Tight Budget called for a DIY Ingredients Haul

My vanity has really been taking its toll on my bank account. Although I don’t go for facial or spa treatments anymore, my expenses from my beauty products, specifically those under skincare, still take up a significant part of my monthly budget. Besides, organic or natural brands usually don’t come cheap in highly commercialized Singapore. So I realized it’s probably time to think out of the brand box.

The white substance in sachets aren’t illegal drugs, by the way. They are packets of L-Ascorbic Acid & Ferulic Acid powders.

I decided to do a one-time-big-time investment into ‘raw’ ingredients. I rediscovered Whoopeekiddes.com–which now redirects to MilagroTrading.com–and bought all the simple essential oils, carrier oils and some random DIY stuff which are relatively safer to experiment with. The variety isn’t as big as the usual DIY ingredients online stores like Lotion Crafter, Bulk Actives, Garden of Wisdom and Mountain Rose Herbs but it’s definitely good enough for amateur beauty chemist/herbalist/aromatherapist wannabes like me. It’s also based here in Singapore so I didn’t have to worry about international shipment fees.

Overall, I spent around S$167. Okay, it’s still not a small amount but I could have spent that money solely on one of those overpriced fancy moisturizers which work almost as good–if not totally useless–as my current HG, pure unrefined Emu Oil from Venus & Mars.

Empty brown bottles. Classic. I love ’em!

The whole thing is still an experiment, though, and the only way to find out whether this investment was worth it or not is to wait and see whether my skin’s going to end up looking better without me blowing up the kitchen or toilet in any of my future beauty potion-making sessions. At any rate, I’m so excited. If this takes off, it’s the closest I can get to being a (kitchen / toilet) chemist after barely surviving my high school basic chemistry subjects–Oh, the memories. Oh, the horror.

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  • http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.com/ Swati

    You did definitely spend a lot but I am sure int he long run this investment would prove inexpensive and its fun to make cosmetics and things on your own :) you can also create your own vitamin C serum but then you have to do a little work for using it too….mixing it with your facial serum or oil just before the application…..and also the concentrations have to be taken into account while applying the raw stuff like more than 5% ascorbic acid causes skin sensitivity and photo sensitivity…have fun and do post your experiments :)

  • http://www.ecobeautysecrets.com EcoBeauty

    hi swati, i prepared my first batch of vit c serum already. i started with 15% l-ascorbic acid. will see how it goes then i’ll post about it. :) if things turn out well, i’ll do a ferulic acid-vit C serum. i’m soooo excited!!! i’m not using any creams so everything needs to start from scratch or mixed with oils. I’ll keep you updated 😀

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