Review: Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen

It’s been seven months since I bought my very first Marie Veronique Organics Moisturizing Face Screen. Why did I take ages to post my review? It’s because everyone else was raving about it and I didn’t want to just be carried away by all the good reviews. I wanted to experience the face screen during the best and worst moments of my skin. I wanted to put it to real-life tests. And so I did for seven straight months. What did I find out?

Love Takes Time
My encounter with the MVO Moisturizing Face Screen was definitely not “love at first try.” I was so excited when I got my package that I opened it right away, took a couple of photos for my blog then immediately tried the face screen. Five minutes later, I found myself somehow disappointed. I couldn’t blend the face screen nicely on my face.

The next day, I tried layering it over my moisturizer. It was a disaster! I couldn’t stop it from balling up. Worse, the cream-colored white cast looked dirty on my face and hair line. While I didn’t have any problems with MVO Anti-Aging Serum, the face screen was a total miss for me. The color didn’t match, the texture was weird and drying, application was a nightmare. I even thought of selling it. I couldn’t believe I was regretting buying something everyone else was raving about — That was until I realized my skin was not as healthy as I thought it was.

Love is Worth the Wait
Are you wondering why my headings sound like I pulled them straight from a self-help book about love and relationships? It’s because after giving MVO Moisturizing Face Screen another try two weeks after almost giving up on it, I realized something: A good sunscreen is hard to find but once you’ve found the right one, it’s usually for keeps.

My disastrous beginning with the face screen made me realize a lot of mistakes in my beauty routine. First, I was not exfoliating enough. Second, my skin was not moisturized and hydrated enough. After I went for my first laser and IPL, which provided some superficial exfoliation, my skin texture improved significantly. It was also around this time that I started using facial oils. Coupled with a misting toner, a good hydrating serum and facial oil plus weekly mild exfoliation, MVO Moisturizing Face Screen started to do its magic. Finally, I was in love with both the face screen and my skin.

Summer Love All Year Round
I’m staying in Singapore where it’s summer all year round. The sun here is so harsh that after just a year of staying here, I developed deep pigmentations even while using SPF 40-50 sunscreens.

But with MVO,  I didn’t experience any problem as long as I exfoliated regularly and used facial oils. I didn’t tan and my pigmentations didn’t get worse. In fact, the face screen seems to be working well with my DIY Vit C Serum in brightening my skin. I also love the dewy finish of the face screen.

However, next time I will order the light tint because the free sample looked totally fab on my skin! On the few days that I wore the light tint shade, Hubby couldn’t stop caressing my cheeks, saying my skin looked very young and glowing. Although it was romantic of him, I had to keep telling him off, “No! You’re blending away my face screen!”

Probably, the toughest test I’ve put the MVO face screen through was when my family and I went to Universal Studios-Singapore. It was the worst heat I’ve had in years. Before heading out, I applied the MVO Anti-Aging Serum under the face screen but I still brought the face screen bottle with me. I made sure I reapplied at least every two hours. At the end of the day, everyone else in my family tanned except for me! Take note, however, that just because I had great faith in MVO face screen didn’t mean I subjected my skin to UV torture — even Marie mentioned that she knows when to get out of the sun. I made sure I stayed under the shade when possible and I wore shades with UV protection and a protective scarf.

Toss or Keep?
Definitely, keep! My skin is married to it now and I don’t see any divorce brewing up in the foreseeable future. Although the MVO Moisturizing Face Screen and I had a rocky start, it was worth the wait and patience. Just as planned, I’ve tested this product and experienced it during the worst (now) and best moments (about 5 months ago). It passed the test. Currently, I’m over-using my face screen and applying it on my arms, as well, because I’m looking forward to getting the light tint version soonest possible.

The MVO Moisturizing Face Screen retails at $40 or about SGD$52 on the Marie Veronique Organics website. It’s a little pricey if you compare it to the usual drugstore brands but it can last you just as long and most importantly, does exactly what it promises — it protects your skin, safely and effectively.

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  • Swati

    wow Vivi…thanks for such a detailed review and how to start using it…I shall definitely get this in the probable future 😀

    • Vivi

      Hope it’ll work well for you, too :)

  • espenine

    I can totally relate to your post because I have a love-hate relationship with MVO sunscreen as well. It makes my skin nice & glowy if I exfoliate and moisturise properly with facial oil. I can skip foundation and just use loose powder over it for a light makeup look. But if my skin has pimples and is in a poor state, I look flaky and ‘dirty’.
    However, I am sticking to this sunscreen because it doesn’t break me out or cause me to itch which a lot of chemical sunscreens do. I wonder if there’s any way the formulation can be improved to make blending easier.

    • Vivi

      True! The face screen looks really fab when the skin is healthy and smooth to begin with. Currently, I’m having a very bad breakout and although the texture isn’t so nice, I love how the zinc oxide helps dry out my pimples fast.
      Have you tried the Anti-Aging Serum? The texture is much lighter and UV protection seems sufficient, too, for incidental sun exposure.

      • espenine

        Yes, I have the Anti Aging Serum. It is much easier to blend so I tend to use this more than the Face Screen. I use the Anti-Aging Serum (light tint) daily even at home. I have acne marks which I don’t wish that they get darker with UV exposure!

        • Vivi

          Amen to that. My current pimple scars will all stay under the brolly until they’re back to normal shade. =)

  • lurvehate

    I do hope to try this as soon as I finish my sunblock. I’m currently using Avene (as my dermatologist told me). Before this I tried the sunblock from Skin Pharmacy (which claimed that it is organic). However, I started getting bumps all over my face and switched back to my normal sunscreen.

    I’m switching to use more organic and natural things. A lifestyle change I decided. This sunscreen I will definitely try!!

    • Vivi

      Oh! I once contemplated on trying out SP’s organic sunscreen, too. I used Avene for a couple of months, as well, before I switched to MVO. Avene’s UVB protection is superb although texture is very sticky and it sometimes gave me little pimples.

      Fortunately, I’ve never had breakout or milia problems with MVO face screen.

  • Hazel

    this sunscreen sounds good! but it’s expensive! how long can a bottle last?

    • Vivi

      Quite. But I don’t mind the price since it’s all natural and has really premium ingredients. It’s the shipping fee that’s a killer. It’s best to buy more than one product at a time, ask for many samples or simply, join a spree. ^^

      My safe bet is that one bottle will last about 6 months. Sesame said hers last about 4 months, though, but she applies 1/4 tsp every day! ^^

  • Vivi

    If you can’t find your comments, please don’t think I deleted them. I’m having some problems with WordPress. It deleted all my recent drafts and latest comments. :( I’m still checking whether I could retrieve them.

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  • sesame

    Glad you’re loving this product! It’s always a relieve to know it works for others. But, I just learnt that they’ve changed some of their international shipping arrangements and it would cost more to ship over. Arrgh…feeling upset about this cos I definitely need to replenish!

    • Vivi

      Yup, really loving it now. I even apply it on my arms sometimes. (v)

      Yeah.. :( That’s why I’m joining msbeautybuff’s spree. ^^ Are u gonna join, too?

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  • MsBeautyBuff


    For those of you who are bent on laying your hands on MVO products, you can join my group purchase! I am currently taking in orders from anyone who is interested. Simply click on my Name and it will bring you to my website. Just leave a comment under the MVO post with your choice of MVO item and I will be in touch with you! If you purchase the 2oz MFS or AADS, you will also be entitled to a free 1/4oz of AAO worth USD20! Sounds good yeah? Visit my website now!

    Special thanks to Vivi for being so kind to allow me this channel! 😀

    (p.s. I regret to inform that my group purchase is based in Singapore…!)

  • Swati

    hey Vivi…just a small question…how much amount of product you apply for face and neck??? is one squirt enough???

    • Vivi

      Hi Swati, sorry for the late reply.

      Well, I don’t really go under the sun a lot and I always bring brolly and scarf when possible. So usually one squirt is enough for my entire face, neck and back of my neck. I dot it all over my face to make the application smoother. I’ll try to take a photo of how much I apply on my face and neck then update this post. ^^

      • Swati

        thanks a lot Vivi….I used two squirts today and I am not sure of its blending capacity yet….so just getting used to it….I got the medium tinted one so of course no white cast and all that problem :) waiting for the update

  • Spark

    Hi Vivi, I’m thinking to buy MVO face screen tint…. But have no idea which shape to go medium or light as I have around NC 40 skin tone. As well worry that it will suit me or not (for application and my skin condition). And also thinking that should I try anti-aging set as I’m mid 30 now? Sorry for too many questions.

    • Vivi

      Hi Spark, no worries about the questions. :)

      Regarding the shade, I’m really not sure as I’ve not tried the medium tint of the face screen before. i’ve only tried the Extra Light (no tint) and the Light Tint versions. My perfect shade is actually between the two (so I sometimes mix them) but either can work just fine on my skin tone.

      However, I find that the Anti Aging Serum (now called Sheer Coverage) tints are a tad darker compared to the Moisturizing Face Screen tints. So although I’m not sure about the face screen, I think in the case of the Sheer Coverage, “light tint” might suit you better. For the face screen, you might be in the middle of light and medium.

      what about yiur skin condition worries you about the suitability of the MFS?

      I’m 25 and am already using their Anti Aging Oil and Sheer Coverage :) The AA oil is really quite good.

      • Spark

        Thanks for your prompt reply. Is sheer coverage enough for preventing UVA and UVB as it has only SPF 20?
        My skin is dry and sensitive…. Wondering this sheer coverage will suit for dry skin as well as concern about the smell. Is the smell too strong for first time organic skin care user?

        • Vivi

          Sheer Coverage is not as moisturizing as the MFS but it’s much easier to blend and the tint is more predictable. Unfortunately, I think some people found it a bit drying/finish is more matte compared to MFS. The UV protection is enough for daily use but you have to use umbrella and avoid direct sun exposure for long periods of time.

          The smell of both the SC and MFS is just fine. Herby but definitely not revolting, lol.

          I suggest you send a sample pic of your skin to MVO and ask their advice. They should know best since it’s their product :) And ask samples of the various tints.

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  • Jesslyn


    May I know does this moisturizer covers wells? My face is prone to redness and it will be good if this has a tint :)

    • Vivi

      Hi Jesslyn, the coverage is minimal but it helps even out my skin tone. It does help minimize minor redness from my experience. But coverage is definitely not close to BB Creams or real liquid foundations. If you want better coverage, you have to top it up with powdered mineral make-up. :)
      Vivi recently blogged..Review: Paul Penders AM & PM Moisturizers and Toner — Going back to basics!

      • Jesslyn

        Thanks for the reply! So what’s your recommendation for natural powder make up?

        • Vivi

          I’m not really the best person to ask when it comes to make-up ’cause I don’t use makeup a lot. But I’m currently using powdered foundation from Joppa Minerals. Cheap and wide selection of shades. :)
          Vivi recently blogged..Wash Your Hair Backwards and be Silly…NOT!

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