Review: Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum (Everyday Sheer Coverage)

Recently, the Marie Veronique Organics Anti-Aging Day Serum was renamed to Everyday Sheer Coverage as it functions more like a light coverage foundation than a serum that’s usually meant to sit underneath heavier skincare products. The formulations are almost the same. But since the Anti-Aging Day Serum has now been discontinued, I thought of giving it a quick farewell party through this review.

Top Notch Ingredients
What I love most about the Anti-Aging Day Serum (AADS) is the combination of top notch natural anti-aging ingredients in it. It has ingredients known to combat UV damage like green and white tea, raspberry seed oil, broccoli oil, yangu oil and emu oil among many others.
Texture and Finish
The texture is definitely lighter and leaves a more matte finish compared to the slightly dewy finish of the Moisturizing Face Screen (MFS). Since it contains a lesser percentage of Zinc Oxide (16.6%), the tints of the Anti-Aging Day Serum leave less “white cast” and might be a shade darker than their MFS counterparts. I tried both the Extra Light and the Light Tint versions of the AADS and unfortunately, my shade seems to fall right in the middle.

The coverage is definitely sheer, it won’t perfectly hide pimples or scars. But it provides minimal evening of skin tone or a better base for a loose mineral foundation. It definitely helps in attaining a naturally glowing look. I sometimes dab a bit of this around my eyes since the MFS is too heavy and thick for the delicate and crease-filled skin around the eyes.

Why I Bought The Anti-Aging Day Serum
At first, I was perfectly happy with my Moisturizing Face Screen which is cheaper and had higher SPF protection. But when I suffered a bout of acne about two-three months ago, my skin didn’t just break out, it became extremely oily. I suddenly remembered the lighter texture of the Anti-Aging Serum and how it might work better on my then rioting skin. I was right. The AADS helped tide me through a period greasy, shiny à la non-stick pan forehead filled with breakouts.

Is SPF 20 Enough?
I think that the AADS stands true to its claim. It provides essential every day UVA/UVB protection. So as long as you follow basic sun protection tips like avoiding direct exposure especially during the harsh times of the day and using a brolly when possible (and provided you don’t live in the desert or anywhere where the UV index is ultra high) then I think the AADS should really be enough for everyday protection.

Balling Up & Other Issues
Since the AADS provides a matte finish and can sometimes be drying to the skin, it should be applied only after the skin has been properly moisturized. Application should also be quick as when the serum starts to dry and settle, spreading and blending it might cause it to ball up. As mentioned above, I observed that the tints of the MFS seem to be lighter than their AADS counterparts. So if you use a Light Tint MFS, the Light Tint AADS might not be as good of a match to your skin tone as the Light Tint MFS — it’s best to try out samples first.

Toss or Keep?
Although the benefits and purposes of the Anti-Aging Day Serum and the Moisturizing Face Screen sometimes overlap, the AADS will still always have its special spot on my vanity shelf and in my heart. It’s easier to apply, suitable for everyday use and is filled with too much good ingredients for me to toss it out. I’ll definitely purchase the (now called) Everyday Sheer Coverage once the current one runs out — but I’ll probably get the Extra Light Tint next time around. A 60 ml bottle of the Everyday Sheer Coverage costs $50 on the MVO website.

Have you tried the Anti-Aging Day Serum/Everyday Sheer Coverage Before?

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  • sesame

    I didn’t fancy the AADS so much…felt it was drying for my skin plus I was quite confused with the product. The ESC is better and I quite like it. It’s good for this year end season where the sunlight isn’t so oppressive.

    • Vivi

      LOL, I was confused, too, I first tried applying it under my MFS but it dried my skin terribly. But then I learned to use it like foundation and that’s how I fell in love with it. I really think it works much, much better whenever I use the Anti-Aging Oil Plus. When I use the normal Anti-Aging Oil, my skin seems to turn dry and blotchy easily with the serum.

  • espenine

    As much as I like the ingredients of the AADS, application is still tacky & difficult because it dries up really fast, easily leaves streaks on my face & affects the finish of foundation which I apply after AADS.

    This would probably be a lesser problem to those living in hot & humid climate but unfortunately, I live in a desert climate where water evaporation rate is high.

    I have just finished my bottle of AADS & have switched to Petite Marie Organics sunscreen which is sooo much easier to blend & apply.

    • Vivi

      Hi Espenine, I had problems applying it at first but then I learned the trick–just while I was preparing the review post last Sunday, haha. It needs to be applied quite fast and not dot it all over the face and pause to take photos like what I did, lol.

      You’re right that it dries pretty fast and when it does, rubbing it on the skin balls it up. Currently, what I do is I apply it on one big section of my face at a time. Like left cheek first then once it’s nicely blended, I move on to the right then to my forehead. After almost my entire face is covered, I dot small amounts on some parts like my eyes and tip of my nose for some finishing touches.

      Sesame said that the newer version, the Everyday Sheer Coverage is better in texture. I really hope so, so I can switch to it soon. And yes, it might be too “light” if you live in a desert climate, the sun protection might not be enough. :(

  • Mai

    i agree with y0u that the tints are definitely darker than th0se f0r MFS. I g0t a sample 0f the ESC in the same tint as my MFS but it makes me l00ked tan as 0pp0sed t0 wearing the MFS. I didn’t get a chance t0 try the AADS but i’m l0ving the ESC!!

    • Vivi

      I think the ECS is better, judging from Sesame’s review. I thought that it was just a “renamed” version of the AADS.

  • Swati

    I think everyone faced the problem that it gets absorbed too fast to apply it evenly…I reviewed the everyday sheer coverage on my blog…do check it out :) but I loved the lighter texture of this one as compared to the MFS and regarding skin darkening, how is that possible? I mean, I think the same thing is happening with me and yup, my color also falls a bit in the middle of medium tint and light tint so that also creates a bit of the problem!!!

    • Vivi

      Oh, when I said darkening, it doesn’t mean tanning. I meant that the Light Tint version of the AADS isn’t as suitable for my skin as the Light Tint version of the MFS. It’s because the tints of the MFS seem to be lighter compared to the same tints of the AADS. I think it’s due to the MFS having higher zinc oxide percentage, and thus giving a bit more white cast which somehow lightens the tints a bit. :)

      • Swati

        yeah that might be true…and yup I too meant darkening due to tints and not tanning :)

    • Christine

      I also fall between two shades so I puchased two (extra light and light tint) and mix a small mount of each in my palm, works great for me, I know it means buying two but it last twice as long, so you really don’t spend any more in the long run.

  • Christy

    Unfortunately, I am unable to use the moisturizing face screen as there are only three shades and they are not right for my skin tone/coloring. The same was true for the AA Day Serum – a great powder finish base with light coverage. I am hoping that MVO, and other manufacturers, will start making more shades to accomodate more skin tones. I have moved to other cosmetic brands that match my skin tone.

    • Vivi

      Hi Christy, I usually blend two shades to get the right shade for me. It can get rather expensive so what I do is I get samples of another tint and use it as the color corrector. It’ll be crazy buying two full bottles of different shades just for blending.

      Is the new cosmetic brand you’re using also on the natural side? Would love to know what it is! :)

  • Pam

    Hi Vivi, have you tried their Skin Lightening Serum? I have some sun spots and wonder what is the best product to reduce them? Any advice is much appreciated.

    • Vivi

      Hi Pam– I have tried the Lightening Serum and Lightening Vit C supplement both from MVO. I would say that they helped even out my skin tone to some extent but the effects are quite slow and the duo work mostly only on pigmentations sitting closer to the skin’s surface. Definitely, a lot of patience is needed. I don’t think the lightening serum on its own is enough if you’re trying to get rid of sun spots. To same some cash, you can replace the MVO Lightening Vit C supplement with plain Ascorbic Acid powder (Ultra fine). I’ve written a post on how to do it here:

  • Pam

    Thank you. I tried the ascorbic acid powder once, and white heads popped up above my lips. Guess I reacted badly to vitamin c so I stopped it. Perhaps I should try again.

    • Vivi

      Hi Pam, you might have to work your way up in terms of the Vit C percentage. It’s still an acid, afterall, so the skin will take some time to get used to it. Start with 5% then slowly increase until you find how much your skin can tolerate. I mentioned on the same post that I once used too much Vit C powder and ended up with pimples so I reduced the amount and I didn’t experience breakouts anymore. Also, try to avoid areas close to your eyes and lips if you’re experiencing some sensitivities. :)