Sheer Blush has a light neutral plum (slightly brownish pink) tint. Although the base color, plum, suits most skin tones, I think this particular blush works best on those with light to medium light complexion. It’s light and sheer so those with slightly darker skin tones might have problems trying to make the color come out. The blush has a hardly noticeable glitter so it still comes out looking natural on my skin, especially once it starts to set in with a bit of my skin’s natural moisture and shine. I’ve never been a fan of matte makeup and particularly glittery blushers so the subtle shine this blush adds to my skin is just right for my taste. It’s a perfect blush for outdoor dates where you need that flirtatious glow each time you smile–top it up with some romantic sunshine!

Might Be Too Light
As this blush is sheer and light, I got a bit frustrated trying to get the color to come out the first time I applied it. My skin tone is close to medium wheat and yet it still does take a couple of swishes for the blush to stain my cheeks. Fortunately, the blush doesn’t cake easily. However, the sheerness of the blush also means it might not work well for those with uneven skin tone so there’s still a need for at least a light coverage foundation underneath for smoother blending– unless you have really light skin. It might also be too light for those who prefer heavy-looking makeup. This will definitely look washed out if you’ll be under a lot of lights (e.g. theater performance, photo/TV shoot)

It appears around 2 shades darker on the photo because I had to “darken” the entire image a bit to make the colors come out.

Toss Or Keep?
Keep ♥  I only got the 5 gram sample jar at US$1.25 last time because I wasn’t so sure whether the plum undertones will work for my yellowish skin. But since it does and it’s an everyday kind of blush that goes well with very minimal makeup, I think I will be getting the full sized jar (10-gram jar, US$6.50) next time. I recommend this blush to those who are still undecided on which blush would work best for them or to barely there makeup fans like me.

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  • sesame

    Looks like a lovely shade for your skin tone! I like the barely there look. You know, I cannot apply blush well and I’ve never bought one blush before. The one I am using now was a door gift and it’s too dark. I probably look better without it.

    • Vivi

      I can’t apply blush well too and that’s why I love this shade. It’s so light so it’s not so fatal if I make one or two wrong strokes of the brush ^^

  • astrorainfall @ beauty box

    Silk Naturals actually has some pretty pigmented blushes…I think it has to do with the makeup brush you use….with a stipling brush, I tend to get more product on my cheeks but with a soft rounded and fuller brush, the effect is more natural and subtle…;-)

    • Vivi

      I use a rounded brush, too, simply because it’s part of the ecotools basic brush set. I don’t have a stipling brush, hehe. My makeup box is still in its early infancy–compared to my skincare kit that has invaded half of my room. 😀

      • lemon

        I find that I don’t get a lot of color payoff when I use the ecotool bronzer brush as a blush brush too (I only got that brush since some reviewers said that they used it as an all-purpose brush). I don’t know if it doesn’t pick up enough powder or it the bristles sucks in color and doesn’t distribute enough. I also read reviews that ecotools blush brush also applies color very lightly. Yeah I only use stipping blush for the more pigmented blushes, and just like astrorainfall I use a soft rounded blush brush (Essential Beauty)..not familiar with this brand..was cheap at a discount store) for Silk Natural’s sheer blushes.

        • Vivi

          I use a rounded brush ’cause I really intend for the color to be “faint”. I’m using the ecotool blush brush + the small kabuki brush for final touches. Thanks for the heads up on Essential Beauty, might try searching for it :)

  • liz.a

    Ooh! You look good with it! Have you tried the other matte blushes from Silk Naturals? I just visited the shop and the Petal, Poppy and Lady all look good too!

    • Vivi

      thanks! it looks darker on the photo, though. In real life, it really looks much lighter. Like a healthy flush. I haven’t tried any other blush because I decided to include the other blush I bought–“Forbidden”–in my giveaway prize. I’m planning to join MsBB’s spree though to get new blushes. I’m considering Poppy, too. ^^

  • MsBeautyBuff

    Hi everyone! If you looking to get anything from SilkNaturals, you are invited to join my group purchase at and the closing date is this Friday 09 Sept 2011. :)

    • Vivi

      I’m gonna join. Haha. Just finalizing my list. Joining the GoW spree, too. Been too busy these days that I don’t even have time to shop online. :S

  • lemon

    Thanks for the review. I’m looking for some Autumn blushes and maybe sheer blushes, and “Flirt” was on my wishlist. I have light skin and it’s going to be lighter when it gets cold. Since you mentioned that “Flirt” wasn’t cakey, this sheer blush may not show up my dry spots as much. I was afraid plum blushes would look like I had a bruise on me, but this looks very natural and casually cute on you. I agree..great for everyday or professional. I think the Color Wheel shows that Purples compliment Yellows so “Flirt” definitely shouldn’t be a problem for those with yellow skin tones.

    • Vivi

      yeah, i love this blush because it looks really natural on me–especially so that I don’t really wear heavy makeup on a daily basis. I can’t imagine myself with overly blushed cheeks yet wearing no concealer, I’ll look like a 9-year old experimenting with her Mom’s makeup :p