Review: Beijing 101 Hair Consultants (Part 1)

UPDATE: On March 13, 2012, I was invited by Beijing 101 to try their treatments again. If you want to read my experience, you can read my latest Beijing 101 Review.

About two years ago, I noticed that I was losing more hair than usual and my dandruff was getting worse. It had only been a few months after I first settled in Singapore so I was clueless–I didn’t know where to go or what to do to prevent myself from losing more hair. Worse, I was panicking. So when I saw Beijing 101 Hair Consultant’s promotion on the newspaper, I thought I finally found a way out of my hair loss nightmare. But I was wrong.

Why Beijing 101?

I did a lot of online research. Although almost all the reviews for the most prominent Singapore-based hair loss treatment centers I could find were a mixture of so-so good, bad and worse, I was so desperate that I didn’t try looking for perfect solutions. In the end, I just decided to go for Beijing 101 and skip the hassle of hopping from one center to another and probably get pushed into signing a package against my will. If you want to skip reading my experience during my first consultation, you can proceed to Part 2 of my Beijing 101 review which talks about the results and the total costs.

The Consultation

I asked my Hubby to accompany me so he can save me in case some harsh hard-selling occurred. Before going to the consultation room, I was asked to fill up a questionnaire that basically asked me about my lifestyle–stress levels, prevailing health conditions, diet and sleeping patterns.

During the actual consultation, my consultant briefly looked through the info sheet I signed earlier. She asked me a few questions before scanning my scalp with their machine. She didn’t check my pulse or performed any basic Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis on me to my disappointment. She explained to me that my scalp was oily and my follicles were clogged with oil and dandruff, preventing new hair from growing. The scan also showed that I was only growing one strand per follicle when the healthy number is 2-3. Since promotional prices for Beijing 101 are quite attractive, I asked her if my case was suitable for their promotional treatments. She said that my case needed a more intense combination of treatments. Upon hearing that, I knew I was in for a price shock later on.

Package Cost

My therapist, who was more comfortable speaking in Mandarin which meant that everything had to be translated to me by Hubby, said that I needed a series of detoxifying scalp masks (at least 10) to balance my scalp. Alongside the mask treatments would be the application and massage of herbal hair serums (x24) to fortify my baby hairs. She quoted me a price of SGD$4,950. My jaw, along with a few spare coins in my pocket, dropped to the ground.

The amount really gave me and my Hubby a shock ’cause the promotional price they advertised on the paper was only SGD$388 for 10 herbal scalp treatments. We asked if we could try a cheaper package first. She prepared another treatment plan, tapped on her calculator for a while, then said I could try the SGD$1,250 package but she won’t be able to promise me results as my case needed a more intensive program. She added that if I took the cheaper package and decided to continue the full treatment later on, she won’t be able to offer me the promotional price of SGD$4,950 anymore.

I told her I’ll mull over it as it’s not a cheap amount. Before leaving the room, Hubby asked her, “If my wife won’t go for the treatment, do you think there’s a chance she’ll lose all her hair soon?”

With a crackle in her throat, my consultant said, “Yes.”

Please read Part 2 of my Beijing 101 Review.

Note: My review is based on my experience with Beijing 101 Hair Consultants almost 1 1/2 years ago.

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  • guest

    i think argan oil is the best product for hair and skin care

  • shuhui

    Hi, what happened to part 2 of your review? Did your hair problems improve? Which branch did you go to? Sorry for the many questions.

    • Vivi

      Hi Shuhui, sorry for the delay! I’ll probably post it up after V-day.
      I think I’ll save the details for the review so I can explain everything better :)

  • heartlovesyou

    How many treatments? I hope you can do part 2 already. How do I know when the part 2 is ready?

    • Vivi

      Hello Heart, I think it was about 24+, can’t remember. I’ll check my appointment card again. You can always subscribe via e-mail, link is on the upper left corner. :)

  • Sal

    Hi, my name is Sal, I want to tell my experience about my treatment in Beijing 101. I came to Beijing 101 because I was having hair loss problem and saw the advertisement on Serangoon NEX mall. The staffs are always friendly (because they want your money) and at the first appointment, my hair consultant told me that my hair was really oily, so it blocked the hair root which made my scalp unable to produce new hair. She scanned my hair and I decided to sign $4388 package (has 10 hair masks, 12 hair tonics and 2 shampoos)! believe me, until now, I really regretted that I paid so much just for those things! I really pissed that $4388 results for nothing! Not only that, every time I came there for hair treatment (which usually the staff will put mask on your hair, wash it and give tonics), the staff always FORCE me to buy more and more packages!!! Normally, great salesmen will not force anyone to buy their products, but in Beijing 101, they have the strangest marketing strategy ever!!! They just deceive people by telling that your hair still oily, so hair needs more Beijing 101 products, eventhough in fact it’s not!!!

    Honestly, I got deceived by one staff, she really forced me at that time by saying “you must continue your package or you will have more oil in your hair!” Because of that foolish trick, I am forced to spend $1388 just for nothing (again!!!). I still remember she convinced me to continue the package by saying “each person scalp is different, yours is really oily, so you need to treat it longer than other people” and guessed what, I found out that she lied by observing that my hair is just the same after I continued.

    All staffs there absolutely will FORCE you to buy more and more packages NONSTOP! I remembered one time, I lied to one staff that I didn’t bring money (at that time she offered products aggressively and it was like the 10th times!), then she told me to go home after the treatment, take my card and go back again to buy the offered products! Well, that’s not a good way to treat customer!!!

    My recommendation is much much better to use Loreal or Kerastase, it’s expensive too, but really works!! and don’t be fooled by the promotion offered by Beijing 101, such as $88 coupon of hair treatment, it’s their way to attract customer to come to one of their outlet…

    I started treatment 6 months ago and just finished a week ago… stressly dissapointed

    • Vivi

      Hi Sal, I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. It sounded like my earlier experience 3 years ago at Simei Branch… I suggest for you to complain to the manager about the unethical sales tactics of some of the therapists if you’re still having your treatment with them. I actually went to NEX Beijing 101 once and met a very nice and young therapist but I forgot her name :(

    • rose

      i am agree with mdm.Sal. its very cheating business.i have experienced. i have visited promoter in sebawang shopping complex.she told me that $128 treatment package now in $28 only,but i didnt sign up on that day afterthat i have received call from them says that i am the luckey draw winner so that treatment is now in $18 thats for one and a half hour treatment .i have visited in yishun northpoint center.the staff asked me to wait for 20mints after that consultation 10mts then she applied tonic then massage for 10mts afterthat put on machine for 10mts then the staff told me that finished .when i question them why v ery fast finished ?they replied me that i have paid only $18 ISIT CORRECT .PLZ answer me

      • Vivi

        Hi Rose, I’m sorry about your bad experience with Beijing 101.

        I wouldn’t know the answer to your question because I don’t work in Beijing 101 but based on my personal experience with most salons that offer really low promo prices, usually the promo prices would just cover a small part of the full treatment, unfortunately.

  • Resha

    Most women known this liquid gold of morocco dessert tree. Yes, argan oil is the best for hair treatment. I always count of it when I had problems with my hair. it is the hottest hair products nowadays. It is very effective and safe.

  • chua

    This Beijing 101 will squeeze the customers on every visit.

  • vegg

    i am here to share my experience with Beijing 101 as well.
    i am suffering from hair loss since 2 years ago when i realise my hair gradually thinning. i have been following threads and reviews to do my research and was very hesitant to approach hair care centres like Beijing and YunNam with all the nasty experiences and reviews.
    but i guess at some point of time when u are really desperate, u will try all sorts of method. i happened to receive a free treatment voucher inside a event goodie bag which i attended and thought why not give it a try. since its free anyway.
    i went down to the bedok point outlet, nearest to my place. i was greeted w many consultants when i walked in, seriously did stress me alittle, but it all turn out to be fine. they did a scalp scanning for me and gosh, all the oil on the scalp looked really gross. the treatment followed with the consultant applying some mask on to my scalp, cant rmb what it is but it felt pretty good. was very icy when it first touches the scalp, but the cooling effect that came after was very calming. but i felt that the best part was the massage the consultant did. it felt like they really massage deep into the tissue by pressing on all the accupressure spots. its was heaven.
    then they did a after scanning to my scalp again after the treatment, and my scalp was really much cleaner, without those shiny sticky stuff shown earlier. the consultant did try to sell me some products and packages, but she was not really very very aggressive. guess i was lucky! i told her that i wanna go back to consider and “monitor” the post results for a couple of days before deciding, afterall its wasnt a small amount we are talking about.
    the consultant was really nice and did not show any “black face”. i would say it was a rather pleasant experience for me. i guess its true that u can see results but of cos with a series of treatments. the first trial is just to see if ur scalp is sensitive to the products, etc. i am still considering to sign up for their packages, any one have any other reviews to share??