DIY: Anti-Aging and Detoxifying Rhassoul Clay Mask

Rhassoul Clay is my new love. Even a simple rhassoul clay + manuka honey mask does wonders for my combination skin. It tightens my pores, softens my skin and brightens my complexion Recently, I had a sudden outbreak of pimples on my forehead and since Rhassoul clay is good for detoxifying the skin, I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to try different variations of rhassoul clay + manuka honey masks.

Rhassoul Clay, what you say?
Let me do some usual intro first about this wondrous clay. Rhassoul clay has been used for the skin and the hair for over 1400 years in Morocco. It is earthen red in color with a strong earthy smell that initially bothered me. But when mixed with hydrosols and some drops of essential oils, the smell becomes more manageable. This clay is extremely absorbent and it’s very good in sucking the toxins from the skin while trapping in the moisture and all the nutrients into the skin. The detoxifying properties of this clay is due to its high content of trace minerals like calcium, silica, magnesium and potassium which exchange themselves with toxic metals found in the skin. Aside from manuka honey, I think this is another must-have for both avid or beginner beauty DIYers.

The Recipe
There are endless possibilities if you have rhassoul and manuka honey ready. If you need a quick fix to dull, dry, sagging or skin that needs detoxifying, a simple mask mixture of 1/2 tsp of rhassoul and 1/2 tsp of manuka oney is recommended and definitely very easy to do. It’s clumsy-proof. But if you’ve got all the ingredients mentioned below, I suggest you try this version. I’ve done a couple of experiments with rhassoul and this seems to be the best of the lot.


  • 1/2 tsp of rhassoul clay (dry-to-normal skin) or 1 full tsp (normal-oily/clogged skin)
  • 1/2 tsp Manuka Honey
  • 1/4 tsp (around 8 drops) of Sweet Almond Oil (this will soften your wrinkles and lines)
  • 2-3 drops of carrot seed essential oil (a potent anti-aging essential oil)
  • 4-5 drops of oil from your regular Vit E capsule
  • 1/2 tsp Orange Blossom hydrosol (you can use distilled water/ mineral water or your favorite hydrosol but orange blossom seems to be an effective skin brightener).

Just mix everything in a small cup using a plastic/wooden stirrer. Don’t use metal spoons as this might react with the manuka honey and rhassoul clay. Using a brush/back of a plastic spoon/chopstick, apply it to clean face. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and avoid facial movements. Wash with warm water–don’t use soap–and proceed with your moisturizer. After this mask, you don’t need to apply your usual amount of moisturizer. I usually just apply 1 drop of my face oil to seal in the nutrients of the mask. It’s best to use this mask at night and if ever you need to use it during the day, don’t use the orange blossom hydrosol as it might cause photo-sensitivity.

Comparable to Commercial Masks
I’m fond of using masks and I’ve got a couple of brands in my face mask portfolio (Living Nature, Beauty Diary, Nature Republic, Face Shop, Jurlique, etc…), haha. But this mask  exceeded my standards because it did everything each of its ingredients promised–and I had no expectations, to begin with. The clay detoxified and firmed my skin and shrunk my pores. The manuka honey, sweet almond oil and Vit E made my skin moisturized and supple and softened my fine lines. The orange blossom hydrosol brightened my complexion. The carrot seed essential oil… well, I’m not sure if it gave me any instant results but I’m certain that I’m going to benefit from incorporating it regularly in my anti-aging mask recipes in the long run. Now, how many affordable and safe face masks out there can do all that? The best thing about this mask is that it can be customized according to the condition of your skin. You can add more or less of most of the ingredients (except for the essential oils) to suit the current needs of your skin. Production cost? Probably about SGD$2-3 dollars max plus a lot of fun mixing and taking photos of yourself looking like a human chocolate bar.

Tips to Reap More Benefits from this Mask
The biggest tip I can give is to customize it according to the condition of your skin. The recipe I shared above is what’s suitable for my skin in most days. If your skin is dry, don’t add too much rhassoul clay and add a bit more almond oil. If your skin is congested with dirt and your pores need some pinch here and there, add more rhassoul clay and let the mask really dry on your face before washing it off. It’s best to use this mask at night as you won’t see instant results–aside from tighter pores– right after washing the mask off. The results usually come after a couple of hours or best, the morning after.

Have you tried rhassoul clay masks before?

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  • Swati

    in my opinion, all masks take time to show their effects…it is really sad that we don’t get all these things in India :( at best these days we are getting apricot oil not even argan or morrocon oil but then they might be dupes and we are nonetheless wise :) will order onlin…you got it from a local store or from online stores????

    • Vivi

      Even here in SG, it’s hard to find high quality oils. Or they tend to be very expensive. I also realized that unless you’re really into DIY-ing LOTS of stuff, it’s hard to keep the oils as they have different shelf lives. They can go rancid even before you get to use them all up which is such a waste. :'( My first purchase was from an online local shop although it’s quite expensive compared to those shops based in US or Australia, IMO. Next time, I’ll try to join a spree for Garden of Wisdom or Mountain Rose Herbs. Maybe you should see if anyone in India organizes sprees, too?

      • Swati

        yeah..good idea!!! I’ll check out..

  • Hazel

    Hey Vivi,

    from sg as well, the sprees that i usually come across are for iherb din come across garden of wisdom etc. i just ordered my first batch of ingredients from milagro trading but the prices are really more expensive compared to US sites like bulkactives and lotioncrafters. the only good thing is they sell in small quantities so i can try out first.

    I’m gonna try out this clay mask as well! see if it works for my combination skin too. where did you get the manuka honey? and if it’s ok if i get those honey from ntuc?

    • Vivi

      Hi Hazel, you can check out She holds amazing sprees. 😀 True, Milagro trading stuff are quite expensive!

      Rhassoul is very good. You can mix it with most DIY masks and tailor the ratio mix to your skin’s specific needs. For any mask recipe, you can divide it into two parts and add more clay to one part which you’d like to apply on the oilier zones of your face.

      For the honey, you can buy those from NTUC but I prefer to specifically get manuka honey because it’s active and has more benefits. It’s more expensive but usually lasts a long time. UMF15+ is a safe value. :)

  • Cheryl

    Hey guys,

    Flowerpod is holding a mountain rose herbs spree! Do join if interested! I would like to order some stuff from but organiser may cancel the spree because of poor response. Please support so I can get my stuff there! Really would like to try mountain rose herbs products!

    • Vivi

      Actually I’m interested although I’m really not gonna order tons of stuff… I PM’d the spree organizer, though, to ask whether the spree is still on-going. I don’t have enough posts on FP to reply to the thread. :p