Review: Bare Naturals Dropper of Youth Serum

I’ve given my initial thoughts on Bare Naturals. Now, it’s time for me to start reviewing some products from my first–and hopefully, not the last–stash.

As a recap, Bare Naturals is a brand from the Philippines, claiming its products to have mostly natural ingredients. Although I didn’t have a particularly good experience during my purchase, I’ve been usually satisfied with the products I’ve bought. One of them was the Dropper of Youth Serum. It’s described as a “Potent Skin Lightener and Age Eraser Serum”.

No Ingredients List
Regardless of whether I was ignored (such a pesky customer I am, I know! LOL!) or my e-mails containing my request for the complete list of ingredients accidentally found their way into their SPAM folder, I can’t help feeling frustrated that I didn’t get any answers. So please excuse the lack of official ingredients list in this review. I am assuming, though, that since they mentioned on their multiply site that lovers of their optimum whitening serum will love this milky version, too, that most of the major ingredients such as L-Ascorbic Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Vit E, Vit B3, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Cetearyl Olivate/ Sorbitan Olivate, Licorice Extract, Mulberry Extract and Tranexamic Acid are similar. That’s just my theory, though, so please don’t quote me on that. But if ever the ingredients are mostly similar, I’m quite sure they added some other stuff as the consistency and color of the Optimum Whitening Serum and the Dropper of Youth Serum are very different. OWS is very watery while DYS is milky and quite sticky. They also have different scents. OWS smells more fruity while DYS smells like baby powder to me.

Provides Hydration
I guess what I like most about DYS (Dropper of Youth Serum) is that it provides sufficient hydration for my skin. It makes my skin supple and moist from within. However, although the hydration might be perfect in a hot and humid weather, I don’t think that DYS is moisturizing enough, especially in an air-conditioned room and definitely not under winter conditions! Note that I’m using “hydration” and “moisturization” as two separate terms here. Hydration is the level of water/moisture in the skin while moisturization is the moisture on the top layers of the skin that prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin—confusing, eh? People with oily skin who are used to using gel moisturizers might find the texture of this serum comfortable. I have combination skin, though, and my cheeks are prone to dryness so in my case, I need to add a layer of oil or moisturizer on top of this serum to lock in all the goodness.

Brighter Skin Every Morning
I love waking up to brighter-looking skin. Who doesn’t? I don’t know whether it’s just the goodness of sleep or any other product I’m using but after applying Bare Naturals for an entire week, I’d always wake up to bright-looking, perfectly normal skin. No oily t-zones nor dry cheeks. No unsightly open pores or breakouts. Just normal skin. Who wakes up with normal skin these days? Nobody. So I’ve been feeling blessed these past few days for being one of the rare ones who do. If you’re wondering why I only used DYS for the past few days, it’s not because I’ve just started used  I’ve been using it for the past few months as a moisturizer during those lazy nights when I just felt like washing my face and slapping on whatever was within reach before heading straight to bed. But it was only recently when I really tried using DYS every night that I started to look beyond my not-so-nice memories with BN’s customer support’s attachment to this product.

Application Tips
This serum leaves a sticky residue on the skin after application. It’s definitely not oily but it’s sticky–like a tiny bit of hair gel mixed with water. I’m not sure if this would bother other people but it definitely didn’t bother me because weirdly enough, I actually like it when my face is a tad sticky. It reminds me of the Hada Labo commercial (search for it on You Tube and be hypnotized…). Usually, one drop is enough for the entire face. If you are prone to dryness, I suggest applying a drop of your favorite oil after or with this serum because as mentioned above, although this serum is considered hydrating, it’s not sufficient  as a moisturizer.

Love-Hate Relationship with Packaging
Since this serum might contain L-Ascorbic Acid which degrades when exposed to light, I like that it comes in an amber-colored bottle with glass dropper. However, the serum is so sticky that–I apologize for the lack of a more desirable description–it clings to the glass dropper like a ball of snot. It can sometimes be frustrating trying to get the dropper to work its way through a paste but I’d prefer this to sticking my finger into a jar of face cream/gel due to hygienic purposes. Regardless of how frustrated you may get, I highly discourage you from using that germ-covered finger in scraping serum from the dropper as it might shorten the life of your serum. Remember, if BN really doesn’t use powerful and highly synthetic preservatives then all its products are very prone to bacterial contamination like most other natural/organic products.

Toss or Keep?
If you are keen to try out serums but haven’t found anything that works for you yet,  this serum is definitely worth a try. Just remember the application tips I shared above. For P555 or about SGD$16, Dropper of Youth has shown results similar or even better than serums probably worth thrice the price.  It hydrated, brightened and helped normalize my skin. However, I am still highly disturbed that I don’t know exactly what’s in this serum. Its consistency is close to most korean and japanese brands which are notorious for being heavy with silicones. So does it contain silicones? I don’t know. And until the day I do, I’ll always be in a struggle whether to purchase this product again or toss it for another product that can give me more peace of mind.

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  • katrin

    nice review! are you still using it now? i just submitted an OF to BN and waiting for their confirmation. how was it so far? 1-10, 10 as the highest, how will you rate it?

    • Vivi

      Hi Katrin, thanks for dropping by. I’m not using it anymore as I’m not so confident about how effective it is in the long run.

      But it’s definitely worth the price, it made my skin brighter and didn’t aggravate any pimple I was having. I’ll probably rate it 7/10. But as mentioned above, it’s not moisturizing enough for me–I have dry skin. HTH! :)

      • Katrin

        oh ok, so for you it’s not moisturizing enough? How about their Emu Oil? But did the serum made your skin supple, smoother, brighter? How about when it comes to hydration? So overall, its a good buy still?

        • Vivi

          Yes, it’s hydrating but moisture didn’t last that long unless I sealed it in with the Emu Oil or another moisturizer–mentioned this on my post above. ^^ Their Emu oil is good, too.

          The serum made my skin brighter and more supple in the morning. I used it at night. I think it’s still a good buy. ^^

          If you’re buying their emu oil and would want to do so experimentations, I have a few good oil samples included in my blog relaunch giveaway which you can mix with BN’s emu. You might want to join :)

          • Katrin

            oh that’s great! i ordered from them the carrot mask, this serum and emu oil luminance. I hope its a good combi. Thank you for your response, will check the link. Thanks again =)

  • Lynn

    Hahahaaa..your action to e-mail the company is sooo me!:DI did it many times,just to ask about their ingredients,or anything else related to the product.It’s annoying when they don’t even care to reply us..

    • Vivi

      Yeah, it is really annoying when some companies don’t reply to simple questions about the their products–don’t know whether the service is just inefficient or they intentionally ignore you to hide something from you and other customers. -_-