5 Simple Tips to Stop Picking your Pimples

Do you like to pick it, prick it until you pop it? If like me, you’ve self-diagnosed yourself to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder just because you can’t stop picking your pimples, then let me share with you some simple tips that have helped me recently to stop my itchy hands from doodling pimple scars all over my face.

1. Remind Yourself
Unless you’re someone who enjoys showcasing some pus-popping action in public, most likely, you pick on your pimples at home–when you have the luxury of time and privacy to stare at and lament over your pimples in front of the mirror. Identify the common crime scenes in your house. Toilet mirrors are usually a favorite pimple-picking spot. A simple post-it with a short but strong motivational note on it can help you think twice about picking your pimple. Ask yourself why you want to stop the bad habit and write it down. If you can find relevant photos, print them out and stick them into places where you always find yourself most tempted to start picking.

2. Cover it!
My pimple-picking habit significantly reduced after I discovered 3M Pimple Patch. The moment I see a ripe pimple ready for some picking, I stick a patch on it before the temptation begins. It not only protects my pimples from my itchy hands and fingers, it also helps draw out the pus and oil from the pimple, making it heal faster. Aside from that, not seeing the ugly, swollen, red bump gives me more peace of mind.
If your local drugstore doesn’t have the 3M acne patch, you can always make your own pimple dressing. Remember my post about the booger-looking pimple I had recently just right under my nostrils? I cut the dressing from a piece of band aid.

3. Make it Sticky and Icky!
Once, a fellow blogger who’s fond of picking her pimples asked me for tips to help minimize post-acne scarring. One of the tips I gave her is to apply Manuka Honey (Normal honey is also fine but Manuka Honey is superb!). She didn’t like the idea because she hated the sticky and icky feeling of Manuka Honey. Bingo! Every time I accidentally touch my pimples after applying honey on them, the sticky feeling turns me off. As a result, it deters me from picking on my pimples. The best part is that the honey won’t just keep your itchy hands off your pimples, it will also help your pimples heal properly.

4. Keep Your Itchy Hands Busy
Idle hands are prone to evil temptations. Get yourself busy by watching your favorite DVD, doing some craft work, blogging or playing iphone/video games that require lots of finger dexterity. You can also do your own manicure and pedicure. Not only will your hands be busy. After all the toe-reaching flexes and attempts at being ambidextrous, you’ll think twice about risking that nice new coat of nail polish and wasting all your hard work just for some icky blackhead.

5. Hide Your Tools
If like me, you usually pick your pimples using certain tools, ask someone close to you (a family member or a close friend) to hide those tools from you. Pimple picking can sometimes be an addiction. If you can’t keep the drugs(acne) from coming, you can at least do something about the drug paraphernalia. Blackhead remover tool, be gone!

You are Your Biggest Enemy
…And strongest ally. When it comes to keeping yourself from picking on that pimple or quitting any bad habits, always keep in mind that no advice will be good enough if you’re not willing to help yourself. Remind yourself of the consequences of picking your pimples. You can make it worse, interrupt its natural healing process or mess your skin tissues altogether and get yourself a permanent scar. It’s never too late to stop a bad habit–usually.

Do you have the habit of picking your pimples?

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  • Betchy

    hi..i will have to admit that i am guilty on all counts when it comes to picking/pricking my pimple,, you are right, my romance with pimple pricking started way back in my teen years..but of course back then, nobody, not even a dermatologist could come to my rescue as skin care during my time was not even a figment of any girl’s vanity dos and dont’s so everything cosmetic was a matter of DIY..at any rate, i consider myself lucky,,,nope, very lucky, that i didn;t get those ugly marks permanently embedded not only on my skin but more so on the rather excusable vain side of my personality..the most important thing, it’s not yet too late for me to break this bad habit of tinkering with my pimples and let them all just heal the natural way they should as you have amply explained here in your blog..more power and where beauty tips are concerned, keep them coming :)

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hello! Thanks for the encouraging words. ^^ I’ve been quite busy with work lately but I’ve been piling up my blog posts in advance. I’m glad you find them helpful. ^_^

      My dermatologist told me that my young age is probably the only reason why I don’t scar easily yet. But once I get a little older, I might start getting permanent scars if I don’t stop my pimple-picking habits! 😮 I hope that I’ll be as lucky as you have been!

  • savennia

    I have that awful habit too. Even my DIY cleanser makes my skin icky every time after I pick pimples (usually they are very tiny, sometimes even invisible), I still continue picking. I just really cannot stand knowing that the dirty thingy is under my skin. But I may try the tip which is keeping hands busy, I hope it will help. But will the pimple naturally get out of the skin if you don’t pop it? Because I have the feeling that it will stay in my skin at least for a long time – my pores are small and deep.

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Hi Savennia, we have the same skin type, I guess. My pores are very small, too, so my blackheads/pimples tend to be very deep and hard to extract.

      I think that extraction cannot be helped for people like us but it can be minimized. What I usually do is I do extractions once a month or every two months–I remove everything I can. Then I take care of my skin after that so the blackheads won’t form again too fast. Within the window period, I try my best to fight the temptation to pick. It’s also a good time to know which of your products is causing your blackheads/pimples to return faster.

      If your pimples are very tiny/invisible, they are most likely just oil beads. You get them when you use products that are too rich for your skin and if your body doesn’t remove toxins fast enough–so drinking lots of water really helps. Regular exfoliation (weekly) helps a lot, too.

      • savennia

        I think I should do extractions less often, like you. And I don’t drink a lot water (I drink it only when I feel thirsty), so I think, like you said, my body doesn’t detox fast enough. I have combination skin, so the pimples tend to appear on my T-zone only. Glad to hear there’s someone who have the same problem with me, since the skin types of people around me are very different.

        Thanks for your tips and recommendations, they are very helpful.

  • http://www.beauty-box-online.com astrorainfall @ beauty box

    Those nexcare patches are on my to-get list esp since they are available here in Japan… Always forget but thanks for the reminder! I heard great things about pimple patches…

    • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com Vivi

      Be careful, though. This pimple patch can sometimes peel the loos skin on a pimple. It works on pimples with heads and is especially useful after extractions. :)

  • http://www.lovelycosme.blogspot.com Lynn

    Aaah..this is so me!but what I usually have are zits,not pimples. And I use those spot patch from korean brands like innisfree to cover it.This is sadly my most unnatural skincare..But it’s a patch after all:D
    Lynn recently blogged..Planetwise Wetbag and A Know How About Cloth Menspads