Review: Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink… Yes, It’s a Drink!

Oh yes, the BB Cream Revolution–the ‘miracle’ all-in-one skincare foundation that can cover your blemishes and even out your skin tone while providing anti-aging, anti-acne, whitening and a lot of other added benefits for your skin. It’s reminiscent of the 100-in-1 brick game console during the mid-90’s, in my opinion. But BB Creams, although still flocking Asian beauty stores in different sizes, shapes, prices and new “magic ingredients” like a storm, are nothing new. So spotting Kinohimitsu BB Drink–yes, BB Drink–for the first time at Watson’s months ago definitely made me do a double-take and a non-literal rubbing of my eyes. Although I’m not much of a BB Cream fan, the prospect of possibly achieving the all-in-one benefits of a typical BB Cream in the form of a refreshing drink was hard to resist. And my chance to finally satisfy my curiosity came during the last Great Singapore Sale when I bought 3 boxes (18 bottles) of Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink to try.

No Artificial Flavoring & Coloring
Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink, which is part of the prizes in my Mixed Lovies Giveaway (Aug. 21-Sept. 24, 2011), claims to be natural and safe with no additives, sugar, preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring and no chemicals. It uses “fructose” though which is a simple and natural sugar found in most veggies and fruits. Another ingredient, Maltodextrin (which is basically processed starch), is a common food additive–again in contrast with the drink’s claim of having no additives. Fortunately, unless taken in very high doses or suffering from sensitivities to starch-based products, maltodextrin is relatively safe.┬áThere’s a big “Bird’s Nest”** printed on the front label but I don’t think the drink actually contains much of it because it’s almost at the bottom of the ingredients’ list. Acerola Cherry Extract, the next wonder ingredient promoted by the drink, is a type of fruit that is high in anti-oxidants and Vit C, usually found in brightening and whitening products. Other noteworthy ingredients are Fish Collagen, Chicken Cartilage Powder (supposedly another source of collagen), Pomegranate Fruit Extract (anti-oxidant and whitening) and Fish Protein Elastin.

Instant, Tasty Drink
When chilled, the BB Drink tastes great! It has a natural and refreshing fruity taste. I love that it comes ready to drink, saving me the hassle from doing all the mixing. Each box contains six small and convenient 50ml bottles which don’t take much fridge space. Regardless of whether it works or not, this BB Drink is one tasty treat!

Was it Really An All-In-One?
I’ve taken a couple of beauty supplements and a lot of health supplements for vanity’s sake so by now, I’m quite seasoned in figuring out whether anything I take delivers what it promised. This is exactly what’s written on the BB Drink box:

Kinohimitsu J’pan BB Drink is a delicious drink that helps to restore your skin natural glow and radiance. Regular intake helps to promote baby-like rosy complexion in just weeks.

Baby-like. Rosy. Glow. Radiance. Those are powerful keywords especially for someone like me who often suffers from sallow-looking skin. I’ve always wanted to have naturally rosy cheeks and although I do get it whenever I’m in my healthiest state, it comes rarely due to my very stressful lifestyle that usually robs me of quality sleep (which is exactly the reason why I personally believe in nutricosmetics for people with very hectic, sleep-deprived lifestyles). I took the drink according to the usage instructions. I drank a bottle for six straight days first thing in the morning and then, reduced the frequency to every 3 days after that. On the third day, I started noticing a bit of improvement in my skin tone. I felt that I had more glow than usual and I didn’t look that tired.

After 6 days of taking it everyday, I started to take Meiji Collagen Powder mixed with smoothies during days when I’m off my Kinohimitsu BB Drink. Although I didn’t really get a particularly rosy complexion, I experienced brighter-looking skin and probably tighter-looking pores. The biggest improvement I noticed was on the recovery speed of my post-pimple marks. They seemed to heal and lighten much faster than usual from the second week up to the third week of taking the BB Drink and the Meiji Collagen Powder. Unfortunately, I’m not really sure whether the drink did anything in preventing new pimples because on my 3rd day, I still developed one or two small pimples.

More of an Add-On
Although I saw slight improvements on my skin after taking this drink, I personally think Kinohimitsu BB Drink is more of a supplement to another beauty supplement rather than a main and stand-alone inner beauty nourishment. After all, I took it with my Meiji Collagen Powder which I’ve tried, tested and consistently loved. For those who are sensitive to sugar, do take note that the Kinohimitsu BB Drink doesn’t only contain fructose, it contains condensed apple and pear juices, too. I’m not sure how much fructose that amounts to but I think it’s definitely not like your daily fruit plate and could be a possible kryptonite to diabetics.

Toss or Keep?
Frankly, I’m undecided. If only I wasn’t taking so many supplements now for my health, I probably would have continued taking this BB Drink and given it at least half a year more to see how far I can stretch its benefits. But over a month ago my nutrionist prescribed me around five supplements for my digestive problems and I was afraid the BB Drink might react to any of them. I bought my BB Drink for around SGD$28/box (6 bottles) during a promotional sale but it usually retails for around $40 per box. Following the recommended intake, I find the price reasonable. If I continued taking it, it would set me back by around SGD$65/month. However, since I recommend this more as an add-on rather than a main supplement, the resulting cost might still be heavy for some. Including a main beauty supplement like Meiji Amino Collagen, it can easily amount to over SGD$100 per month. Definitely, though, you won’t look like you have BB Cream on 24/7 just by taking this BB Drink!

Do you have any questions or reviews regarding this drink? Shoot your comments on the form below! ^_^

**For those who aren’t so familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bird’s Nest is considered to be a premium anti-aging and whitening ingredient and is very expensive.

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  • Amanda

    I am still shrinking from the idea of consuming supplements. It makes me think that I am stirring the natural operation of my body. Well, but I do take one spoon of honey every night. Don’t know if it counts as supplement or not :)

    For me, bird’s nest isn’t something I can eat or drink every day (if you buy the dried form), because it’s time-consuming as well as expensive. I can only opt for other cheaper alternatives :)

    • Vivi

      Actually, from what I know, supplements are okay as long as you take only what your body needs and you take as a “supplement” to a very good diet. Some people just take certain supplements because they heard others getting good results from them. But different bodies work differently have different needs.

      I’ve actually never taken bird’s nest before, too expensive. If I prepared it myself and end up messing up the recipe, it’s like literally flushing money off the drain! :O