6 Homemade Skin Scrub Ingredients Straight from Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a dull-skinned dolly like me or you’re blushed like a spring season poster girl all year round, regular exfoliation is almost always a must in one’s skincare routine. I’ve included this in my list of tips to wake up lazy skin. But sometimes, exfoliating cleansers and masks can be expensive–and just plain boring. So why not whip up your very own mixture of fun and dummy-proof skin scrub recipes with cheap and easy-to-find ingredients straight from your kitchen!

The ingredients below are so basic that you’re bound to have at least one of them:

1. Sugar – Let’s begin with our mainstay super star in lots of homemade skin scrubs. Sugar on it’s own has natural AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which are found in lots of both natural and synthetic liquid exfoliants. The grains amp it up by providing manual exfoliation. Be careful when using it on your face though as some sugar grains are quite chunky and sharp. A simple recipe is to mix it with honey but you can add olive oil if you want a boost of moisture. It works as a good lip scrub, too, if you’re using fine granulated sugar.

2. Salt – Lucky you if you’ve got granulated sea salt in your kitchen but normal table salt will do. Salt has detoxifying properties that are especially good for acne-prone skin. However, it can be highly drying and irritating, it can even sting. So be careful especially if you plan to use it on your face. Salt can be mixed with olive oil to balance its drying effects or applied raw on wet skin. Don’t forget to do some patch test on the skin on one side of your jaws before doing a full facial scrub with your homemade salt scrub–You can’t say I didn’t remind you enough, yeah?

3. Oatmeal – How can we forget oatmeal? It’s a great scrub for those suffering from sensitive skin. I’ve read a post on flowerpod forum from this member who started using plain oatmeal as her daily facial wash. She was raving about how it finally calmed down her raging skin and judging from the number of DIY skin recipes involving oatmeal found all over the internet, she’s definitely not alone in loving this popular breakfast on her face. Oatmeal can be mixed with plain water, honey or milk. For best results, avoid use rolled oats instead of instant oatmeal.

4. Coffee Grains – Grains, baby. I dare you to scrub your skin with coffee beans, lol. Mix this with honey and a bit of milk and you’ve got yourself a luxurious scrub than can also help de-puff those weird bulges underneath your skin. Coffee is also high in anti-oxidants, thus providing anti-aging and stress-fighting goodness. How about 3-in-1 instant coffee? You can try!

5. Powdered Milk – Milk has lactic acid which not only softens dead skin but also helps naturally lighten dark spots. Since milk powder easily melts and mixes with liquids, you only need to wet your face instead of mixing your milk with another liquid. You can also add in a little bit of salt or honey–as long as your skin can take it–for a more brightening after effect.

6. Baking Soda – I personally have not tried this on my skin although I’ve tried it as Shampoo for my attempt to go “No ‘Poo”. It’s finely ground yet has enough texture to provide ample exfoliation, making it comfortable enough as a facial scrub. But since the texture is so fine, there’s the possibility of over-scrubbing without noticing it. Make sure you always apply light pressure when using baking soda or any other physical exfoliant on your face. You can mix baking soda with water, honey, milk or your current cleanser. Best of all, it’s dirt-cheap. Rae from Scatterbraintures hails it as the best physical scrub she has ever tried!

I know the ingredients above are painfully basic for some people–they are straight out of your typical, non-experimental (boring) kitchen. There are lots of other common household kitchen ingredients in other cultures and countries which are great for scrubs, too. For example, I think Mung Bean powder is quite common in some asian households and I read that it’s an effective mask and scrub for acne-prone skin. But for the benefit of those like me who need a quick review on why their boring kitchen isn’t as boring as they think, I’ve listed only the most common and simplest main ingredients found in most homemade skin scrub recipes.

So! If you have any common ingredients from your kitchen which is special to your culture/country, please share them through the comments section below. Let our quest for beauty bring us together, regardless of where we’re from! ^_^

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  • http://scatterbrainadventures.blogspot.com Rae

    awww, thanks for the mention.

    anyway, my 2nd best is sugar. :) when I mix it with my facial wash, the surface of the granules become softer and less irritating.

    when my skin is a little bit more sensitive, i switch to this from baking soda. :)

  • http://www.vivawoman.net sesame

    Liking your new header! Been contemplating to change mine but just can’t give up that face…

  • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

    @Rae I’ve tried baking soda for the first time yesterday. So far so good :)

    @sesame Yeah, that face is the THE FACE of your blog. It’s like your logo. You even use it as your avatar :) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your header, though, as it fits the rest of the design.

    • http://scatterbrainadventures.blogspot.com/2011/08/best-physical-exfoliator-i-have-ever.html Rae on Baking Soda

      I love baking soda, what I love most about baking soda is–even if you mix it with water alone, it doesn’t get dissolved.

      The grit is sooo fine. Just don’t press it on to your skin.

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