Menstrual Blood Mask to Cure Acne?

Long time ago, in the small tropical island of Caparubakha, angry red bumps plagued the villagers’ skin so much so that it drove the entire village mad. Amidst the chaos, the Great Elder raised a coconut shell filled with a mysterious, thick liquid in the darkest hue of red. He silenced the crowd with a roar; ages of wisdom rang in the tremor of his voice.

“Here before you is the end to your misery from fruitless concoctions of tea tree oil, Aloe Vera and infant urine. Here before you is the purest of pure blood, the serum of womanhood. Here before you is the secret to smooth, flawless, acne-free skin…”

Of course, I pulled that story from the pits of my armpits. I don’t know where the period blood myth came from but there are those who believe in it. Ask Google and you’ll find a few troubled souls asking if anybody ever tried applying menstrual blood on their face to cure acne. Alternatively, you can ask the women in my family.

The Great Family Legacy
When my mom felt I was about to have my first period, she told me a ‘family beauty secret’. She said that she, my granny and the older generations of women from our family applied the first gush of their very first period blood on their skin as a face mask. They believed it will give them acne-prone skin. Indeed, bothย  my Mom and Granny never had worrying acne problems. My granny’s sister was grossed out by the idea and gave the tip a miss. She ended being the only one in the family who suffered from acne. My granny confidently concluded that it was because she didn’t follow their mother’s beauty tip.

My Cut in the Chain
Being young then, I trusted the elders. I anxiously waited for my first period. However, by the time I realized that the brownish discharge I had been having for days was already my first period, it was too late. My mother specifically said that only the first gush of blood is ‘pure’ enough and suitable. After that, the blood is already considered dirty. Looking back, I really don’t know whether to feel lucky that I accidentally skipped the legacy or to feel bad that I had to be the one to break it. Nevertheless, I still grew up not plagued with pimples — well, most of the time.

Fact or Myth?
I once worked in a medical documentary show that featured this so-called beauty myth in one of the episodes. The dermatologist I interviewed said that–just like the village legend I invented above– this belief was all crap (she used a far better term). There is no scientific research proving that applying the first menstruation — or any type of menstruation for that matter — can prevent pimples. In fact, the blood might even attract bacteria into the skin, resulting to pimples or allergies.

Well, fact or myth, I find it amusing to read grossly unique beauty secrets like this. I’ve read about baby urine and bird poo; my ancestors swore by menstrual blood as the secret to acne-free skin. I won’t be surprised if I hear about sheep manure as the next big beauty bang.

Have you heard of any other weird beauty secrets that grossed you out? Or if you dare admit, have you tried any?

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  • sesame

    Oh my! This is the first time I’m hearing this! Tripe YIKES!

    • Vivi

      Haha, I know! A lot of my friends were disgusted when I told them about it!

  • tinewinee

    Bwahaha! I heard this back in high school. My classmate tried it! Eww. And she ended up having large cystic pimples.

    • EcoBeauty

      When I first told my high school friends about this so-called family beauty secret, they said I better not tell my future boyfriend/s about it or it might keep them from wanting to kiss my face! Ha-ha!

  • zokk

    It’s true according to the Cleopatra Beauty legend. History says that the Queen used to take bath in the blood of virgin girls. This can be also re-read that the blood can be the first menstrual blood of girls. After Cleopatra’s suicide, history says that, the court servants found out around 4000 skulls of young girls from her chamber basement. However, true or not, Cleopatra is still being praised as the icon of flawless beauty.!!

    • Vivi

      Wow, Zokk. That is quite interesting — I better read up on it. The only Cleopatra beauty secret I know is that she used to bathe in goat’s milk. Do you happen to know any reliable online reference/book for this? I want to learn more about it (for knowledge purposes and not to lock up 4000 young girls under my basemet! :S)
      Vivi recently blogged..My Beautiful Mother, I Remember You When I’m Feeling Ugly

    • Jennifer

      Actually Cleopatra was not considered to be physically beautiful… if you see all the representations of her she actually has a really weird face with a big hook nose. What she was; however, was clever, brilliant, suave. She knew how to talk to people (and in like 9 different languages, too!) She was said to have had a voice like honey and the ability to persuade anyone to do anything she wanted… except for Octavian, unfortunately.

      I can’t imagine putting blood on your face would help with zits and, as you said, cause bacteria to build up and then you’ll have more to worry about than just zits.

      • Vivi

        Hmmm… I wonder how a voice like honey sounds like. How sweet can one’s voice be? But I do agree that she must be very clever and smart… and definitely ruthless. But I wouldn’t be surprised if during her time, having a ‘weird’ face and strong hook nose are considered beautiful considering a lot of roman and greek gods and goddesses are portrayed in the same way.

        Say, blood is really effective for some reason– I still don’t think I’ll do it. The thought freaks me out. Why use blood when there’s honey? :)

      • The Blood Countess

        I don’t know how you got the two confused, but Elizabeth Bathory, not Cleopatra, is the one who tortured young servant girls and allegedly bathed in their blood. And it was not menstural blood, the girls were bled out slaughterhouse-style: upside-down, throat slit.

        • Vivi

          You used Elizabeth Bathory’s ‘title’ as your name. With all that knowledge, now, you’re scaring me, haha! :p

          Kidding aside, thanks for the information! I was actually confused because I couldn’t find any reference that matched what Zokk shared above. Now I’m googling Elizabeth’s name and seeing lots of dark, gory pictures and articles. I think this is another movie like the ‘Saw’ series just waiting to happen.

  • Anne

    I think this is true. My mom rubbed my 1st mens blood on my face when I had my 1st period at 9 years old. I never experienced having lots of acne on my face, except 1 or 2 pimples when i’m about to have my period. my mom’s face on the other hand had lots (literally lots) of acne when she was in her teens and as she grew older. i guess this works ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Vivi

      Hmm… not really sure. :) Although I believe in alternative medicine, I’m a firm believer of Science, too. So when I can’t find any scientific proof, I tend to be on the edge. But it’s very interesting how it really worked for most of the poeple who tried it. And kudos to you for sharing you did it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lisa

    My friend’s mom used sperm as facial mask…..I never tried that one :)

    • Vivi

      Err… that’s interesting, lol. I don’t know what to say. But I read about ‘ox sperm’ being used as a high-grade face mask!

  • Crystena

    Omg, my mom, she’s from the Philippines and she use to say this as well and always told me that I should do it for good skin.

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  • Amanda Showers

    Hold on with that skepticism for a second. Its interesting this is apparently already a folk beauty myth, this entire subject is so fascinating.
    I just want to point something out: menstrual blood has Fing STEM CELLS in it, okay? (like what’s harvested from umbilical chords). There are actually menstrual blood banks storing the stuff for future medical use. There is also a multibillion $ industry seeding itself right now for stemcell skincare lines because there IS science that stemcells can potentially dramatically heal damaged skin. I’m just gonna put this right here:
    …So would u rather pay $3000+ to have fat liposuctioned from your body and then turned into a face cream, or culturally reclaim & own your moonblood for free & experiment with menstrual blood masks for a couple months?