Review: GoW Pomegranate Anti-Aging Gel

It usually takes a lot of overall effort to make my skin glow. I need a lot of sleep, appetizing yet healthy food, ample time off work, a lot of love and inspiration and a good brightening serum. While food, sleep, work and love are usually within my control, my quest for the perfect brightening serum has been ongoing for years now. I’ve never repurchased any brightening serum I’ve bought in the past–except for Garden of Wisdom’s Pomegranate Anti-Aging Gel which I’m going to review today.

Wait. Anti-Aging?
I thought we’re gonna talk about Brightening Serums here.
First of all, most anti-aging serums nowadays contain skin-brightening ingredients like licorice, ellagic acid and arbutin (to name a few) since dull, lifeless skin is definitely one of the top woes of aging folks, me included.

After trying so many serums, I’ve found out that my skin reacts particularly well with Ellagic Acid. I even used it in my semi-DIY brightening and moisturizing face mask recipe. Fortunately, it’s one of the top ingredients of GoW Pomegranate Anti-Aging Gel. Ellagic Acid doesn’t just brighten the skin, according to some articles I found online, it also helps boost up the skin’s defense against UV damage. Just like most GoW products, this serum has a simple list of recipe and uses a non-formaldehyde-releasing preservative.

Light Gel Texture
First of all, I love the texture and feel of this gel serum. It’s light and definitely not oily. The scent is fruity and fresh and the gel absorbs quickly into the skin. It’s best to apply this right after stepping out from the shower, when the skin is still moist. Otherwise, the gel might feel tight on the skin.

Good Morning, Pomegranate!
I started using this when my breakout was at its worst and it didn’t worsen my acne at all. I would even go a step further and say that its detoxifying properties even helped my skin recover faster. The serum is slightly hydrating although definitely not a stand-alone product. After three days of using this every morning, I noticed brighter-looking complexion and more supple skin. It’s a good “primer” for skin toners. Since it’s in gel form, it also provides some superficial tightening of the skin. Actually, I love using this at night and waking up to brighter-looking skin but since I’m using several serums, I thought that I might as well take advantage of its UV damage-fighting properties and include this to my morning skincare routine instead.

Toss or Keep?
Garden of Wisdom’s Pomegranate Anti-Aging Gel is the first brightening serum that I’ve ever repurchased so I had answered this question even before I wrote this review. YES. I love this serum! There’s almost nothing that I hate about it except that when it’s applied on dry skin, it tends to leave the skin feeling a tad tacky. But that’s like a tiny ant on a juicy plate of steak, I can live with it. A .25 oz sample that lasted me about a month only costs US$7.85. I’m purchasing the full-sized 1 oz bottle for US$26.25. Not bad at all!

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  • MsBeautyBuff

    I’m alternating this with the acai berry antiaging serum. Love’em! ^_^

    • Vivi

      Oooh, you’re making me want to try another serum again, lol! My resolve isn’t very strong when it comes to brightening serums. ^^

  • Miss L

    Great review! I think I want to try this one!

    • Vivi

      The sample size is cheap. ^^ You can always start with that first.

  • Mai

    W0w it w0rked well during y0ur break0uts?! Aid in y0ur rec0very?? Hmmm v tempting indeed. l0l. I’m having maj0r break0uts at the m0ment up t0 the p0int where c0lleagues & family th0ught i had chicken p0x :( L00king at the scars made me sad.

    • Vivi

      Hi Mai, I wouldn’t stay it stopped my acne/pimples but it definitely helped them heal smoothly and lessened scars. I’m guessing it’s because the serum is highly detoxifying and has brightening properties. Do you take Vit C supplements, by the way? How many mg per day?

      • Mai

        0hhh..haha i’m n0t h0ping f0r a miracle gel 0f c0urse. L0l. But kn0wing that it aid in y0ur rec0very d0es make me excited!!
        I’m n0t taking any supplement at the m0ment but i was taking Fit S0luti0n which Sesame reviewed 0n her bl0g till i ran 0ut 0f supplies & was t00 busy t0 g0 0ut & buy. Will eating Vit C help?

        • Vivi

          Yes, Vit C helps although it might not be so dramatic since we can only take it orally. ‘Cause pimples are like wounds and infections, it’s just that they grow outside so we can see them.

          People who are sick and are prone to infections (e.g. cancer patients) are usually asked to take extra doses of Vit C, some of them even take it through IV, straight to their veins. Personally, I find that Vit C does help in “certain types” of pimples and in general, helps in the recovery so that scars lighten faster.

          • Mai

            Hmmm interesting! Thanks f0r p0inting that 0ut & sharing the inf0. Will keep that in mind :)

  • Amanda

    Brightening. What a good reminder! I’ve probably been focusing too much on my eye wrinkles that other important aspects of my skin were overlooked. Time for me to branch out :)

    • Vivi

      Brightening is very important to me ’cause my skin is really dull. Sometimes, I look sick even when I’m not :( But yes, my eye area is quite problematic, too. Dark circles + fine lines + eczema on left eyelid.

  • Alexandra

    Oh no….I am tempted to buy this in my next haul 😛

    • Vivi

      you can get the sample first to see whether it suits your skin :)

  • anne

    Hi, I hope you can tell me where to get it in Singapore coz ordering through online is pretty expensive to me. Thanks and love your blog.

    • Vivi

      Hi Anne, I buy my GoW goodies through a spree. The latest GoW spree had just ended but they come quite regularly. Check out for available sprees/spree schedules :)

  • va

    I wanted to know if you could do a review on any all natural soap without any chemicals , parabens and all . There are so many natural soaps out there and I am sure they sell them where you live since they sell them here in India . The problem over here is it’s hard to find really good natural soaps since they add things to them here and don’t list all the ingredients like they do in N. America .

    • Vivi

      Hi VA, I’ll try, ok? I’m not much of a soap person so I can’t really remember much of the natural soaps I’ve used in the past. But what you said is true–unfortunately, in some countries, they don’t list the full ingredients :(

  • babysaffron

    I love GoW….. And thanks for the vitamin c info… Will try the sample size of the serum…. Soon i hope…. need to budget. Since shipping cost more compare to actual product…
    More GoW please????

    • Vivi

      Sure :) I have about 2 more coming soon, hehe… Just waiting for the new repurchased products to arrive ’cause I don’t have any more items to take pictures of. I’ve used up most of my samples! 😀

  • babysaffron

    Good….Will be waiting for your post….TC!